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Tobacco have nicotine and the cravings gotten a hold of you?

Updated on July 3, 2015

The craving from nicotine and cigarettes.


Cravings nicotine and tobacco

Tobacco has the craving and nicotine gotten

a hold of you.

I crave you.

Spend my last money on you.

I can not get enough on you.

It was really cool when I took my first puff.

Now you have taken over my senses.

I can not resist you.

You own a place in my mind, I can not resist the


You so addictive.

I really want to get you out my life.

I have tried everything to forget about you.

The first thing on my mind when I wake up is

I need to puff on a cigarette.

After a good meal I need to smoke.

After climaxing, I need to smoke.

When I am stressed , I smoke even more.

You love playing games with my mind.

One of these days I am going to get over you.

How do I resist picking you up, lighting you up?

They say it is all in the mind.

I am better off without you.

Imagine how much I will be saving without you in

my life.‎‎

No more ash smelling breath.‎

‎My fingers are brownish.

My lips are getting darker.

My teeth getting yellow.

My breathing is missing a heart beat, I guess they‎

are not as young as they used to be.

Should those not be enough reasons to let go of

you, you my greatest temptation.

I resent, the day I smoked my first cigarette.

Will I ever get over you?

You not good for my health.

There is absolutely nothing cool about you.

‎Nicotine, has no cure, once you have inhaled

Her, resisting her head rush is life long battle.

I can not pretend that I enjoy smoking.‎I despise the

day I held a cigarette, since then ‎the‎ cravings have

had a hold over me.


How to quit smoking?‎

The most serve cravings are mornings when we

wake up as well as the evening when we go to


So the secret is to have a 12 hour gap from your

last s‎moke.

‎‎Do not smoke immediately when you wake up.

On your first day of quitting, have a cigarette at


Resist the cravings that come after the noon

cigarette, if the cravings are irresistible smoke

before you sleep.

Follow this routine till you can resist the cravings

for 48 hours.

After 72 hours the cravings vanish.

Consume alcohol should you enjoy your ciders

whisky , brandy or wine.

There is a notion that consuming alcohol will

lead you back to smoking, true.

Yet not necessarily.‎

‎Tell yourself every time you smoke that ‎this my last

‎cigarette, it may take a week, a month

or even a year.‎‎

I wish you the best in quitting smoking.

You will be healthy.

And you will have more time for your favourite


You will also save a lot of money.

Gods Poet NkosiNkosinathi Ncala

I want to stop smoking I do not know how.

Cast your vote for Quit smoking?

Is quitting cigarettes worth while?

Has Tabacco and Nicotine cravings got a hold on you?

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