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Tongue Cleaning - the Next Step in Oral Hygiene

Updated on May 9, 2014

Many people think that they have to brush their teeth for oral hygiene. However, this is only the basic thing that they should do. In addition to it, there should be more things being done.

The next step that you should take to improve your oral hygiene would be to do tongue cleaning. Tongue cleaning is a very important step if you really want to have comprehensive oral protection. It is because this cleaning work can help remove the germs which hide in your mouth.

When you try to eat something, you would always try to use your tongue to assist the chewing action. Therefore, your mouth actually would have a lot of chances that germs or bacteria would stay on your tongue. If you cannot brush your tongue or clean your tongue thoroughly every day, these germs can accumulate and cause oral problems.

How should you clean your tongue? The answer is quite simple indeed. You should try your best to gently brush your tongue with your toothbrush. Some of the toothbrushes that you can find in the market would have the specially designed face which can be used to brush your tongue. When you turn your toothbrush backward, you would find that soft face with which you can easily brush tongue.

Some of the people may think that it is necessary for them to add toothpaste when they try to clean their tongue. In fact, it is not a must for them to do so. They just need to gently brush their tongue with water and it would be enough. Of course, they can try to use some types of pastes to thoroughly clean tongue if they already discover some types of dental problems, such as bad smell or decayed teeth. It is because these problems indicate that additional oral care is required.


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