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Toning sandals review – Best toning sandals for 2013

Updated on May 6, 2013
The legs of your dreams can be yours with toning sandals (and a little effort!)
The legs of your dreams can be yours with toning sandals (and a little effort!)

Fortunately for toning shoes fanatics who want to continue to tone their lower half during the warmer months, there are toning sandals. Toning sandals offer the opportunity to carry on toning the legs and butt in cool comfort and style in the summer with many styles to choose from.

However even if you are not too bothered about getting a few extra percentage points of toning, the range of toning sandals on the market are highly comfortable and supportive, and are far better than standard flip flops for summer comfort. The designs provide excellent cushioning when walking, are supportive to give the arches of the feet some relief, and will keep you walking for longer without getting tired. If you are fed up from the abrasions and blisters you get from standard flip-flops, it’s worth considering making the change to toning sandals. Your body will thank you for it!

What are the best toning sandals?

There are more toning sandals on the market that you think! Whilst the most popular models are sold by FitFlop and Skechers, the Reebok Easytone is sold in a sandal model, in addition to Chung Shi, Earth and MBT.

I have put together this quick toning sandals guide to help you pick out the best model and styles, after all, in the hot weather its hard work thinking and researching on the internet, and hopefully this will save you some time to concentrate on the more important things in life, such as getting out in the great weather and enjoying the sunshine!

Just skip to the brand you want to find out about, or get a cup of tea, get comfortable and read the lot!

FitFlop - Excellent style for summer
FitFlop - Excellent style for summer

FitFlop Toning Sandals

They are the brand which launched toning sandals to women, and started off the recent trend in toning. Released in 2007, they became an instant success for the style they offer, and the excellent toning benefits. Highly comfortable and supportive, they cushion the joints, help to correct the posture, and have been reported to offer sufferers of many painful joint and muscle conditions important pain relief.

The sandals offer a wide range of benefits to the body, and with one of the most extensive collections of any toning shoe manufacturer, the only hard part of toning your butt and legs is choosing from the many styles. Sold in men’s, women’s and children’s toning shoes they cover the full spectrum. For the kids, it is the posture enhancement which is the major selling point, helping to make sure they stand up straight and the growing bones are perfectly aligned. They have even been reported to help correct the teenage slouch.

FitFlop Sandals Benefits

  • Improve the posture making you stand straighter and taller
  • Increase muscle activity in the bottom by up to 30%, the hamstrings up to 16% and the calves up to 11%
  • Low impact exercise which is gentle on the joints
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Simulate the benefits of barefoot walking in soft sand
  • Reduce back, knee and ankle stress
  • Reduce the concentration of pressure in the feet
  • One of the best plantar fasciitis shoes, and also help to relieve pain from osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, and ease heel spur pain, RLS and chronic back pain
  • Help to reduce cellulite
  • Great choice of styles for all occasions

Skechers Tone Ups have one of the largest range of styles of any toning sandal
Skechers Tone Ups have one of the largest range of styles of any toning sandal

Skechers Tone Ups Toning Sandals

Skechers Tone Ups have been developed from the popular Shape Ups trainers offering a healthier way of walking by correcting the posture and stimulating more muscles than standard sandals. The sandals change the way you walk to make you stand more upright, aligning the bones properly to help cushion the shockwaves generated by walking. The sandals help to stimulate the core muscle groups to strengthen the whole body, whilst helping to increase stamina. The sandals simulate barefoot walking in soft sand on hard urban surfaces, and are some of the most comfortable sandals on the market of any kind, let alone toning sandals.

This year has seen a massive increase in styles with thong sandals, slides, and hiking sandal styles added, and a wide choice of colours and decorations. The sandals features a Kinetic Wedge in the midsole which offers exceptional cushioning in the heel, with the strike force fully absorbed, whilst propelling the body forward into the next step to promote a faster pace of walking to boost the metabolism. Tone Ups sandals have been reported to help reduce cellulite and speed up weight loss.

Skechers Tone Ups Sandals Benefits

  • Improve the posture aligning the bones properly to ease stresses on the joints
  • Strengthen the back
  • Tones the muscles in the abdomen and lower body
  • Helps to reduce cellulite and increase the rate of fat burning
  • Improves blood circulation to help prevent varicose veins
  • Speeds up the metabolism
  • Helps to ease plantar fasciitis symptoms, and ease pain from a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions
  • Simulate barefoot walking in soft sand
  • Strengthens the core muscle groups
  • Help to reduce cellulite and speed up weight loss
  • Cheap toning sandals, with prices from around $30
  • Great choice of styles

The Stylish Reebok Easytone Flip
The Stylish Reebok Easytone Flip

Reebok Easytone Flip

The Easytone Flip is the summer version of the popular Easytone trainers, which feature instability pods in the soles to create micro instabilities when you walk. By putting the body slightly off balance they increase the range of muscles activated when walking to give the lower body a toning boost. Reebok Easytone sandals are purely toning shoes, so you will not get the additional benefits of posture correction, although they do offers some of the benefits of walking barefoot in soft sand. The sandals are highly comfortable to wear, and despite the instabilities created when you walk feel secure on the feet.

The Easytone Flip is a stylish sandal with funky colours and a great design with the wrap around strap, which adds to the stability of the sandals. The leather uppers look great, whilst the soft footbed and lining make them highly comfortable to wear throughout the summer. The lightweight design moulds closely to the foot, and they are supportive and double up as great slippers to wear around the house.

Reebok Easytone Flip Benefits

  • Increase toning to the buttocks by 28% and the calves and hamstrings by 11%
  • Instability pods provide cushioning for comfort
  • Feature leather uppers for comfort and robustness
  • Moulded insole for a comfortable fit
  • Suede lined footbed helps to wick away moisture
  • Improve strength and stamina in the lower body

Scholl Pescura heel - toning buns since 1956
Scholl Pescura heel - toning buns since 1956

Where to buy Scholl Shoes in the UK?

The best bet for buying this 50 year old sandal in the UK is direct from Scholl UK, with a wide choice of styles and help on choosing the best model to get the best fit.

Scholl Pescura Heel

Scholl, or Dr. Scholl in the United States, has long been associated with healthy feet producing a wide range of footcare products to keep the feet in great shape. In recent years they have developed an extensive range of shoes, however the Scholl Pescura heel was the first toning sandal, and in fact the first toning shoe to be sold, dating back to 1956!

The Pescura heel is one of the few toning shoes which looks more like a standard shoe than a toning shoe, and you wouldn't know about their toning properties just by looking at them. With over 50 years experience, they are one of the best tested toning sandals. The beech wood sole is comfortable, and the styles on offer are excellent. The soft leather uppers are comfortable on the foot, and will tone the legs and bottom up to 30% more than standard sandals. The sandals feature a rubber heel for great grip, and are designed to look great with all outfits.

Scholl Pescura Heel Benefits

  • Tone the bottom and legs by up to 30% more than standard shoes
  • The only toning shoe with a proper heel
  • Highly comfortable smooth contoured beech wood sole
  • Suitable for wider feet
  • Highly comfortable suede lining with robust leather uppers
  • Offers a full workout for the feet

Chung Shi Sandals - worth every cent!
Chung Shi Sandals - worth every cent!

Chung Shi Comfort Step Sandals

Chung Shi sandals offers some of the most comprehensive range of benefits to the body of any shoe, and are more than just toning sandals, offering a new way of walking to boost the health of the whole body. The Chung Shi Comfort Step is an orthopaedic therapeutic shoe, which is highly secure and comfortable. Even though it is a sandal, it features a removable insert to allow orthotics to be used. The shoes bring about a change to the posture to ease the joints and relieve pain whilst stabilising the walking gait.

Chung Shi sandals have a wide range of health benefits and help to boost blood circulation whilst stimulating the reflexology centres on the feet to help improve the well being of the whole body. The sandals are highly versatile and also include hiking sandals with the same benefits, but with better protection for the feet. If you are looking for the full range of benefits from your toning sandals, Chung Shoes are the daddy!

Chung Shi Sandals Benefits

  • Increase toning to the lower body, boosting muscle activity in the legs, buttocks and abdomen
  • Highly robust design for security and comfort
  • Change the posture to ease joint pain
  • Can be used with an orthotic insert for extra comfort
  • Robust sandals for walking and even hiking
  • Stabilize the walking gait
  • Reduce stresses on the ankles, knees, hips and lower back
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Stimulate the reflexology centres on the feet
  • Reduce the load on the feet, muscles and tendons
  • Relieve pain from many musculoskeletal conditions
  • Support and strengthens the muscles
  • Strengthens the floor of the pelvic muscle
  • Simulates barefoot walking in soft sand
  • One of the few toning shoes which is prescribed by some doctors for the medical benefits offers
  • Class 1 EU medical product

The MBT Anti Shoe Kisumu Sandal
The MBT Anti Shoe Kisumu Sandal

MBT Sandals

One of the range of MBT Anti Shoes, MBT sandals are another sandal constructed to the highest standards, and are designed primarily to offer pain relief for many joint and muscle conditions. The shoes relieve the stress on the muscles throughout the body, and ease tension in the back and neck and ease the resulting pain. More of a therapeutic shoe than a toning shoe, they still offer exceptional toning not just to the legs and buttocks but for the abdomen and back too.

The design of the sandals are more like hiking shoes than standard sandals, offering exceptional support and comfort, giving long term health benefits. When wearing MBT shoes it is impossible not to stand up straight. The shoes are well balanced and are one of the best weight loss and cellulite reducing shoes. Whilst many toning shoes help to reduce pain, MBT shoes have some of the best medical benefits to be found in any shoes on the market, and you will instantly feel the benefits when walking.

MBT Sandals Benefits

  • Relieve tension in the back and neck
  • Eases joint pain
  • Increase toning to the whole of the lower body and the back and abdomen
  • Simulate barefoot walking in soft sand
  • Controls the rolling motion from heel to toe for a smooth walking movement
  • Increases fitness levels whilst boosting strength and stamina
  • Improves the posture of the body easing the stress on the joints
  • Highly comfortable with a robust design
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Speed up weight loss and help to reduce cellulite
  • Microfiber lining to help wick away moisture
  • Suitable for all occasions with a stylish design which can even be worn for work
  • One of the few toning shoes which is prescribed by some doctors

One of the many great styles of Earth toning shoes
One of the many great styles of Earth toning shoes

Earth Toning Sandals

Earth Shoes are the only toning shoes to use negative heel technology to move the body back onto the heels to correct the posture. The shoes straighten the back and ease the stress on the joints using a 3.7º Kalso heel. Whilst you wouldn’t notice that they are toning shoes due to the excellent style, they help to strengthen the body and boost toning to the legs and bottom. They are one of the best weight loss and cellulite reducing shoes on the market.

The improvements to posture make for an incredibly comfortable walking gait, and the shoes have been demonstrated to boost weight loss up to 4 times more than standard shoes, and will even help to shift unsightly cellulite. The range of styles is second to none, and whilst not the most effective shoe for rapidly toning, they offer an all round healthier walking gait for men and women and will ease pain in the back whilst providing cushioning for the joints.

Earth Sandals Benefits

  • Negative heel technology puts the body back on the heel to straighten the spine and align the muscles properly
  • Increase toning to the lower body, back and abdomen
  • Speed up weight loss by up to 4 times more than standard shoes
  • One of the few sandals which target cellulite
  • Excellent styles for men and women
  • Reduces the strain on the joints and muscles
  • Helps to relieve back pain
  • Improves core muscle strength
  • Help you to breathe more deeply
  • Increase lean body mass
  • Help you get fitter faster
  • Offer a whole body fitness solution


Whatever model you choose your feet will be happy, thanks to the comfort each of the sandals provides. Whilst cost is a major consideration when buying sandals which will be worn for just a few short months, investing a little more is well worth it in terms of comfort, and the high quality construction from all of these manufacturers will see the sandals lasting for a good few summers giving excellent value for money.


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