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Top 10 Best Tips to Lose Weight For Women

Updated on February 19, 2016

Millions of people around the world are aiming to lose weight regardless of gender. For this list, we will concentrate on women. Read all these weight loss tips for women and see which of these would work for you.

Sorry to say this, but in my opinion women are slightly more desperate to lose weight and stay in shape because of social standards and they are more conscious regarding their look. By having a fit and healthy body, women tend to have more confidence and self-esteem.

Despite having a much intense urge to achieve a nice-looking body, most women find it very challenging to lose weight. This is not a surprise since women have less muscles and more fat percentage compared to men. Nevertheless, these natural hindrances can be take care by following simple yet effective weight loss strategies.

Considering this list of the Top 10 Best Tips to Lose Weight for Women is indeed a good head-start to achieve the body you have long been dreaming of.

A funny yet inspiring reason to lose weight.
A funny yet inspiring reason to lose weight.

The success of your weight loss endeavors will greatly depend on having the right reason. If you are really eager to achieve a much fitter body, ask yourself why. Come up with the best answer and instill it in both your heart and mind.

Allow me to share my own personal experience. Two years ago, I was overweight and I started hearing a lot of my friends and relatives say that I am getting fat or bigger. That experience is not good and it resulted to low esteem. In my mind I do not want to feel that way again and be more confident.

That is why i decided to start running and applying some of the tips mentioned here. As a result, I loss around 15 kgs. in a span of 4-6 months. I all started with a decision and having the reason to do it.

Lose weight with your peers.
Lose weight with your peers.

If you are want to know how to reduce weight fast, search for an excellent support group. While facing life problems, women have varied ways of dealing with emotions. Others prefer having a serious conversation with a trusted friend while others eat. The latter is of course the last thing you would want to do if you are on a diet.

The worst part is that women usually choose sweets like muffins, cakes, junk foods, and alcohol to cope with depression. There’s no better way to avoid this trap other than seeking for a support group whom you can share all your problems and can help you solve them as well. Surely there are some organization or groups in your area who have the same goals as you. Look for them and be an active member. With this, eliminating unwanted fats become less stressful.

Amidst all sorts of temptations, have the courage to say NO!
Amidst all sorts of temptations, have the courage to say NO!

Most weight loss programs give high importance to this advice. Fitness coaches would always remind clients to watch their daily calorie intake. It’s never easy for a beginner to accurately calculate calorie input and output so use calorie calculators offered for free via the internet.

Keeping a food diary and writing down your daily calorie count can greatly help in your quest to lose weight as each day pass. Monitoring is crucial since weight loss is a long and tedious process. Having an accurate guide at hand will make it easier for you to come up with a healthy meal plan that is suited for your weight loss endeavors.

Stay active and live a healthy life!
Stay active and live a healthy life!

Be involved in physical activities you love doing. Women compared to men are less active if we talk about exercise. This is the main reason why fitness experts suggest that women should engage on activities that can burn fat while keeping them entertained. Dancing, volleyball, and swimming are good options. Yoga is also a good activity especially for those who can commit on a daily session.

Any sport will do as long as you can see yourself doing it every day without getting bored. Always remember that permanent weight loss is not about having the best results in the least possible time but consistency. Many thinks that most advice on fat loss tips are difficult and less fun, but this one is much easier since humans are naturally born to be active.

Funny but often true. Be serious in losing weight. Use the stairs!
Funny but often true. Be serious in losing weight. Use the stairs!

Grab every available opportunity to exercise. This advice is often included on weight loss tips. It is certainly effective for women whose work often involved sedentary tasks. And as we all know, an inactive life will eventually lead to weight problems.

To avoid this unhealthy path, women are advised to be more active and search for ways to move their muscles as much as possible. The trick here lies on creativity and resourcefulness. Exercise doesn’t need to be done in a gym to be effective. You can even do it in your workplace! As a start, choose to take the stares instead of the elevator. If your office is not that far from your home, forget about using your car since walking or cycling towards your workplace everyday can be a good workout. Never sit still and watch television shows for hours. Instead, have a break and do simple exercises like sit-ups, push-ups, or jumping jacks.

Being a dedicated housewife is not a good excuse to forget about your weight loss goals. In fact, it’s easier since sweeping, washing the dishes, mopping, and other common household chores are great ways to burn considerable amounts of calories. Doing so will not only help you maintain a good figure but also leave your home clean and presentable. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

Write down your weight goals and do your best to achieve all of them.
Write down your weight goals and do your best to achieve all of them.

Come up with realistic weight loss goals. Make them clear by providing as much details as possible. This is the first step to successfully lose weight and is also considered by many as the most important one. Your goals must provide answers to common questions like how much weight you plan to lose and in what time frame. It’s crucial to keep your goals achievable so you won’t end up suffering from depression after failing. Nevertheless, they should be challenging enough to awaken your determination and keep you aiming for them.

Based on the numbers found in your goals, determine the daily calorie consumption you need to lose body fat and maintain it in the process. By doing so, it will be easier for you to know how much foods you need to give up in your daily meals.

Simply follow the basic principle of weight loss which implies that one must burn more calories than how much he eats. This rule provides you with two options. Either you limit your daily calorie intake or indulge in more physical activities every day. Combining them will of course set forth faster and better results.

Go crazy on vegetables and fruits.
Go crazy on vegetables and fruits.

Experts across the globe agree that healthy eating is the most efficient and safest way to lose weight. To follow a healthy diet, you need to avoid from processed foods and those that have high calorie, sugar, and fat content. Before heading out to the nearest market to shop for ingredients, spend some time to research for healthy alternatives. Smart food substitution may seem simple but its effect to your weight loss endeavors can be dramatic. Instead of meat, settle on fish. Replace alcoholic and carbonated drinks with water. It’s also a good idea to avoid sweets and dairy products with excessive fat content.

A sample of a healthy meal.
A sample of a healthy meal.

You must plan your meals to assure success in losing weight. A healthy diet plan could be considered as a pillar for your weight loss efforts.Despite its known importance, many of us disregard this step as we settle for easier, cheaper, and faster fast foods.

Continuing this regimen for years will eventually result to obesity especially nowadays where most fast food chains offer high-calorie meals. Preparing food at home might sound tedious but it’s the only way to be sure that your meals are healthy. If buying fast foods is impossible to avoid because of a busy work schedule choose the smallest serving and determine which of the foods they offer have the least amount of calories.

All your hard work will be pointless if you gain weight again. This is why maintaining your exercise routine and healthy diet is imperative even if you already achieved your weight goals. Among the many weight loss tips, this is among those that you should never forget. It is important for women to be mindful about this since they easily get out of focus.

Returning to your old unhealthy lifestyle will only lead you back from the start leaving all the efforts, time, and money you’ve invested to lose weight wasted. Consistency is not only the most important but also the most challenging of all.

A very inspiring video for every woman out there who wants to lose weight!

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