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Top 10 Countries with the Highest Life Expectancy

Updated on January 1, 2012
Andorra, number 1 with highest expectancy rate.
Andorra, number 1 with highest expectancy rate. | Source

Living a long life might be difficult for some people. However, people indulging in a healthy lifestyle can have long life spans. A healthy lifestyle includes eating healthy food and avoids too much drinking of alcohol and smoking.

There are other factors at play also. Easy access to medical treatment, food, proper sanitation and a clean environment are elements that help improve life expectancy rates. Secure and stable communities also would tend to see people living longer lives as opposed to those situated in war zones or areas with high levels of violence.

Given the above factors, it wouldn't be surprising to note that high life expectancy rates can be found in developed countries.

The following places and countries are fairly noted for their high life expectancy rates:

Port of St. John in Guernsey
Port of St. John in Guernsey | Source

10.Island of Guernsey

The Island of Guernsey has a life expectancy of 80.42 years. Some people might not have heard of this place. It is a British Crown dependency situated in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy.

You can imagine why people living in the island are very healthy because the country is very rich. Guernsey residents pay very low taxes. People have the means to avail of the best in medical treatment and food consumption. Residents of this rich island are mostly working for financial companies.


In ninth place is Australia whose life expectancy is at 80.50 years. Most of its people live a healthy life due to the high rates of education and a fairly well developed economy. However, white people of Australia have 20 years more in terms of life expectancy compared with the aborigine people. This is probably because the native aborigines are less prosperous and are situated in less developed communities. However, based on recent researches, most Australians lately have been encountering problems with obesity. It seems that the life expectancy here could decrease in years to come.

Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia | Source
Davos, Switzerland
Davos, Switzerland | Source


With 80.51 years of life of expectancy, people of Switzerland live in a country in which it has proper medical care as well as healthy food and good social services. The stability and relative wealth in the country is a major factor for its high life expectancy rate.


Sweden has the same rate of life expectancy with Switzerland. It is interesting to note that this country has a very low rate of smokers in the world.

Akasaka Palace, Minato-ku Tokyo Japan, designed by Tokuma Katayama in 1909. National Treasures of Japan.
Akasaka Palace, Minato-ku Tokyo Japan, designed by Tokuma Katayama in 1909. National Treasures of Japan. | Source
Vibrant Hong kong
Vibrant Hong kong
Singapore | Source


Japan has a life expectancy of 81.25 years. This place is a center of industry. The typical Japanese diet is considered very healthy, consisting of food such as fish, rice, vegetables and noodles.


Just like Japan, people in Hong Kong also have very healthy lifestyle as their basic diet consists of lots of vegetables, rice and noodles. Meat is rarely consumed and junk food is less popular. Rates of obesity are very low. Fewer heart diseases of those people are due to their habit of walking and exercising. Life expectancy in Hongkong is 81.59 years


Singapore is at the fourth place of high life expectancy at 81.71 years. Prosperity is the key factor in this case, just like other countries in this list. The government cares a lot about the well being of its residents. Everything in the country is properly planned and it has the most organized governmental system among those other Southeast Asian countries. Undoubtedly, Singapore’s health care is top notch.

San Marino, Italy
San Marino, Italy | Source
Macau Tower and Sai Van Bridge
Macau Tower and Sai Van Bridge | Source

3.San Marino, Italy

In third place is San Marino with 81.71 years of life expectancy. Located in Central Italy, it is one of the smallest states in Europe as well as the oldest republic in the world.


In second place is another Asian country, Macau. It has almost the highest in 82.19 years of life expectancy due to its increasingly high boosting economy. This island boasts great income from tourists, businesses and gamblers. The government revenue form the gambling industry helps in the investment on better public health access and other vital social services.


The country with the highest life expectancy is Andorra at 83.51 years. Like San Marino, it is one of the smallest states in the world. It is a prosperous country due to tourism and as a tax haven. As with the others in this list, it has used its prosperity to establish an environment that improves life expectancy. The health care system is excellent and there is hardly any unemployment in the country, meaning its citizens are all with means to maintain and pursue a healthy lifestyle.


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