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Top 10 Everyday Secrets Every Man Needs to Know

Updated on November 4, 2008

Some men and teenage boys just need a helpful nudge into the right direction. Many of the ideas that are listed below are common things that aren’t talked about in everyday life. Many are just afraid to ask certain questions. Most are just expected to know the basics. Often they aren’t taught at home nor are they talked about among family or friends. I am hoping to break that barrier to help answer those questions that usually go unsaid.

1. Deodorant Soap - Use deodorant soap on your armpits and genital area. If you already use bar soap, then this is good news. But, do you use it for your entire body on a daily basis? If you do, you are most likely drying out your skin and making your skin age prematurely. Use both a hydrating body wash and deodorant soap with your daily routine. You will sweat less and stay dryer longer throughout the day. If you use a lofa, it will last longer if you use this method.

2. Antiperspirants - Use on your armpits and genital area. Not only is deodorant a good idea for your armpits, but use on your genital area as well. If you feel that you don’t need an antiperspirant, you may want to re-evaluate your stance on this view. Unless you are allergic to antiperspirant, everyone should be using it.

3. Cologne – Don’t overdo it. Nothing is worse then being trapped in an elevator for 20 stories with a guy that has over done it with their favorite cologne. You don’t have to smell it to know it’s on. You are not trying to attract a female that is across the building….or, are you? Many will give you dirty looks behind your back, but are afraid to tell you that you have way too much cologne on. Take it back just a notch. Limit yourself to 1 to 2 sprays.

4. Hair loss - Pay attention to the back of your head. Buy a hand mirror and monitor the top of your head. Use Thickening Hair shampoos and conditioners like, Nioxin. Don’t be afraid to buy Rogaine or other hair loss prevention products if you are experiencing hair loss, because it will only get worse. If you are going bald, just shave it off. If you have a severe receding hairline, cut it all off. No one wants to see a bad comb-over. Bruce Willis isn’t the only person balding and still looks good. You can too.

5. Laundry tip - Don’t fill all your clothes into one load. Separate them. If you use bleach, use it sparingly. Bleach will actually make your whites turn gray over time and weaken the cotton fibers. Instead, use a bleach alternative detergent and add a cup of Baking Soda into your wash load. And don’t use hot water is a waste of electricity and/or gas. Only use warm water.

6. Too long on the Pot? - If you are one of many males that sit on the toilet for a half hour to an hour, that is WAY too long. In fact, no one should take longer than 5 minutes. Any longer than that indicates that there’s a lack of fiber in your diet. Some use the excuse that this is their alone time, a time to catch up on the daily news. This is a farce statement.

It’s great to enjoy a double stack burger with a basket of fries and a soda to chase it all down every now and then, but a meal like that has less than 1 gram of fiber. A typical person needs about 20 grams of fiber a day to be “regular”. A person who is not following a well balanced diet will only consume 5 to 8 grams of fiber a day on average. This is abusive to your digestive tract. This can cause many health problems or even lead to colon cancer. Also, drink plenty of water throughout the day. By plenty, I am referring to drinking a half a bottle of water (8 oz.) every hour, throughout the day.

The remedy: Add a fiber supplement to your diet. There are several inexpensive fiber supplements that you can purchase and they don’t have to be a brand name.

7. Use Baby Wipes – Yes, I said baby wipes. Using toilet paper alone is sometimes not enough for the typical male. Admit it; you’ve had your share of skid marks at some point of your life. When you’ve had that moment where you were going to be intimate with someone and you looked down to notice "it", you had to hurry and slide your underwear aside before it was seen.

The remedy: Use baby wipes. In fact, everyone should be using some sort of wipes to aid in the addition to toilet paper. It may be embarrassing to purchase baby wipes at the store, but you will thank me later. Don’t buy the scented kind. It wouldn’t be manly for a man to have a fresh powder scent on your behind, so get the unscented kind.

8. Pubic hair – Not only does it feel better, it’s a sanitary idea to trim up your pubic hair. It’s not necessary to shave it completely off, but use clippers to trim it down. This will actually eliminate or reduce that pungent smell that your body naturally produces. As a result, you will need less deodorant spray. So, if you are self-conscience about your area, trim it up.

9. Use Facial Moisturizer – L‘ Oreal and Nivea both have a great male product line that is great to add to your daily regiment to reduce the appearance of fine lines and help your skin to look healthy.

10. Impotence – If you have problems in the bedroom, more then likely the problem is prostate related. Most of the time it isn’t detectible in a routine physical or your doctor may say its nothing to be alarmed about, but you may still experience side effects that suggest you have an irregularity. It isn’t life threatening, but it may be just big enough to affect your sexual performance. If your sex drive is up and down, your psyche will be affected even greater. Often times just the mere thought of losing an erecting will be in the back of your mind and you feel that it may happen again, so it does. The mind is very complex and it controls your entire body, and if you have any doubts whatsoever about your performance, it can also impede your performance in the bedroom. If you have a prostate that’s giving you trouble, it can affect your mental state.

The remedy: You don’t have to buy products that alert to the world that you have a problem. Purchase an over the counter herb called, Saw Palmetto. You can purchase this in almost any drug store. Use as directed and take it an hour before bedtime and you should not have any more issues with your loved one.


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    • rahman1912 profile image


      10 years ago from Bangladesh

      thanks for your suggestion.

      Now tell me love is better than money

      otherwise money is batter than love ?

    • profile image


      12 years ago

      Thanks Jaramillo! I have 2 teenage boys that I have been raising alone since they were 4 & 5. There are no men in their lives to give them this kind of advice, so I am printing this out and taping to their bathroom mirror!


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