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Best Things To Do on the Weekend - My Top 10

Updated on December 29, 2017
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A fellow human who loves his planet and beyond, with interests that match and never end. One life. One love. Appreciate everything.

Fun Things To Do on the Weekend Could Be Jumping in the Air

Top 10 Things For You To Do on the Weekend

The weekend is coming or maybe it is here and you are not quite sure what you should do or what you want to do. There are fun things to do at home. There are fun things you can do alone or fun things you can do with friends. However don't worry because I am here to help you figure out what you can do on the weekend.

  • Of course these are my top 10 things to do on the weekend so if some tips do not appeal to you then of course feel free to skip them. To each there own.

  • When a weekend approaches I always ask myself what I want to get accomplished on the weekend and my priorities change often just as most people's do from one weekend to the next.

  • The tips I have listed here are things and activities I try to get done every weekend. Some for productivity and some for my own self satisfaction and well being and some things I do are for others.

Depending on what age group you are in you will obviously have different priorities for the weekend. If anything maybe this list will get you to think about what your top 10 or top 5 things are you want to achieve each and every weekend.

Just don’t get down on yourself if you create a list and don’t complete it, there is always next weekend. Let’s get started. My top 10 are not in any particular order. To me they are all very important.

My List of 10 Things I Like to Do on the Weekend

1) Sleep – One of the most important things you can ever do for yourself not just on the weekend but during the week also is to get a good night’s sleep.

  • Try to get 7 to 9 hours of straight sleep Friday Saturday and Sunday night’s.
  • When the work week starts and even towards the end of it you will have a lot of energy because you treated yourself well the previous weekend.
  • Don’t eat heavy or drink alcohol to close to bed time.
  • Being consistent with your sleep pattern 7 days a week will reward you with greater energy and focus every day.

2) Clean house and vehicle – During the work week everyone is always so busy going to work and getting ready for work in the mornings and evenings and trying to fit some sort of activity in the evenings whether theirs or their children’s.

  • It is just too busy to be cleaning your house or apartment and your vehicle. Save it for the weekend when you can take your time and do a great job.
  • No one likes to clean but when you are done it will give you a sense of accomplishment and let’s face it that when your home is clean and clutter free it just feels better.

Exercise and or Read on the Weekend

3) Exercise – Exercising is and always will be very important not just on the weekends but during the week too. No matter what you do for exercise during the week you should make some sort of effort during the week even if it is just a 30 minute walk.

  • On the weekends however you can do some extra working out.
  • You have more time to work out on the weekends and you have more time to rest afterwards so you can go hard on Saturday and Sunday workouts.
  • Do some Yoga or Pilates. Some weightlifting or body weight exercises.
  • Go for a run outside if it is nice out or run on the treadmill if it isn’t so nice outside.
  • Spend a little bit of extra time doing some core and abdominal exercises on the weekend to make up for skipping them during the week.

4) Read – Reading is a great way to relax, learn and exercise your mind all at the same time.

  • Make sure you are taking advantage of any quiet moments you get on the weekend to grab that new top 10 best seller or maybe that book on how to create a website.
  • Whatever the book is take some time on the weekend to read it.
  • It is easier to concentrate on the weekend when you are not worrying about getting ready for work the next day.

Reading on the Weekend is a Great Idea

Visit Family or Friends on the Weekend

5) Spend time with friends & Family – This is an important one. This is not just about you.

  • This is making time for your children even if it is just taking them to play at the park or maybe putting a puzzle together while watching the newest Blu-ray you just rented.
  • During the week you might be too busy to see friends and family. Make sure to make time on the weekends. Doesn’t have to be every weekend but make sure it’s every 2nd or 3rd.
  • Keep in touch with the people you love. Even if you don’t hear from them during the week or vice versa they still love you and they are thinking of you.
  • Let them know you love them just as much by setting some time aside for a visit.

6) Shopping – Weekend is a great time to go get your groceries for the week and get yourself organized for the upcoming week or two.

  • Make sure you go early in the morning to avoid the huge crowds. Shopping for clothes is better done on the weekend also.
  • You are not stressed from the work day and you have time to really have a good look at the clothes that strike some interest. Good time to pick out gifts too when you are not rushed.

Getting Ready for the Work Week Ahead

Just Relax and Then Get Ready for the Work Week Ahead

7) Relax – Relaxing does not necessarily mean sleeping. Relax listening to your favourite music while sipping on some tea or a glass of your favourite wine.

  • You might be relaxing while you are reading as long as it is not an educational book which makes it hard to relax when you are focusing on memorizing.
  • Relax while taking a slow walk. Turn off all your TV’s and radios and just enjoy the silence.
  • Go sit outside in your back yard or on your balcony and take some deep breathes and just enjoy the air and moment.
  • Enjoy a nice warm bath with low lighting or candles lit.

8) Get ready for the upcoming workweek – Reality about every weekend is that it ends and the next week of work begins.

  • It makes a huge difference to be prepared for the week ahead. You might need to get your clothes ready for the week, washing or ironing them.
  • Preparing meals for supper or lunches for the week ahead will save you so much valuable time during the week.
  • It really is great when you don’t have to think about what to prepare for supper and you can just come home and heat something up.
  • For some people getting ready for the work week might be setting up appointments ahead of time or logging onto your work computer from home and going through your e-mails before you even get there.

9) Surf the internet (work on a hobby) – Who doesn't own a computer of some sort now?

  • No matter what your interests might be you can always find something to do on the internet.
  • From reading news to playing games to using Stumbleupon and finding new and cool websites and even having a hobby like writing articles on websites like this one for instance.
  • Of course articles are called Hubs here at HubPages. I write here as a hobby and for fun and also to see if I can create some passive income for myself.

10) Go out for dinner – My wife and I make a point of going out for dinner at least every 2nd weekend, we call it a date night even if it is just a quick dinner we go out for.

  • You work hard week after week at work and at home why not treat yourself and let someone else cook for you.
  • It is a great way to try different foods or even to try different wines since you can buy it by the glass at the restaurant.
  • I don’t really like to go out to much for meals just because I think they are too high in fats and salt, MSG and whatever else but I think once in a while is good for the mind and the relationship.

© 2010 Grant Handford


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  • Grant's World profile image

    Grant Handford 6 years ago from Canada

    Journey I agree with you. Cheers.


  • Journey * profile image

    Nyesha Pagnou MPH 6 years ago from USA

    Hi Grant's World, this is a good list of activities. I especially like where you mention going to the park or putting a puzzle together with your children. I would also add the old fashioned board games like monopoly. We need to get back to fun family times like that.

  • Grant's World profile image

    Grant Handford 7 years ago from Canada

    coachb51 I am enjoying sundays for NFL this time of year.

  • coachb51 profile image

    coachb51 7 years ago from West Point, MS

    This time of year, I look forward to weekends so that I can watch college football.

  • Grant's World profile image

    Grant Handford 7 years ago from Canada

    Galactic Goober thank you. We will always have different priorities for the weekend, this list will just get people thinking about what is important to them.



  • Galactic Goober profile image

    Galactic Goober 7 years ago

    I usually have those things in mind for the weekend but only get half done. Depends what else is going on. I think your top 10 are great though, thanks for sharing.

  • Grant's World profile image

    Grant Handford 7 years ago from Canada

    carolina muscle thanks. Pretty standard stuff but I think we all forget even the standard stuff sometimes :)


  • carolina muscle profile image

    carolina muscle 7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

    some good ideas here!!