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10 Tips for Getting Rid of Stress

Updated on August 15, 2020
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Psychology is my favorite subject. I am interested in writing articles on mental health. I want to help those people who are in this problem


Stress is the feeling of negativity and hopelessness. It is faced by all of us in our daily life at certain moments. Sometimes it is really painful and horrible. It becomes very severe and leads to depression, anxiety, and tension. Different people have different kinds of stress. Every person has a different method to manage it. Here I will discuss certain methods, which help lower the effects of stress. I hope that these methods are helpful for you guys for stress reduction, and spending tension free life. I want to reduce the stress of other people because I know it is really painful for every person.

Stress Reducing Tips
Stress Reducing Tips | Source

10 Tips for Getting Rid of Stress

1. Get Up Early in the Morning

It is highly preferred to sleep early at night and get up early in the morning for stress reduction. Cool breezes are blowing in the morning. It plays a very important role in lowering the level of stress. Waking up early in the morning is very beneficial for good mood, and mental health. A person feels better after waking up early in the morning. Try to follow the same timetable for sleeping in your daily life.

2. Morning Walk and Morning Exercise

Morning walk and morning exercise are beneficial for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Jogging for 16 minutes in the morning can eliminate the feeling of stress, and the person will feel better. When you feel stressed; start jogging. It will eliminate stress. Morning exercise is necessary for a happy lifestyle. It decreased the number of stressed hormones in our body like neurotransmitters and cortisol. Regular exercise leads to a happy and stress-free life.

3. Meditation

Meditation is a perfect way for getting rid of negative thoughts. It is effective. I used it for myself. You will relax after meditation even when you are full of burdens and unable to think positively. It helps generate positive thinking. It is my advice for you guys you should try it, and live a happy life without any stress. There are different types of meditation techniques but breathing technique is very simple and easy. In this technique, simply a person focused on his/her breathing pattern like inhaling and exhaling. He/she will feel better after doing it.

4. Digital Detox and Focus on a Single Point

Digital detox means without the use of social media and mobile phones. Social media plays an important role in increasing stress. Suppose you are working on an important project like a college project, office project, or anything important related to your life and job. Digital detox is really helpful in these cases. You should only focus on your specific goal, and there is no need of checking emails or messages. If you can't take a complete break from social media, then you should set a specific period in which you will use a mobile phone. I hope it is a helpful technique in lowering stress levels in your body.

5. Take a Piece of Paper

Sometimes, we have a certain bad experience, and we are unable to discuss with someone about our feelings. Maybe it is painful, and can't be able to explain. In this situation, we should take a piece of paper, and write all the problems, bad experiences, negative thoughts on it. Then burn it. It is a stress-relieving activity. Due to this activity, you will feel relaxed, and stress-free. All negatives thoughts will release from your mind and the body will feel relaxed.

6. Add Something New in Your Life

If your life is full of negative thoughts and you are unhappy with your life. You should add something new in your life like music, painting, dancing, cycling, boating, reading novels, and watching movies. These activities are helpful in stress reduction. You can choose the activity of your interest from the following. You will feel better after doing this.

7. Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is really bad and lazy habits. We all are victims of it. We should avoid it because it creates a feeling of stress. When we will not complete our task and delay it on the next. It will create negative thoughts in our minds. So we must handle it for spending a happy life. We should try to complete our tasks quickly before the deadline. When the deadline is coming close, then the stress level is increasing.

8. Enough Sleep

Enough sleep is very necessary for a healthy mind. You will feel happy, healthy, and satisfied after getting enough sleep. 6-8 hours of sleep is enough.

9. Avoid Poisons People

You should avoid those people who are the reason for your bad behavior. You shouldn’t talk to them if it is not necessary. You will enjoy life if it is without manipulative and poisons people.

10. Self-talk

Low self-esteem is also a reason for stress. If you are a victim of that kind of stress, then self-talk is really helpful. When we are spending time with ourselves, then we know the root cause of low self-esteem. After knowing the root cause, we should start working on our personality and convert ourselves into a better person.


For my Readers
For my Readers | Source

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