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Top 15 Ways For Men To Get Rid Of Fat

Updated on January 13, 2018

Lose That Extra Weight

Men too have nightmares about weight gain and excessive fat! Losing calories is often a matter of concern for many people, all around the world. Unhealthy lifestyle, too much consumption of junk food, lack of exercise and stress often leads to accumulation of fat. Even if one exercises for long duration, it might not be able to shed off the fat easily. A number of lifestyle changes are necessary to shed fat in case of men.

It is easy to gain fat and really difficult to drop that extra flab. Men tend to accumulate fat in their abdominal region, hands and often hip area. Though losing fat is often difficult, it is certainly not impossible. There are several ways by which men can lose fat from their body.

Eat 6 Small Meals

Diet plays an important role in reducing your weight. If you are suffering from excessive flab, you need to think about different ways of losing it. This starts with changes in diet. Starving doesn’t help to lose that fat. You can have six small meals in a day. This will ensure your metabolism is active and you do not store excess fat. If you starve yourself, you will not be able to maintain your diet routine because hunger pangs will make you lose your focus.

Diet Changes - Eat Small Portions


Running can burn up calories at a fast rate. If men run at least 20 minutes in a day, at a fast pace, they can burn as much as 500 calories in two days. Another great tip is to wear a hoodie before you start running. As the muscles warm up quickly, it is easier to lose weight.

Remember to stay hydrated when you run on a regular basis. Staying hydrated shall keep your energy levels high. You will feel energetic and motivated to run for a longer duration.

Running to lose weight

Try Power Yoga – Yoga is extremely beneficial for all. Power yoga can help in burning as much as 344 calories in a class. Do not start power yoga all by yourself. A little guidance or assistance is necessary if you are not used to yoga. It will help you do the postures correctly and make it effective. Learn how to do power yoga varieties here.

Lift Weights – Weight lifting will not just help in building muscles but will also help in improving performance. Weights help in stroking your metabolism and can help in burning calories at a faster rate. Increased metabolism helps in weight loss. Experts suggest several weight lifting moves which are all focused to lose weights from different sections of the body.

Full Body Exercises – You might like to focus on burning fat from specific areas of your body. However, in order to lose weight from your body, full body exercises are a must. Pushups, dead-lifts and squats will help in exercising your whole body and lose fat overall. This is the best way to lose fat, rather than targeting specific portions of your body.

Power Yoga For Fat Loss

Brisk Walking – If you do not have the time for gym training you should always walk. Brisk walking for thirty minutes in a day will help to lose fat. If you wish to make the walk a little more effective, look for an inclined area. Treadmill with slight inclination helps in burning more calories. Stay hydrated once you have completed your brisk walking because muscles need to be properly hydrated.

Try Rock Climbing – Rock climbing tends to burn as much as 700 calories in an hour. Though rock climbing is not possible every where since the facility is not available, you can also try climbing steps. Run up the staircase and come down with the same speed. You will be able to increase your metabolism which will help in losing weight.

Control Your Carbohydrate Intake – You need to control your carbohydrate intake as per the activity level. Carbs are important for your body. Do not have carbohydrates on the day you are not working out. You can have a limited portion of carbs on the day you are not working. Know more about carbohydrate rich foods.

Have More Avocados –Do you know avocados can actually help in removing fat from your body?Avocados are rich in healthy fats. These help the body to continuously burn fat. You simply need to try different recipes with avocado which will help in reducing fat. You can have avocado juice or as part of salad.

Avocados For Healthy Weight

Take Care Of Portions – Stay away from the buffet line. Limit your portions. Never have food till you are completely full.

Try Calorie Free Drinks – Opt for low fat drinks like low fat milk. Have lots of water, which is zero calories and helps your metabolism. It helps to flush out toxins from the body.

Healthy Snacks - Keep healthy snacks nearby so that you do not have to worry about those hunger pangs. Nuts and fresh fruits with yogurt dip are a good choice.

Stay away from Starches – Starches lead to fat deposits. Do not have whole wheat bread, potatoes or pasta.

Avocados For Weight Management

Did You Know Having Avocados Can Help In Maintaining Healthy Weight?

See results

Learn About Healthy Low Calorie Snacks

Have Tea – This is just another reason to enjoy your green tea. Tea can help with weight loss. It is loaded with fat burning antioxidants, which all contribute to fat loss. However, green tea is highly recommended since it is rich in antioxidants which are much needed by the body. So, when are you having the next cup of tea?

Surprise your Body – Keep changing your workout routine. If you do the same exercises every day, your body will get used to it. It won’t respond. Keep changing your routine and surprise your body every time. If you love walking, keep changing the pace. Try ten minutes of jogging, followed by five minutes of slow walk and again start brisk walking for further ten minutes. This is highly effective in losing fat.

Drink Tea Regularly

Do you know any other easy way to lose that extra fat? Do let me all your success stories.


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