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Top 20 Successful Tips On Dieting

Updated on May 22, 2011

Your Diet And You

Get the figure you always craved for,and be the envy of all!!!The following guidelines are sure to be an eyeopener and serve as motivation for those looking for a healthy way to diet.No guilt!

  1. Don't "Go On A Diet",but Change Your Diet This might surprise you,but this is particularly true.All the "fad diets" are not healthy.They either restrict you from eating certain foods or not eating at all,or they ask you to consume an unusual combination of foods.It simply means that when you stop eating normally,your metabolism slows down,and your body is starved of certain nutrients for a while, you tend to crave for those very foods that were restricted and your body goes into a binge mode.You begin to eat all the wrong foods in the bargain. RESULT? You put on all the weight lost and a bit more!
  2. Think Positive And Think Healthy Visualize yourself as you want to be,a slimmer and healthier you!Perhaps you can hang out your favourite dress, that once used to fit you,where you can see it everyday and picture yourself wearing it again.Focus on what foods you can eat,not foods that you can't eat.Atleast three times a day,think of how you want to look permanently in future,a slimmer and healthier individual,and then think about what you will eat that day.
  3. Fad Diets Only Work Short Term Quick fix diets often advise you to eat only one type of food,or to cut off a major food group completely from your diet.True,the results are immediate,and you find yourself leaner,but this certainly is not healthy and the solution is not permanent,as you cannot keep up that kind of diet permanently.
  4. Keep A Food Diary It is rightly said,"You are what you eat,when you eat,and how you eat".So,for a week,write down what you ate, why you ate it, and when you ate it .This helps you understand your desires for food and your relationship with food.Maintaining such a diary will certainly help you understand what foods to avoid and when to avoid.
  5. Educate Yourself Throw away the diet books!Read good articles on healthy living,and healthier eating.Several websites,such as the BBC's Healthy Living section concentrate on educating you on nutrition,ideal weight,dietary requirements,foods for prevention of diseases,and much more. And set up exercise routines for a healtier you.Desiringhealth is a blog which is my endeavour towards educating others on maintaining optimum health.
  6. Change The Way You Shop Never shop when you are tired or hungry,because that's when you pick up all the wrong foods for losing weight(the so-called comfort foods).Avoid packaged and processed foods as they contain a high degree of salt,sugar,trans fats,and other additives.Pick up fresh fruits and vegetables,low fat diary products,lean meats and fish so that you can cook small,fresh meals at home.
  7. Exercise-Get Moving! You do not have to go to the gym,simply get yourself some comfortable walking or jogging shoes,dress comfortably and head for the local park or beach.Walking is the easiest and most people enjoy making new friends along the way.You can begin with a10-minute walk initially,and slowly increase it every week.Ideally,one should build up a routine 30-45 minute walk twice a day.You will certainly feel more enegetic and happy once you exercise regularly.Remember,the more you exercise,the more calories you burn.And if you burn more calories than you eat, you lose weight!
  8. Never Skip A Meal-Especially Breakfast Eat 3-4 small meals at regular intervals.See that all food groups are present,and you have a balanced diet.Include atleast 5 servings of fruit,and vegetables a day.Breakfast,in particular,is never to be missed.Eat a wholesome breakfast that takes a long time to digest.People who miss breakfast often end up giving in to their cravings midmorning by having a sugar rich snack,that translates into weight gain and erratic energy levels."Breakfast like a king,lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper",holds good.
  9. Take Time To Eat Sit down and enjoy what you are going to eat.Never rush through a meal.If you have prepared it,the creativity and enjoyment is enhanced.Your relationship with your food is enhanced as well and you do not crave for a fatty,sugary snack inbetween meals.Make sure atleast dinner is a family affair.
  10. Drink 6-8 Large Glasses Of Water A Day Does drinking water help us to lose weight?Most often,we confuse hunger for thirst.Drink water everytime you think you are hungry,apart from meal times.And,watch the difference!When we don't drink enough water,fluid is retained in the body which constitutes bloating.The more water we drink,the less fluid we retain.
  11. Eat 5 Portions Of Fruits And Vegetables A Day Veggies and fruits provide you with essential vitamins,minerals and fiber.Raw and cooked portions should be carefully selected and colourfully presented to enhance eye appeal and flavour.They fill you up and give you a feeling of satiety,since they are full of water.
  12. Exercise Portion Control Smaller servings and helpings are recommended for a healthier you.You appreciate what you eat,rather than piling your plate with extra large helpings of everything,especially fried ,salty and sugary items.Your portions should be the size of your palm,fingers not included.There should be a good balance of carbohydrate,protein with a liitle fat.
  13. You Can Eat Snacks On A Diet The key to losing weight is to keep your energy levels constant and you can only do that if you eat regularly. Midmorning and midafternoon are times when we experience a drop in energy levels and reach for a snack.A fruit or a glass of skimmed milk,slices of raw carrot,cucumber,or a few nuts can be had as a snack.
  14. Some Fats Are Good Fats are essential to a balanced diet – use those that are found naturally in unprocessed food, such as olive oil, sunflower oil, oily fish, nuts and seeds.Avoid red meats and organ meats.Avoid trans fats.Read labels before you buy packaged foods.Certain "Low Fat" packaged foods contain an excess of sugar or salt,or both.
  15. Avoid Refined Sugar Sugar to be used sparingly.Blood sugar levels rise sharply giving you a feel-good and then slumps suddenly making you crave for more sugar.All excess sugar is converted to glucose and stored in the body as fat.
  16. Cut Down On Alcohol Alcohol as you know is just empty calories,so limit yourself to a couple of glasses twice a week and eat some snack with it.Otherwise, an excess of alcohol converts to glucose quickly and gets stored as body fat.
  17. Try Something New Each WeekCook differently,steam,bake,parboil,poach,grill.Try combinations of salads,raw and cooked,stewed.Use little or no oil.Avoid frying.Try new recipes.
  18. Breaking Your Diet Is Normal Nobody is perfect!If you have to go for a special meal,or simply want to break your diet,by all means,do go and enjoy yourself,maybe once in 2 weeks,but don't feel guilty.Pride yourself in the fact that you have already made a lifelong commitment to healthy eating habits.
  19. Small Is Beautiful Changes in your weight may vary,but as long as the weight loss is downward and you are healthy,it is fine.Medical experts agree that it is alright to lose 1 or 2 pounds a week,not more.To lose a pound a week,you need to create a deficit of 500 calories a day.Eat fewer calories and exercise regularly.Reach for a fruit,or low fat diary products at snacktime.
  20. Reward Yourself Every loss in say, 5 pounds must be rewarded by doing something you most enjoy,and that should never be anything even remotely connected with food.

Good Luck!And let me know how it worked for you!Be warned, that if you already suffer from conditions of diabetes,or hypertension,or heart disease,you must first consult your doctor.


Quick,Healthy Snack Ideas While On A Diet


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