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Top 3 Healthy Sweets and their Health Benefits

Updated on December 28, 2014

Dried apricots – health benefits & nutrition of dried apricots

Dried apricots are pitted. The history of apricots goes back to the distant past, hiding from us many secrets of the fruit. Hard to say where he was born, supposedly the birthplace of apricot is somewhere in central Asia. This is one of the most superb sub-tropical fruits.

To produce dried apricots the fruits are dried in specially designated places in the sun for six to eight days, after which the finished product is produced. To produce one kilogram of dried apricots there should be three to four kilos of fresh apricot.

The main value of dried apricots is that even dried it preserves the majority of the vitamins micro elements. Dietary properties are mainly due to a significant predominance of the potassium salts.

Dried apricots are unique due to fact that it retains virtually all of the substances and vitamins contained in the fresh fruit. It is popular and stable in demand. Dried apricots are often used in its natural form. This, incidentally, is very correct way to consume dry apricots.

Dried apricots are very tasty, nutritious and nourishing. They have a number of very useful to the health properties. It has been long known that broth of dried apricots without sugar has diuretic effect and help against edema. They are widely used in the comprehensive therapy of many diseases of the circulatory system and kidneys.

Dried apricots are very useful for people suffering from diseases of the thyroid gland, and it has been proved scientifically. Also useful for people suffering from diabetes. This dried fruit is better than fresh one compared by its vitamins value and help opening up blockages and soften tumours. More sweet varieties help eliminate bad smell in the mouth.

Consumption of the fruit lowers blood sugar levels, improves the work of the pancreas, which is responsible for how much sugar is contained in our blood. Dried apricots are very good for children with hypovitaminosis and vitamin deficiency. It should be noted that is almost everybody has hypovitaminosis during the winter and especially spring time. In those seasons, dried apricots are very useful. Apricots can help restore your body’s necessary level of vitamins and lift your mood and relieve fatigue. It is very helpful in dealing with all kinds of stress.

Store dried apricots at home in a dark dry place. Then the properties of this dried fruit are preserved best.

Health benefits dried apricots:

  • preserves the majority of the vitamins micro elements
  • significant predominance of the potassium salts
  • retains virtually all of the substances and vitamins contained in the fresh apricots
  • tasty, nutritious and nourishing
  • broth of dried apricots without sugar has diuretic effect and help against edema
  • useful for people suffering from diseases of the thyroid gland
  • help opening up blockages and soften tumours
  • useful for people suffering from diabetes
  • help eliminate bad smell in the mouth

Health Benefits of Apricots

Organic Raisins – The Health Benefits of Organic Rasins

There are different types of natural sugars present in large quantities in almost any dried fruit. The sweetest from dried fruits are organic raisins, which are dried grapes.

Grape is an ancient plant. Prints of its leaves and seeds were found during excavations and date thousands of years ago. Grape has begun being cultivated in copper and bronze ages, and the Bible says that the first plant that was planted after the flood was a grape.

Dried grapes are most prevalent in the Middle East and the Mediterranean as a cooking ingredient.

Even the ancient people knew about the health benefits of raisins. For a very long time organic raisins have been valued as means to strengthen the nervous system and act as an antidepressant. The heart and the lungs are also subject to the healing of the dried grapes. Doctors recommend raisins as a means against anemia and general weakness, fever, and any problems with the gastrointestinal tract, heart and kidney disease.

Health benefits of organic raisins are due to the content of the dry berries: mineral salts, organic acids and vitamins. Raisins also contain indispensable osteoporosis substance. Dark raisins, as well as the dark grapes and wine from it are considered more valuable than the lighter varieties.

Organic raisins broth with onion juice is good when coughing, runny nose, throat diseases. If you have strong coughs and bronchitis get 30g raisins leave it in the cold, but boiled water and in 45 minutes drain it and eat it with hot milk before bedtime.

Organic raisins retain almost all the useful properties of grapes. But, as the concentration of nutrients in it a few times higher than in fresh berries, use it without caution.

This recommendation applies to all the dried fruits.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Opinions on health benefits of dark chocolate vary from injury to one’s health to almost being a cure. Where is the truth about dark chocolate? Let’s try to find out what are the health benefits of dark chocolate. Here are the opinions of scientists on dark chocolate:

Dark chocolate the reason of excess weight
Dark chocolate as reason of excess weight is only partly true. Dark chocolate is high in calories, but the main source of calories is actually milk and glucose. Chocolate carbohydrates are classified as easily accessible, quickly split and as quickly spent. Indeed, excessive flow of carbohydrates in the body may result in fat not being burnt and stay in our system, but when dark chocolate is consumed in reasonable amounts it can be part of a healthy balanced diet.

Dark chocolate source of energy
Dark chocolate as a source of energy is very true. Dark chocolate contains a lot of the fats and sugar, which are the main suppliers of energy to the body. Magnesium and potassium, contained therein are necessary for normal functioning of muscles and nervous system. Therefore, dark chocolate is good for children, as well as those involved in healthy sports activities.

Dark chocolate has a stimulant effect
It is true that dark chocolate has a stimulant effect. Teobromin and caffeine contained in dark chocolate have a slight stimulating effect on the cardio-vascular and nervous systems. Carbohydrates provide easily accessible and fast burning energy. Fat contained in cocoa butter is assimilated more slowly and provides energy in the body over long time.

Dark chocolate contains a lot of caffeine
The statement that dark chocolate contains a lot of caffeine is a myth. In fact, one bar of chocolate contains 30mg caffeine, but just one cup of coffee contains much more then that 180mg of caffeine.

Dark chocolate is good for the heart and blood vessels
It’s true that dark chocolate is good for the heart and blood vessels. Cardiologists found that cocoa beans contain polyphenols which positively affect the cardiovascular system. They contribute to more effective blood flow and reduce stress on the heart. There is also a view that cocoa improves the immune system. In order for treatment to be most effective use only high-quality varieties of dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is harmful to the teeth and contributes to the disease of caries
This is not the true. Dark chocolate is not bad for your teeth. Unlike other sweet delicacies, dark chocolate is the least dangerous. Cocoa prevents the destruction of tooth enamel. Cocoa butter contained in dark chocolate enriches teeth protective film and prevents them from destruction. Shell of cocoa beans has particularly strong antibacterial properties.

Japanese researchers believe that the extract prepared from the shells of cocoa beans should be added to toothpaste and mouthwash. Of course, dark chocolate is not a substitute for cleaning teeth, but dentists believe that chocolate sweets are less harmful than, say, caramel ones.

Dark chocolate excites
It is true that dark chocolate excites. Stimulant effect of dark chocolate has even been known by Ancient Aztecs. They used it to maintain power. Its best not eat a lot of dark chocolate before going to bed as caffeine and teobromin can have its effect on you.

Dark chocolate is a drug
As mention above dark chocolate contains caffeine, but it’s quite small. Teobromin in principle can cause dependence. However, dark chocolate contains so little of teobromin that the actual dependence may occur only if a person eats at least 400-500 grams of dark chocolate a day for a quite a long period of time.

Cannabinoids is also found in dark chocolate. Cannabinoids substance is similar to marijuana. To get any noticeable effect you need to eat at least 55 dark chocolate bars. Therefore, physical dependence of dark chocolate is quite low.

In conclusion, dark chocolate is not only tasty, but also useful when consumed in reasonable amounts!

Amazing Benefits Of Dark Chocolate!

Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate?

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