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Top 3 Inflammatory Foods To Avoid

Updated on September 14, 2015

What is inflammatory food?

Inflammatory foods is not something dangerous but it can become unhealthy in the long run if you consume it to much, as i did, which is why I'm writing this post. Inflammatory food does what it says, builds up a inflammation inside your body (sounds worse then it is, but still, this is what happens.) that becomes noticeable when you for example feeling more tired then usual, your energy gets drained faster, your skin is getting itchy, red at some places and sensitive. Partly this happens because the body is fighting the inflammation inside you and is putting a lot of effort into reducing it which steals your energy. The more inflammation, the less energy you will have throughout the day.

This is relevant to all people but is especially important to know for people that have problems with their skin. With problem i mean, people who have eczema or psoriasis, i have both, but in a more mildly form when comparing to some others i have seen, which can be really bad. Eczema and Psoriasis is an inflammation on your skin, but it isn't only happening on the outside, it starts from the inside. Science shows that many people with Psoriasis also tend to become more depressed or having more low energy from time to time then others.

This is said to be because that the inflammation is also happening in your brain, which causes disruption in your synapses and in the pathways in your brain. Another way to put it is to say that, the highway (which is your brain) gets clogged with to much traffic, which make it harder for the driver (you/your thought) to reach its destination, and you have to start taking detours to find another way home which is troublesome and rarely stimulating. Thats pretty much what an inflammation in your brain is like.

So! How do we prevent some of this from happening? I say some because what you eat isn't the only thing that can cause an inflammation in your body, other factors such as stress and poor sleep ads it up even more. But lets stick to what we can change in an instant! Stop eating food that causes inflammation! It can be a bit though in the beginning but after a while you will find tons of nice recepies that doesn't contain high inflammatory foods. A good way to start is to just cut them down, one by one, for lets say, a month, until you have replaced as many as you can. So below is the list of the top 3 most inflammatory foods to avoid and also what you you can replace it with.

Dairy Products

Mostly milk and cheese. Especially the more matured cheese types causes the most inflammation.

Replacement Alternative

The milk products can be replaced with oat based consumables. Oat milk, oat "creme fraiche", sour cream etc. The cheese is a bit harder to find, but there are substitutes such as zucchini cheese (yes there is such a thing!) among others.

Nightshade Vegetables

The nightshade vegetables increases inflammation. The most common in our daily dishes are: Potato, Tomato, Hot peppers, egg plant and bell pepper. Also ground cherries and goji berries who have become more popular lately.

Replacement Alternatives


It might seem obvious that sugar isn`t no good, but i`m especially talking about added sugar that aren`t naturally made within the food itself. The problem is the overconsumption we have with sugar, it can be found naturally in almost everything but we still keep on adding more then normal doses it would be found in otherwise. Just try your best to avoid adding sugar in for example, tea, coffee and sauces etc. And of course try your best not by that extra snack or candy bar on a regular tuesday, if you like, do it only once a week instead to step down on your consumption. Replacements can be Fruit and honey. Especially honey, which is a much better option instead of using processed sugar. But not spoonfuls of course...

Replacement Alternative


One More Thing

If your budget allows, it`s an even better move to also pick ecological/organic foods instead of the ordinary ones, its a bit more expensive but comes with more benefits such as containing less chemical substances and preservatives which usually adds even more to the inflammation. Thanks for reading and good luck with your new and less inflammatory diet.

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