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Top 3 Tips to Stop Excessive Sweating

Updated on July 24, 2011
Top Tips to stop excessive sweating.
Top Tips to stop excessive sweating.

In this article I want to describe the top 3 tips to stop excessive sweating.

Be sure to check out other articles I have written on my website on the subject of how to stop sweating.

Now don't get me wrong, these tips aren't going to work for everyone because there are a multitude of reasons why you may be suffering from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). If you have had the condition for some time or you feel your sweating is extreme then you should hot-foot over to a qualified medical practitioner for a check-up and some advice.

But if you one of the majority of sufferers who is embarrassed about the large sweat patches under your arms or you are terrified of shaking hands because of your saturated palms then these three tips might help you to stop excessive sweating.

Tip #1 – Chill Out!

Excessive sweating is a horrible vicious cycle. You sweat a little which makes you embarrassed, anxious and tense... Which makes you sweat a little more... And so the cycle continues until your clothes are saturated.

Now, think about a time when you didn't sweat so much. Most likely you were in a relaxed state of mind. Probably alone or with a trusted loved one and away from the social anxiety that your sweating causes. At these times it didn't matter whether you sweated or not. Who cares?

So therefore the most powerful strategy of all is simply to not care.

Now that seems like a strange thing to say but by mastering the psychological aspects of your excessive sweating you will considerably reduce the severity of your condition. And it is easier than you might think - its all about good management.

Let me give you an example of how this might work:

You're on your way to the office. This is normally one of your most anxious times. But today, instead of sitting in your car worrying about the sweat marks building up on your business shirt, you are wearing a t-shirt. You think to yourself "who cares if I sweat right now? - I'll be putting on my clean business shirt once I arrive at the office." Immediately you will feel more relaxed and as a result you will sweat less.

Now I understand you might be sceptical because the example just deals with one small situation but in a very realistic and pragmatic way you can manage your entire day in this manner.

And remember, the key is not the management - it is your mindset.

Here is another example:

Who cares if my palm starts to sweat just as I am being introduced to someone? I have a cloth in my pocket to give it a sneaky wipe just before I shake hands so there's nothing for me to be anxious about. The net result - you have a management strategy in place to deal with the immediate problem AND you will be less anxious which in turn will make your sweating less severe. A wonderful double-whammy!

Tip #2 - What not to wear

Some things exacerbate your excessive sweating and some things alleviate it. Why not avoid the things that make you sweat and move towards the things that alleviate it?

Even if it means in the short term you have to make some compromises or you have to put more effort into managing your day. In the longer term as you beat your excessive sweating problem you will find you will have to worry less and less about this stuff.

Let's look at a few key tactics:

  1. Choose clothes made from natural fibres. Avoid wearing man made fibres such as nylon directly next to your skin.
  2. Choose clothes in styles that feel comfortable to you. Ignore all the advice out there about what to wear - just pick items from your wardrobe that work best for you.

  3. Choose a good antiperspirant/deodorant. Make sure the label says antiperspirant - and not just deodorant. Experiment with different brands and see if any improve your condition.

  4. Try wearing dress shields. In the short term, choose disposable ones and carry some spares with you.

Tip #3 - Be prepared

Carrying a few key items with you is probably the best thing you can do to immediately reduce your anxiety and, as a result, reduce your excessive sweating.

And remember, this is a short term strategy. It won't be long before you don't need to do this any more. Here are some key items you might want to consider:

  • A spare shirt or blouse.
  • Some disposable dress shields.
  • Some moist wipes to maintain your hygiene and help to cool you down.
  • A can or bottle of your favourite antiperspirant/deodorant.
  • A spare pair of socks or tights.

Ideally you with have these items on-hand at all times. A pack in your car - one in your office draw -and a few of the smaller items in your handbag or brief case.

Take action to stop excessive sweating

I hope these tips give you something to think about. Each and every one will, to some extent, help to reduce or stop excessive sweating. Remember there is currently no miracle solution to this condition so your best bet is to do lots of these small things that together will make a big difference in your life.

If you found this article useful please be sure to check out other information I have posted on my website on the subject of excessive sweating. You'll find the link in the box next to this text.

The key is to take action. Don't allow excessive sweating to reduce your quality of life. You deserve better and you can beat it.

Stop Sweating Quick Tip Video

This article is general in nature and does not represent medical advice. Always consult with a qualified medical practitioner before choosing a course of hyperhidrosis treatment.

Please add your comments. I would love to hear from you.

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Very useful

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      honestly I think that kind of help me buwhen i told my son william about it , it help him a lot cuase he sweats a lot and it stinks hard core.... so he doesn't have a girlfriend I was upset and read this and told him and now he has..... 10 girlfriends and he chesting on them all so if u have some information about cheatig please call me on 0223487 and I will be home alone... my husband goes at.. 5 and comes back at 9 so call me in those hours ...and i would be happy to sit with you in my bedroom talking and what should i wear a bikini or strip clothes I don't no biut I want ot have sex.. with u baby com on.... !!!!!!!!!!..!!!!!!!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This kind of helped it also made me realise why I sweat so much...i normally dnt sweat until im on my way to school or when I arrive at usually starts with a small spot.then it increases...any more tips??

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      wow, very valuable tips presented. I think this is quite complete, because it can address up to the election sweat shirt fabric, very detailed at all .. Success. thank you

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      My issue is definitely due to nervousness. I'm a very calm person (when its cold out haha)-but once I sweat the tiniest builds like nothing else, and before I know it-its all I can think about.

    • profile image

      Steve Dyson 

      7 years ago

      Some great tips!

      Check out for a solution that will help you stop sweating in under 2 weeks.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i need help bad i go to school and i cant change clothes or any thing like that and i stink really bad and i have no money to by stuff and i sweat through my cloths badly i neeed help

    • profile image

      Armpit Sweat 

      10 years ago

      Some of the videos on here are terrific as well..

    • profile image

      Excessive Underarm Sweating 

      10 years ago

      Awesome tips on how to stop sweating here.. thanks a lot for the helpful info, it is really great!!!


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