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Four Bizarre and Mysterious Unsolved Murders

Updated on May 27, 2018

Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam was a 23 year old Canadian college student who had been studying in Vancouver. When her mother had not received her nightly phone call from her daughter she had reported her missing. She had been missing for quiet some time until some suspicious surveillance videos of her were found. It was the elevator camera of the Cecil hotel. The video started with her briskly walking into the elevator, pressing all the buttons, then hiding around the corner of the elevator. She kept peeking out around the corner as if being chased by someone, or something. Through all of this the elevator doors were mysteriously not closing and she began making odd hand gestures and acting as if she were in pain. After a bit of the weird hand gestures she left the elevator in a hurry and that was the last she was seen alive. She was searched for for quiet some time before people in the Cecil hotel began complaining about foul tasting water. They had gone up to examine the water tank and they found Elisa Lam's body inside.

Nobody knows who killed her, or what happened even to this day. The water was impossible to open as the pressure was too high and to get her out the police had to drill holes into the tower. How she got in there again nobody knows. Stranger still the tower was behind several sets of key scanner locked doors. No cameras caught her or whatever had her on any cameras after the elevator.

Danny Casolaro

Danny Casolaro was a middle aged journalist who had been researching an underground government society called "octopus". He had gone to a hotel in Virginia meeting someone who was supposed to "bring back the head of the octopus". When he was found in his hotel room he was in the bath and his writs were slashed. There was a corked bottle of wine, a broken wine glass, an empty can of beer, and two white trash bags. He was pulled out of the bath tub and a single razor was found under him in the bloody water. There was no sign of a struggle making the investigators rule it out as a suicide.

Now the evidence does seem to point to suicide but there are several things that make it incredibly suspicious. One, he was writing a book about this "octopus" at the time of his death that he had gone to this hotel to finish. Two, he was supposed to be meeting someone who claimed to know things about this group. Three, he had been talking to his family often in the weeks leading up to it about there being threats on his life. After they had interviewed his brother his brother had recalled something Danny told him before he left. "If anything happens to me don't believe it's an accident."

Now some people hold on to the theories that this was a suicide, though some of the evidence makes it pretty suspicious.

Sodder Family

In 1945 on Christmas eve the home of the Sodder family burned down. The parents, the oldest 3 children, and the youngest daughter survived. The five middle children died, or so experts believe. Now this is not where the mystery starts. The mystery begins with two "insurance salesman" Who had visited the house several days earlier speaking about fire insurance. Now not only is that suspicious but the remains of the 5 middle children who did not survive were never found. The officials claimed that the remains were burned in the fire but fire does not burn through bone. Years later they got a picture in the mail that they believed to be Louis Sodder, one of the children that went missing that day. The parents had hired a private detective who had mysteriously gone missing after digging into the photograph. To this day the whereabouts of the Sodder children is still a mystery.

Tamam Shud

On the first first of December 1948 an unknown man was found dead on Somerton Beach. His prints showed up no leads, neither did dental records or anything else. He is often referred to as the Somerton man, or the Unknown man. Now him not showing up in any records is suspicious on his own but the mystery of it goes far deeper than that. All of his clothes had the identification tags ripped off, and through much time they found out where each article came from, though it turned up no leads as each one came from a different country. They had found a briefcase that they believed to belong to the man but it turned up nothing other than more clothes with the tags removed. In the mans pants pocket they found a piece of paper which read "Tamad shud" Which means the end. This piece of paper had been ripped out of a book that was quiet popular in the time it was ripped from. The exact book that it was ripped from was found inside of a car parked not far from where the man had washed up. The book had strange writing inside of it that they still do not know what it means, and a phone number. The phone number pointed them in the direction of a nurse, who they questioned and she claimed she knew nothing about the deceased man. The case is still a mystery.


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