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Top 5 Pedometers for Weight Loss

Updated on July 9, 2009

I've always been a little bit fascinated with pedometers. I mean, how the heck do they know how many steps you've walked?? Better yet, how do they know if you walked them or jogged them? I'm sure there's a very simple explanation as to how they manage this remarkable feat, but I'd rather not know; it's too much fun pretending they're magical. (Ok, so I'm easily amused.) Magic or not, pedometers are a brilliant way of augmenting your fitness regime. If you're a speed walker or just someone who walks about town a lot, it's in your best interest to keep track of how many calories you're burning in order to keep track of the ratio between caloric intake and caloric burning. And if you're a calorie counter like myself, you'll just fall in love with some of these, as a few them actually calculate calories burned as well!

Omron HJ-112 Pedometer

This clever little Omron pedometer needn't be worn on your person in order to work properly; you can just drop this into your purse and go! How's that for clever, eh? This is also one of the models which can distinguish between normal walking and aerobically paced movement, so you'll get a very accurate caloric reading when it tells you how many calories you've burned. It will also tell you how far you've travelled, which can be especially helpful if you're someone who walks all around the office all day but hasn't a clue as to how far that adds up to at the end of the day. Comes with its own detachable belt fastener so you can wear it on your person if you prefer.

Advanced Omron Pedometer

This Omron pedometer can do everything the previous Omron pedometer could do (measure distance travelled, calories burned, distinguish between normal walking and aerobic levels, etc.) but it does a few extra things, as well. It comes with special health management software! Not only will it let you review the previous week's recordings, you can actually upload the previous 42 days to your PC! It resets itself every night at midnight, but do note that it requires manual turning off.

Omron GoSmart Pedometer

The Omron GoSmart pedometer does all the nifty things Omron's other pedometers can do (digitally calculating walked/aerobic steps, distance travelled, calories burned, capable of giving a reading whilst sitting in your purse, 7 day memory, etc.) but this one has super spiffy technology which is capable of reading X, Y, and Z planes. This very simply means that your readings will be as accurate as they can possibly, possibly be. This model can count up to 1 million steps and it even has a sleep mode.

Basic Omron Pedometer

This slightly more basic Omron pedometer can calculate distance, steps walked and calories burned, with a 7 day memory for going over past workouts. It comes with a special clip so you can attach it to yourself and you're ready to go -- it's a less expensive model because you've got to wear it in order for it to work properly.


If you're looking for a no-frills pedometer which only counts steps (no calorie counting, etc.) then this may be just what you're looking for. The ACCUSPLIT pedometer is capable of counting up to 100,000 steps walked and comes with a 5 year warranty.


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    • Isabella Snow profile image

      Isabella Snow 8 years ago

      Sounds like a good fitness plan, Nelle! :)

    • profile image

      Nelle Hoxie 8 years ago

      I wear a pedometer every day to make sure that I get enough activity. I shoot for about 15,000 steps. That and a morning weigh in on the scale, keeps me honest.