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Top MMA Workout Routines That Works.

Updated on July 14, 2014

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What is MMA fighting

Mixed martial arts fighting is nothing new, it's been around as long as the Pyramids have been standing. From Greek, Japanese, And Brazilian cultures to today's World explosion of the Of the sport MMA and has always been around Just with less exposure. MMA is a combination of wrestling, martial arts, and boxing. This combination of fighting styles makes it one of the most complete fighting competitions in sports today. To be successful in this sport It takes more than Just Hunger, intelligence And wanting to win. To be a winner It takes Complete commitment and discipline in your training. Anything less means defeat

The Importance Of Stretching

Before you do any exercise it is very important that you stretch your muscles. There are various types of warm-up exercises that one can use to get his or her muscles ready for a workout. There is a multitude of exercises one can do, so we are not going into detail in this article about which ones you should do. However, we do believe in the importance of stretching all your major muscle groups and a if possible stretch the minor muscle groups as well. My suggestion is that you stretch, either ride a bike or go for a quick 10 to 15 min jog to warm your body up. Then focus on your training.

MMA Speed Training

Our first routine is called "Speed Kills" As MMA fighter or In any sport, we know that speed and endurance is one of the keys to success in any sport. This exercise will help you increase your speed and endurance. Speed kills is an Aerobic and Alactic exercise Which alternates between lower and upper body workouts. The goal of this exercise is for you to increase speed, muscle strength and agility. This exercise will be broken up into three exercises Speed skaters, clapping pushups and the foot shuffle.

Exercise: Speed kills

Part one: Speed Skaters

Duration: 10 to 15 seconds

Step one: Get into a speed skater's position, abdomen sucked with back fairly straight, and head up.

Step two: Bounce from side to side as fast as you can, being sure to hold true to form.

Rest for 30 seconds.

Part two: Clapping pushups

Duration: 10 to 15 seconds.

Step one: Get into the push-up position. Keep abdomen tight, and back straight.

Step two: Quickly lower yourself about an inch.

Step three: Then explode pressing up, and while an air clapping and quickly before you come back down.

Rest for 30 seconds.

Part three: Foot shuffle.

Duration: 10 to 15 seconds.

Step one: get into an upright fighting stance. Keep hands up, Abdomen tucked in and back straight.

Step two: shuffle feet back and forth, like Mohammed Ali is old razzle-dazzle Move.

Rest for 30 seconds, repeat 4 to 6 times

More exercises such as these Check out Eric Wong's cardio cage.

How to increase punching power


Increasing Punching Power

As the MMA fighter or any type of fighter. You know that being able to hit hard and fast could mean the difference between victory and utter defeat. There are a lot of ways increasing punching power and speed of your punches. However, strengthening your elastic system in your chest muscles is key to getting that powerful snap. This exercise focuses on building the strength of your ligaments and not completely strength.

Exercise: Combo Curls

Duration: 4 to 6 sets of 15 reps.

Items needed: dumbbells and a curl bar

Muscle group: Biceps

Step one: Set up your curl bar Making sure that you have enough weight to Challenge your biceps.

Step two: locate a pair of dumbbells that are about half the weight that you have on your crowbars.

Step three: begin with the curl bar, doing as many reps as fast you can until you burn out. Make sure you keep your Back straight your feet shoulder length apart staying true to form.

Step four: Drop the curl bar, grab your dumbbells and do hammer curls as fast as you can until your arms burnout.

Step five: Rest for 1 to 2 minutes.Then repeat.

Exercise: Rows

Duration: 4 to 6 sets of 15 reps

Items needed: Dumbbells and bench.

Muscle group: Back

Step one: Locate the proper weight to a level of strength

Step two: Place one your knees one your hand on the bench. Be sure you straighten your back and keep it level. So you do not injure any part of it back. The position looks like During the half crawl on one side of your body and your offside leg is supporting, Meanwhile, your offside hand Is in position to lift the weight.

Step three: Pull up on the weight, Being sure to keep your elbows close as you can ensure that you strictly using your back muscles.

Step four: switch sides and repeat. Being sure that you Complete 4 to 6 sets on each side of your body.

More exercises such as these Check out Eric Wong's cardio cage.

Other strength training exercises to help increase Upper body muscle mass.

Exercise: Elastic punch

Duration: 10 to 15 seconds

Step one: Get into the push-up position. Making sure your abdomen is tucked in and your back is straight.

Step two: quickly drop yourself a 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches.

Step three: Quickly pop yourself back up but do not fully extend.

* You should be doing any short bursting balancing motion

Step four: repeat until time is up

Note (please rest for one minute between each set) Complete 4 to 6 sets.

More exercises such as these Check out Eric Wong's cardio cage.

Advanced Pushup Techniques and Punching Tips

The next two video clips I found while in my search for tactics to get stronger and punch harder and faster. The first one is on building your chest up with 32 pushup techniques and the second are punching for beginners. My suggestion is that you add this knowledge training. This can take you from average to becoming a solid MMA fighter. If you wish to succeed you must push yourself harder, you must go yourself further, outlast your competitor, and always learn. For more information on fighting techniques, kicks, grappling moves, etc. Check outDamage Control Online MMA Training @

Legs Of Steel


Developing Powerful Leg Strength

In the previous two sections, we covered an exercise to help increase your speed. Then we covered ways to help strengthen your punching speed and strength with an exercise that will give you the extra snap needed in your punches to help you cut down your opponent. In this section will cover how to develop the necessary strength in your legs helping you put down your opponents quickly and to keep you on your feet. Although we're covering the legs in the third section, leg strength, stamina and quickness are paramount to keeping in the fight. No matter if you're throwing punches, landing devastating kicks to the head, or using submission holds. These exercises will help you gain strength needed in your base to help you win. For more muscle building exercises. Check out Accelerated Muscular Development, AMD, which is featured in men's health


Developing Leg Strength and Speed: Dumbbell Lunges

Exercise: Dumbbell Lunges

Duration: 4 to 6 sets of 20 reps

Step one: Select a comfortable weight. If you are a beginner then do a few without weights until you develop the leg strength needed.

Step two: From a standing position, lower yourself in the lunge position. To execute the lunge, you simply place one leg forward while lowering your off leg or your back leg until your knee just above the floor.

Step three: With your back straight, keeping the weight from being directly over the top of your knee (Note: Having unnecessary weight directly over the knee can damage it). With your forward leg press light yourself back into the starting position.

Step four: Repeat motions being sure to alternate legs during the process. Make sure you stay true to form to keep you from damaging your knees.


Developing Leg Strength and Speed: Squat Jump

Exercise: squat jump.

Duration: 20 reps, 4 to 6 sets

Step one: once again from the standing position feet shoulder length apart lower yourself down into its squatting position.

Step two: once in squatting position, being sure not to overextend your knees. Explode up and jump as high as you can.

Step three. Reset and repeat.


Developing Leg Strength and Speed: Step Ups

Exercise: Step ups

Duration: 20 reps 4 to 6 Sets

Step one: locate a step up box, or a bench to step up on.

Step two: locate weights that are comfortable to you or do it without for beginners.

Step three: Place one leg on the stepping surface. Then Push yourself up.

Step four: Lower Yourself down slowly, Switch legs and repeat the motion.

When executing these Leg exercises you do not Just focus on building Leg Strength. You also want to focus on speed. So it is very important that you do the reps as fast as possible. Although leg strength is a major component in creating power in your kicks. Speed and agility will give you the quick snap needed to put someone down. We always must remember that the key to knocking someone is not just strength, it's the ability to give head a quick jolt, making their head snap causing them to Become unconscious. This can only be achieved through speed. In the video below are a few exercises By Lee Hayward a national bodybuilder to help you build Leg strength.

Leg Strength Training By Lee Hayward

Total Body Workouts, Perfect For MMA fighters

Exercise: Full-bodied press

Duration: 4 to 6 sets of 15 reps.

Items needed: dumbbells

Muscle group: Full body

Step one: locate a comfortable weight, For your strength level.

Step two: Begin in a squat position. Being sure to have Schilling for the part and not to overextend your knees are to have weight directly putting pressure on them

Step three: while keeping your stomach tight, lift up from the squat position to the upright position, bringing the weights up and turning them into a curl position.

Step three: Slowly curl weight until you hit your chest

Step four: rotate the weights for the press position by doing it backwards Butterfly

Step five: Complete a shoulder press by pressing up on the weight and touching weights at peak.

Step six: Reverse sets five through one Until you are back in the squatting position back completes one set.

To close This article Out we have a total body workout by Eric Wong's cage @ When I Tried these exercises they were a little hard to do at first, but after I got the hang of it the overall results are great. This exercise works, the aerobic, lactic and the alactic energy systems. The workout is called The Total Package. My hope is that this article has helped you build a good base in your MMA training. Please enjoy, I would love to see you in the ring.

For more fighting techniques. Check out: Damage Control Online MMA Training. @

For free healthy vitamin packed food recipes visit my other article Easy Paleo Recipes For Weight-Loss

Damage Control MMA Training


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