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Top Ten Stress Reducing Techniques to Heal Life

Updated on November 20, 2015

Stress is one of the most common psychological issues that disturb one’s life dramatically. In fact, it is an inevitable part of life and everybody has to go through it. Nevertheless, it is imperative how you react, response, handle and control stress. Let’s have a look at top ten stress-reducing techniques to heal life.

Are you one of those who are stressed out constantly with your daily routine, hectic schedule, job, financial issues, etc.? How to reduce stress? Simple! Relax, because you and your body deserve it. Prolonged stress will harm not only your psychological well-being but also your physical health. So it’s high time to know and implement stress relief techniques that can help reduce stress. You need not require spending time and money on spa and other ways to handle stress. Just follow the below-mentioned tips and experience stress-free life.

  • Meditation

Meditation is one of the best and effective way to overcome stress, anxiety and other psychological issues. Scientists suggest that meditation alters the nervous system’s neural pathways, thereby making you recover from stress. Make sure you meditate regularly to get rid of stress and its complications.

  • Deep breathing

Just take some time out and try to focus on your breathing. Sit upright, close your eyes, keep one hand on your belly, and breathe gently and deeply. Relaxation techniques breathing reduce stress by calming your heart rate and lowering your blood pressure level.

  • Express Yourself

Being socially active can help you forget stress and anxiety. Social network is one of the best tools for controlling stress. Talk with your family members, colleagues, friends, and express yourself. This way you can get connected to people around you and build a strong rapport.

  • Stay focused

Make time and focus on your senses and behavior with consciousness. Try to feel the air on your face while walking. Walk on a green grassy field early in the morning and enjoy the nature.

  • Gentle massage

Keeping a warm wrap around your neck or shoulders for 10 to 15 minutes can greatly help reduce stress. Ask you family member to give you a gentle head or neck massage. Mild pressure helps manage stress effectively.

  • Laughing therapy

A good laugh that vibrates your belly can lighten your mind, body and soul. Laughing out loud releases endorphins, brain chemicals that enhance mood. You can join a laughter club or find different ways that can give you a good laugh.

  • Listen to music

Scientists found that listening to some soothing music can greatly relieve stress, anxiety, heart rate and blood pressure. Crank up some tunes and free your mind from unwanted thoughts.

  • Eat healthy

A proper healthy diet and stress levels are closely related. Unhealthy foods make your body and mind susceptible to stress. So avoid them and opt for organic vegetables, fruits, and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and other antioxidants. They are found to lower the symptoms of stress.

  • Physical activities

You don’t need to run rigorously or pump irons to reduce stress. Mild form of exercises like walking, jogging, Yoga, cycling, swimming or stretching exercise are enough to deal with stress.

  • Be optimistic and kind

Being gentle, optimistic and grateful can replace your negative thoughts into positive ones. In addition, your simple and sober attitude will help you cope with stress effectively.

The aforementioned tips are useful to manage stress efficiently and lead a healthy lifestyle. In addition, you should implement few relaxation techniques for sleep in order to make your life stress-free, because stress can give you sleepless nights.


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    • Amyhill123 profile imageAUTHOR

      Amy Hill 

      2 years ago from Akron,Ohio

      Glad to know, You find it useful ! :)

    • SON777 profile image


      2 years ago

      thanks for your post ...really todays technology make people more stress..thanks for your effort amy hill...keep it up...


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