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7 Recommended Websites This 2016

Updated on June 17, 2019

Website hopping can be overwhelming given the loads of information available to us over the internet. What pointers do we personally take in when we browse through websites? Have we taken consideration particular links we should either dismiss or bookmark?

There are a thousand more helpful websites, seven of which are given right here. You might want to list down your choice of websites, too, and share them. It will definitely save many netizens time.

1 | MindTools

MindTools equips its readers and members necessary information focusing on personality and career development. It has a creative and attractive lay out with content grouped accordingly under leadership, communication, time management, creativity, project management, decision-making, and problem solving. Browsing through this page for a particular topic is easy. Also, it is close to having personally consulted a mentor and/or professional in a specific area of expertise.

Here is the catch: readers can read through a topic, say on self-esteem, but not the entire text unless membership and payment is guaranteed. There are free workbook downloads after subscription. What can be of added help is the My Learning Plan tool for setting personal goals.

If you just need a few, quick ideas, then this page is practically worth it without the payment.

Take control of your career.

2 | Piffe

Its mission: train everyone to smile. It is a better job. Stay and leave this page thankful, thinking, smiling, inspired, laughing, wondering, and challenged. It is a child-friendly page where kids can learn good values from short stories. Parents, these can be handy for bedtime stories. They can also solve puzzles and see funny pictures and surprising illusions. Youthful adults would also love to, and should, spend a few minutes reading and enjoying this site. Purpose-driven people behind this project strongly encourage living a mindful life amidst toils and groans.

This simple humble page, unfortunately, has no links to Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks for sharing. Some extended links do not work anymore. Finding it among thousands of sites is, well, still worth it. Do not judge it based on appearance but its engaging content.

Laugh and think. Think and laugh. | Source

The Good Men Project TV

3 | The Good Men Project

Remember this page with just one word - manhood. What about manhood? Well, it is about real men sharing their stories on becoming good, responsible, patient, understanding, and attractive—among other traits they can actually possess—at this point when there is not much talk about it. It is also an outlet where men confidently talk about their struggles and lessons that should shed a light on what makes them do what they do and even reveal what they are afraid others to know about before. Men (and women) particularly talk about sex, relationships, dating, family, being a dad, a husband, marriage, health, sports, business, and well-being here.

So far, as a reader and visitor on this page, I keep coming back to it because the project's approach to enlightened masculinity is special and daring.

What does it mean to be a good man? | Source

4 | Action For Happiness

It is a happy, colorful, welcoming page indeed. This one can get you hooked for hours if you have a calling to do more than just get stuck in the rat race - work, earn money, pay the bills, work, earn money, pay the bills, work .... That's pretty much a cycle of routine without depth, don't you think so?

Action For Happiness focuses on, say, the happiness cycle in small, concrete actions with supporting studies, interviews, and testimonials showing its dynamic long-term benefits. Again, small acts, which are attainable each day.

Now, as I read along, the pursuit of happiness is very much debatable to a thousand others. The argument, for example, is that optimism, which is part of happiness, is denying reality or the thought of not having fully accepted a "destined" misery, suffering, or misfortune. It's like saying, "I feel great!" in the midst of all the tears, heartaches, debts, injustice, and all that is hurting you.

Self-acceptance is one, but to be in a state of denial, to show up like "I can handle this"— most of the time, all the time—for sure, is not a happy and healthy place to be.

Do you need a helping hand? | Source

Happiness promoted here is pro-active. It simply means, there is effort involved, a bit of a stretch or struggle. This is about doing something to get us through our situation, and believing that we can still do so much to make our lives better, and helping others to do the same because none of us are okay all the time.

Who doesn't want to be happy, anyway?

5 | Marc & Angel Hack Life

This is a nice couple-coaches self-improvement project since 2006, recognized by Forbes as one of the most popular personal development blogs. Its contents revolve around inspiring readers to squeeze more meaning out of their lives in and out of the hustle, bustle, and daily grind of life. Everybody has challenges and struggles, however, those who are willing, can alter their mindset and habits.

Short and simple tips here, there, and everywhere makes this page a dependable lifesaver online. It started out as a blog, and got more inspirations with the book 1000+ Little Things Happy Successful People Do Differently.

Hear, hear, here!

Be your awesome self.

— Marc and Angel

Browse through this "breathing space" fairly satisfied. It touches on topics most people should care about doing and focusing on more, straight to the points.

Live to your full potential. | Source

6 | TED

Two thumbs up to this ground-breaking project, and more! It is the home page of folks all over the world sharing remarkable, much more inspiring and surprising ideas that can really change how people view and understand many things, especially when we think we already know enough. This one is a level up platform for role models, authors, crusaders, entertainers, teachers, scientists, and name others who have something to say, to prove, to fight for. Go to this page and find yourself looking at the world, people, events, and problems differently.

Make great ideas accessible and spark conversation.


TEDx Philippines

Watch and listen to lots of updated videos and presentations, even kids have daring words and discoveries to share in here. From being a major conference TED, it has evolved into small, organized, independent TEDx events around the world, and it gets bigger.

Ideas worth spreading.

7 | HubPages

Completing the list is the HubPages - a growing community of online writers spread out from across countries. Three words to describe how this project and its staff impresses me - passionate, generous, creative. Create hubs (articles) about anything that interests you with detailed tips and guidelines on how to make them quality articles, for free.

As an in-out hubber for eight years and counting, writing is easy and most of all, rewarding. HubPages gives hubbers what I call, a sense of authorship and accomplishment. Well-written hubs and active participation receive awards (or accolades) like the Hub of the Day and Editor's Choice badges, among others. It keeps on improving. Scroll down to your list of hubs and see the effort and creativity involved in evaluating every hub published on its page. Writing is a happy business over here. More of its features once you get down to writing on this page.

Interact. Inform. Share. Ask. | Source

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