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Top five exercises that will trim your ABS

Updated on October 20, 2014

Cross Arm Crunch

Alternating Crunch


The Secret to a Long Life


O.K. so you're sitting there thinking it would be nice to have a flat stomach. Here are the top five exercises that can help you trim your waistline and keep you in shape!

1. One easy way is to laugh, laughing releases endorphins to help you feel better and creates a "inner Jogging" which tones the tummy. Laugh for a good 5 minutes.

2. Leg lifts... lying in your bed, is a good way to make it a little easier on your back. Leg lifts, interestingly enough if you lift at up to a 45 degree angle, and do this for 4 sets of 12 you will see BIG results. This works the lower abdomen.

3. Crunches, so many people practically pull their head off doing these, don't pull on your neck. Cross your arms over your chest and do a sit up. This is called the cross arm crunch. Do not go all the way up, just go up half way. do 3 sets of 12, and then rest for 2 minutes and do 3 more sets of 12.

4. Side lifts alternating crunch, so its like a crunch but you pull you legs up too, like riding a bike and crunch alternating with legs right leg to to left elbow do this for 3 minutes.

5. Foot to Foot crunch lying on the floor pull up a little and reach to touch each side of your foot this works the sides of your abs alternating side to side. Ten on each side = 20

Stop between your sets for 30 seconds. Start off with 3 days a week and then work up to 4 or 5 days. You will see REAL improvement in 2 weeks. Couple this with a 30 min walk and you will really be fitting into those jeans!

Remember to breathe and to focus on the muscles you are working on, if you do this it actually helps the muscle to work properly and helps you to do the exercise properly and not get injured. Many people just start doing them and hurt themselves, neck and back are not to be strained. Raising the heart rate is good for burning fat, be sure to check it.

ATTENTION: As with any exercise, I recommend that you consult your doctor and get medical approval before beginning any fitness and / or exercise program. If you are pregnant do not do these. If it hurts stop.

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Stick With the Stats

Working out every morning will keep you going towards your goal. Statistics show that if you work out in the morning you will have a better chance of keeping it up and sticking to the routine. You can see some significant change with diet and exercise, exercising for 30 minutes daily and cutting proportions, start measuring your food with a cup and counting calories, eat more fresh veggies! In six months if you commit yourself. Start today, by summer you will be looking great!!

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