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Top iPad and iPhone Fitness Apps

Updated on July 10, 2011

What's the best workout app?

If there's one question you're probably asking - one question that needs to be answered - it's the simple question of, 'What's the fitness app for the iPad and iPhone?"

If want the answer to such a question, well, you've come to the right place. The perfect place in fact.

The iPad and iPhone have revolutionized the world with the thousands upon thousands of apps (found at the application store) that do everything from help out with taxes, to educate students, and, even, be the best workout partner in the world.

The top iPad workout apps, the best iPhone fitness applications, well, what do they all have in common? They are built to help you succeed at working out. Some best workout apps are meant for working out at home (home fitness), while some are the best because they make sure you won't injure yourself at the gym.

5 Best iPad/iPhone Workout Apps:


All-In Fitness

Price: $1.99

Best... For Not Injuring Yourself

You heard it here first - All-In Fitness is one of the best workout apps for the iPad - and the iPhone. This is one of the top fitness applications for mainly one reason: depth of information. Over 700 workout routines and exercises are stored in the app, giving you in-depth tutorials on how to do certain kind of squats, as well as numerous unique cardio exercises.

Another feature of All-In Fitness that makes it such a great app is that ability to record workouts, calories and other important information; it makes tracking your progress actually a little fun.


Fitness Class

Price: Free

Best... For Teaching and Making Time For Workouts

This is my favorite home workout iPad app as well as one of the best fitness applications around. For a great price (free!) you'll get access to 230 fitness routines from places such as Boot Camp Training, Dancing, Boxing and Yoga.

Each program is around 60 minutes long giving you support and in-depth instructions a long the way. And if you don't want to here the cheesy commentary? Just listen to some music.


Nike Training Club

Price: Free

Best... Workout App For Beginners

I won't go into the details of the Nike Training Club iPad app because, well, the features speak for themselves.

  • 60 minute training videos
  • Record your progress
  • Audio commentary for famous athletes such as Maria Sharapova
  • Add your own playlists and soundtrack.

Nike Boom

Price: Free

Best... App for more advanced workouts.

Alright so the Nike training app is actually an app that was eventually made for women. I didn't want to mention that earlier because it's actually one of the best fitness apps and great for beginners.

But - and this is a big but - if you want something of a more advanced workout (and still want a workout routine for home) then Nike Boom is for you. It's a much more intense iPad workout app, giving you plenty of options and training exercises.



Price: $0.99

Best... For Anyone Who Will Do Anything to Keep That New Years Resolution

"I liked working out with you. Let's do it again next week!"

"Wow you're lazy. You're a mess. Workout!"

"Get your fat a@@ off the couch and start working out!"

"You can do it!"

NudgerSize is a fitness app that is all about making sure you workout - because, in the end, it doesn't matter how many routines at your disposal if you don't have the motivation.

And research shows that motivation is key.



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