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Treadmill Book Rest and Magazine Holders For Exercise Bikes and More

Updated on February 24, 2012

Book Holders For Treadmills and Exercise Machines

 Working out is something which some people just love whilst for others, it can become crushingly boring after a while unless you can find a way to keep yourself distracted. Treadmill magazine holders and reading racks for elliptical trainers, exercise bikes etc. give you an endless number of distractions by giving you hands-free access to all the books, magazines and newspapers you can lay your hands on. You can also use a book rest as an Apple iPad holder for treadmill or other exercise machine, and you can watch movies or whatever else takes your fancy too!

Clear Plastic Book Holder For Exercise Machines

Source One LLC Standard Treadmill Book Holder Reading Rack (TBH-S)
Source One LLC Standard Treadmill Book Holder Reading Rack (TBH-S)

This transparent plastic reading rack is made from high impact shatterproof plastic. This exercise machine book holder is designed to fit any exercise machine with a console. It's compact size and lightweight design makes it ideal to take along with you to the gym allowing you to add a book holding rack shelf to any piece of gym equipment. Or just use it at home as a great see through magazine holder for treadmills, ellipticals, rowers and more.


 Whilst its fair to say many exercise machines now come with some for of book or magazine rest, it is also fair to say quite a number of these feel like something of an afterthought on behalf of the manufacturer and do not really serve their purpose too well. Reading rack accessories are an inexpensive alternative to improve that functionality and as they come in a variety of styles and sizes, you can find the exercise machine book holder accessory which fits your needs exactly with a little shopping around.

Portable DVD or Laptop Holder For Treadmills Etc.

SurfShelf Treadmill Desk: Laptop and iPad Holder
SurfShelf Treadmill Desk: Laptop and iPad Holder

A great way to make your workout fly by, this rigid polycarbonate desk attachment allows you to add a simple laptop shelf to your treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike. Ideal for laptops, netbooks, portable DVD players, iPad or just plain books and magazines, this nifty little fitness machine laptop rack accessory allows you to watch movies, catch up on email, browse youtube or whatever else you do online all while you work out and get in shape.


 Most reading racks for treadmill etc. slide over the console and are made from some form of clear plastic so you can still read the console readings when you do not have a book or other form of entertainment sitting on it. These are very easy to attach and remove which makes them ideal attachments for folding elliptical machines and other forms of home exercisers which will be moved around a lot. They're also great for taking along to the local gym if you find their book holding racks inadequate. Others require some kind of permament attachment which is best for machines which are rarely moved. You may also be able to find an adjustable book holder which clamps on to the frame of your machine and can swivel around or adjust up and down to the most comfortable position for yourself.

Source One LLC Black Treadmill Book Holder Reading Rack (TBH-Black)
Source One LLC Black Treadmill Book Holder Reading Rack (TBH-Black)

Don't want one of the clear plastic reading racks and seethrough book holders? Then how about a stylish black book / magazine rack instead! Designed with the same sturdy materials but now in a more elegant black to fit in with the color scheme of many treadmills, this book stand is a more elegant aesthetically pleasing solution for many.



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