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Treadmill Laptop Shelf Stands - Laptop Holders and Desk For Treadmills

Updated on August 17, 2014

Everyone knows the benefits of performing heart healthy exercise throughout the week to stay fit and in good physical condition but finding the time in today's busy lifestyle is often very difficult. A home running machine is one way in which you can grab a quick fitness blast whenever you've got the time but exercising at home may be great for the heart and for losing weight but it can also be somewhat on the dull side as well.

That's where innovative entertainment options like a treadmill laptop stand come in very handy! A laptop holder for a treadmill like the top rated SurfShelf is an inexpensive alternative to a treadmill desk and allows you to use all the features of your portable notebook computer to turn a boring fitness routine into a fun one or even to get a little work done.

The following selection of holders and stands for mounting a laptop computer onto a treadmill are available to buy online from selected retail stores, many with free shipping too.

Get The Surf Shelf Laptop Holder For Treadmill, Exercise Bike or Elliptical Trainer

SurfShelf Treadmill Desk: Laptop and iPad Holder
SurfShelf Treadmill Desk: Laptop and iPad Holder

This fully adjustable laptop stand for treadmill machines allows you to mount your notebook computer or portable DVD player to your running machine while you work out. Its great for reading email, watching TV or a movie, browsing YouTube or catching up on FaceBook or Twitter and anything else you can think of doing with your compact notebook computer whilst you lose weight. The SurfShelf laptop shelf for treadmill machines is made from tough polycarbonate and is design to install quickly and easily on around 99% of all running machines on the market. This folding laptop stand for treadmills is lightweight and portable so you can slip it into your gym bag and take it the gym with you, or install at home in your home gym. It installs in a couple of minutes of your time and can be removed just as easily without leaving marks or damage behind. It creates a very secure sturdy laptop tray for treadmill users to enjoy all the features of a portable computer whilst they lose weight and at a low price to boot.


Why Buy A Laptop Mount For A Treadmill Anyway?

All of the above are great, but why would you really want one? I mean, what's the point right? Well, people are always finding ways to fit their exercise routine into their busy lifestyles and even those of us who can enjoy a more leisurely ay of life still want to spice up the dull plodding monotony of walking on a machine.

Treadmill laptop stand holders basically allow you to do one of two things by combining a computer and a running machine. They enable you to bring a whole wealth of entertainment features to the dashboardor, they allow you to combine your work with your working out by giving you access to emails, reports or course notes if you are studying.

Personally, I tend to use my treadmill laptop mount (and I use the SurfShelf reviewed above) to catch up on work emails and perform some of the simpler online activities which make up part of my daily work routine. I basically combine my 45 minutes of cardio with part of my daily work schedule, killing two birds with one stone. Not only does it take the monotony out of my workout but also allows me to fit some work in at the same time so my workout doesn't eat into my leisure time...and believe me, I'm not someone who enjoys exercise and considers it to be pleasurable like others I know.

My wife is more of an entertainment lover when it comes to her workout and she uses the Surfshelf purely to keep entertained. A treadmill laptop table mount will allow you to use all the entertainment features of a home computer which means you can use it to stream movies or TV shows from Netflix or Hulu, or watch a DVD or downloaded movie. You could even use it to watch a workout video and follow along as you go. Or you can just browse around catching up on what your friends are up to on facebook, check personal emails, run through some Rosetta Stone and learn a new language, or read an ebook. The entertainment options are only limited by your imagination.

Need A Treadmill Office Desk For Your Laptop Computer? Try The TrekDesk Treadmill Desk!

TrekDesk Treadmill Desk - Walking and Standing Desk for Treadmill - Perfect Treadmill Workstation
TrekDesk Treadmill Desk - Walking and Standing Desk for Treadmill - Perfect Treadmill Workstation

To truly work whilst you exercise and get in shape nothing beats the TrekDesk treadmill table. Its a pricey option if you only want to watch movies and browse emails, that's what the SurfShelf is for, but for the full work environment combined with your office desk, then this is what you need. Treadmill desks have been in the media a lot recently as they allow you to walk while you work, turning an unhealthy sendentary desk job into an active one where you'll walk several miles per day

whilst you do your daily business activities. They've been seen to increase productivity, prevent boredom and help usually sedentary office employees get fitter and healthier. Desks like this one fit most running machine models leaving the console still accessible and giving you enough room to use it as a desktop or notebook desk, with space for paperwork, your phone, coffee and anything else you usually have on your office desk. Full specifications and mostly glowing owner reviews can be seen by following the above link.



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