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Treat Acne with Tomatoes

Updated on November 7, 2009

Tomatoes Can Treat Acne!

Acne is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands, characterized by comedones and pimples, esp. on the face, back, and chest.

Even experts don't completely agree on the number one cause of acne. Some say it's caused by hormones and the change in hormones that comes with the onset of puberty, others say food allergies are a big contributing factor. For most of us, when we look in the mirror and see pimples, we don't really care how they got there - we just want them gone.

Being the frugal person I am, it was important to me to find a way to get rid of pimples without dumping a boatload of money into the bank account of a dermatologist or buying expensive prescription medicines.

So, I started looking into home remedies or folk remedies as some call them. Besides saving money, the thought of finding a natural cure for acne was very appealing.

For my first article, I'm going to tell you about the natural acne treatment that worked best for me and in later articles I will tell about treatments for acne that worked well for others because the same treatment doesn't work for everyone. The beauty of home remedies is that they are almost always low in cost, involve natural foods or herbs and are simple to use.

So, about those tomatoes. Seriously, who would have guessed tomatoes could get rid of those ugly pimples?

Tomatoes are naturally rich in vitamins A and C making them a natural choice for the treatment of acne and using them couldn't be easier.
Just slice a tomato in half and rub it on the trouble areas on your face (or chest or back). Leave the juice on your skin for 15-20 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. I repeated this nightly until the pimples were gone.

Others like to take the pulp from the tomato and mash it into mask that they apply to the affected area. If you do this, once again you leave it on for about 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. I preferred just rubbing the tomato directly onto my skin.

It really was that simple for me and for others I've read about. It took several days for me to notice a difference. About six days, if I remember right. For some people it can take up to 2 weeks. Once the pimples were cleared up, I continued to use tomatoes 2-3 times a week to keep them away. I still get an occasional pimple here and there, but the overwhelming problem is gone.

Even if you don't have a problem with acne, the vitamins in tomatoes are still good for your skin. If you're looking for an inexpensive natural way to tighten the pores in your skin, try tomatoes!


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    • profile image

      satyam 2 years ago

      It really works .......

    • profile image

      Mahi 3 years ago

      I will definitely try this out. I have trying various acne curing face washes but it makes no difference. It's interesting to apply tomato on my face.

    • profile image

      ann 3 years ago

      I've been using tomatoes for 3days and my wart and pimples are gone,I also put in my legs and arms

    • profile image

      Hannah 3 years ago

      I've started using tomatoes too, its great !

    • profile image

      yay4tomatoes! 4 years ago

      o wow! No more waste of money on artificial treatment. I've used tomatoes for just two days now and my acne is drying us! Thanks a lot for this discovery!

    • profile image

      AcneProblem4ever 6 years ago

      Someone told me that Tomatoes work with Acne and i tried it. I was surprised at how my face changed. After 3 days people started to say my face was glowing. I have had Acne consistently for over 10 years, I have been on Accutane twice. And wish i had known the effects a tomato could do!

    • profile image

      Omorovicza 6 years ago

      Can we use tomato juice that is sold in the market? I buy it everyday.

    • profile image

      Grace 7 years ago

      The tomato treatment works very well. Ive only been doing it for 2 days and I can already see a difference. It makes my skin feel super soft. When I use it, it does sting, but then it drys up and it feels cooling and refreshing. I love this treatment. I wish I found out sooner!

    • wrenfrost56 profile image

      wrenfrost56 8 years ago from U.K.

      Good hub Newsclipper I suffer from bouts of spots and like you don't want to spend a small fortune on medication and this is a much cheaper solution.

    • Newsclipper profile image

      Newsclipper 8 years ago from Michigan

      I'm not so sure about ketchup. I don't have any in the house right now, but I'd check the label for preservatives and salt before I used something like that. I definitely used fresh tomatoes from my parent's garden.

    • Sophia Heresford profile image

      Sophia Heresford 8 years ago from Ohio

      A & C are major anti-aging vitamins too. So this is really interesting! I may have to try this.

      Does it have to be a fresh tomato or could you use ketchup?


    • Rehma Jamshed profile image

      Sabina Jamshed 8 years ago

      I had no idea tomatoes could be used for acne! Thanks for sharing!