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Treating Staph Naturally

Updated on October 19, 2012

Fifteen years ago when I started my first “real job” at a local hospital, we were told that staphylococcus aureus would soon be pandemic. It was the truth. It is everywhere now, and it is impossible to avoid exposure. Those painful little boils come up suddenly and can become debilitating in a very short amount of time. Obviously, the sooner treatement is started, the better. Unfortunately, the antibiotics that were once successful in killing staph have ended up helping the staph to grow stronger and mutate. With MRSA (Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) and VRSA (Vancomycin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) on the rise, more and more patients are looking for alternative means of dealing with the problem. If fever accompanies the boil, it doesn't go away within a few days, it is larger than a dime, or it becomes reoccurring, then it is really important to see a doctor. This article is not meant to replace qualified medical advice.


Potatoes are great because most people have everything they need on hand, and they really work. Rinse the potato, grate it, and add it to an equal amount of water. Heat it in the microwave for approximately forty-five seconds then let it cool just enough to ensure that it doen't burn the skin. Put a small amount directly onto the boil and wipe it off when it begins to cool. Repeat with fresh potatoes. Keep the warm potatoes on the the boil for about twenty minutes. Repeat several times per day until the boil pops. The added benefit of potatoes is that they have an analgesic effect on the skin around the boil, and anyone who has suffered that particular pain is going to be grateful for the relief. Just a side note, I've heard people say to put the potatoes in a piece of cheese cloth and make a poltuce, but I've found that it isn't really necessary. Most people don't have cheese cloth just lying around the house anyway.


Garlic is another good choice. While not as common in most kitchens as potatoes, it is still easy to find and inexpensive. Garlic has antibacterial properties that make it a natural antibiotic. Don't bother checking the spice rack. Powdered garlic won't help with a boil, but it doesn't have to be freshly chopped either. It is perfectly acceptable to buy chopped garlic in olive oil. Just put a little on the boil and leave it there for a few minutes. It will probably burn, but it works. Repeat a few times per day until the boil is gone.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an old favorite. It is a natural remedy that will need to be purchased at a healthfood store, but it is fairly affordable. Just put a drop or two on the boil twice per day until the boil is gone. The nice thing about tea tree is that it behaves like a prescription antibiotic, but staph can not become resistant. The downside is that it generally takes a few days longer than traditional antibiotics. Tea tree oil can be used, however, along with the potato or garlic to help speed recovery.

Oil of Oregano

Oil of oregano is an excellent natural remedy for staph (and countless other medical issues). It works much faster than tea tree oil, but it is also fairly expensive. It can be purchased at a local healthfood store or on line. It is sold pure or mixed in another oil. (I think the one in my cabinet is olive oil). If it is 100 percent pure oil of oregano, mix one drop in a teaspoon of olive oil (or another carrier oil) and put it directly onto the boil. If it is already diluted then just putting a drop or two directly onto the boil should be fine. It will burn for a few minutes, but it works quickly. A drop or two can also be taken orally twice per day to help speed up the process. It tastes awful, but it is safe to eat. Do not, however, ingest the tea tree oil. It isn't safe for consumption.


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    • Mommy Needs a Nap profile image

      Michelle Clairday 5 years ago from Arkansas

      Thank you so much Indian Chef. Simple solutions really are the best. Have a great weekend.

    • Indian Chef profile image

      Indian Chef 5 years ago from New Delhi India

      Mommy needs a nap, it is very interesting hub. Fill of knowledge. And i really love the potato therapy. It is so easy to make and potatoes are always available in nearly every kitchen all over the world so can make it when ever a person want without any problem. Voting it up and awesome.