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Cancer Treatment: with Camel Milk and Urine

Updated on June 22, 2016

Dr. Faten Khorshid is one of the doctors who support the idea that camel urine has active nano-particles capable of curing cancers. He is one of the individuals who started working on the camel urine as one of the medicines that is used against chronic illnesses. Dr. Khorshid later identified the usefulness of the ingredient in treating cancer. After a laboratory research that took him almost five years, he discovered that the camel urine contains nano-particles that specifically attack the cancer cells successfully. This study is one of the studies that propose the use of camel urine and milk for the treatment of serious chronic diseases (Cho, 2013).

Culture of Camel Urine use

Over the past years, the discovery of the use of camel urine in the treatment of cancers has been one of the greatest achievements that Saudi Arabia has made. Since cancer is one of the diseases that are hard to manage and cure, such inventions may provide alternatively cheaper methods of treatments for the condition. Prophet Mohammed is the main personality behind the application of camel urine in the treatment of cancer. Scientific researchers have boldly reported how there seven year-long research studies have yielded credible findings that show the effectiveness of the camel urine. Dr. Fatan, one of the renowned scientists who pioneered the use of camel urine in treating cancers, conducted a clinical trial to test the validity of camel urine. According to research findings, it was clear that the extract, which was made inform of capsules and syrups, had no harmful effects on the participants.

However, the clinical trial that was conducted by Dr. Faten discovered that some of the patients experienced retching and vomiting. In her own words, the doctor assured individuals living in Saudi Arabia that they will produce more products including syrups, ointments, shampoos and soaps with camel urine extracts. She remarked that these products were able to combat several diseases that individuals suffer from. Nevertheless, such products required licensing as well as mass manufacturing by the pharmaceutical companies before other people could access them.

According to Cho (2013), historical Saudi believed in using camel milk and urine as medicine. Although one of the main reasons for rearing camels is milk, many people do not believe that it is possible to use the camel urine safely without experiencing adverse effects. On the other hand, lack of scientific proof on the safety of using camel milk for curing chronic diseases, makes unsafe and restricted to allow the camel urine products into the markets. Reports have shown that many people cannot afford the products made using camel urine since it is costly. Despite the fact that camels are readily available in Saudi Arabia, it is hard to find the camel urine readily.

Apart from the nutritional purpose of the camel milk, it has been noted that this milk can treat diseases and conditions such as hepatitis as well as the diseases of the digestive systems. Articles that were written by Dr. Ahlaam indicate the benefits of camel’s milk in treatment and good health. When combined with the camel’s urine, the products have tendencies of protecting individuals against the common chronic diseases. Most people started using camel’s urine and milk after the prophetic texts directed people who were sick to drink camel’s urine. Due to the lethal effect of camel urine on the germs that are harmful, it is said that this ingredient can prevent development of infections, conditions and illnesses.

Camel milk treats Cancer!!!!

Development of Camel Urine Use

Studies have also shown the use of camel urine in washing hair. Women in Saudi Arabia believe that camel urine makes the hair to grow longer. It also makes the hair admirable and lustrous among women who use it. Scientific studies have shown the relevance of using camel urine for treating swellings mainly in organs such as liver. Most people indigenous applied the use of camel urine in treatment of abscesses, sores, and body infections. Extensive applications also include using it in re-mediating toothaches. According to Doctor Al-Fattaah Mahmoud, urine from young camels, is a very good substance that is used for cleansing the wound areas. It has been researched and reported that urine from younger camels kill many germs that infect the wound area. He further stated that the substance can also be safely used as an ingredient for cleansing the scalp to prevent infections of the scalp area.

Al haj and Al Kanhal (2010) state that some of the substances that have been identified in the camel urine include potassium, albuminous proteins, uric acid, sodium as well as creatinine. Dr. Muhammad Awhaaj Muhammad conducted a study after he had seen people from his own ethnicity using the camel urine whenever they had digestion problems. He knew that the substance was very useful in managing the digestion problems; however, he wanted to determine the actual mechanism through which the substance reduces the diseases and infections. In his study, Dr. Muhammad Awhaaj Muhammad involved many patients who he subjected to camel urine therapy. The study took a period of two months during which, the patients were allowed to use camel urine for medication (Akhu-Zaheya & Alkhasawneh, 2012).

The results that were achieved from this study indicated that the camel urine is efficacious in treating a number of diseases and conditions among patients. Since the sample size in Dr. Muhammad Awhaaj Muhammad’s study was adequate, it is relevant to confirm the efficacy of the urine. However, his study sample included individuals who had digestive problems only thus; more studies should be conducted to provide the proof for relevance of the camel urine in other diseases. In addition to the study’s finding, it was also noted that the urine could help in preventing hair loss among patients suffering from cancer

Laboratory scientists reiterate that camel urine is a form of slow-acting diuretic which is different from other diuretics since it does not deplete the potassium and other salts. Camel urine has high levels of potassium as well as proteins making it to be effectively used against various types of bacteria and other viruses. In a certain study, 25 patients who were suffering from dropsy were successfully treated with camel urine. In the study, the camel urine had no disruptive effect in the potassium levels among these patients. Two of the patients in the same study had abnormal liver functions and pain. After the study, the patients reported that they had been relieved of liver pain and the liver function tests also showed normal liver functions

Blood clot problems are normally treated using a substance called fibrinolitic. This substance is capable of changing the bodily plasminogen into plasmin, which is an active form of protein plasminogen. This helps in dissolution of the clots that have been formed within the blood. This ingredient is richly found in camel urine. This makes camel urine to be applicable in treatment of blood clotting problems. In a seminar organized by the al-Jazeerah University, it was stated that camel urine works best against the liver abscesses and pain. The study to validate this claim included patients who were subjected to daily doses of camel milk that had been mixed with the camel urine. Although the function of camel milk was to facilitate palatability of the urine, many people think that camel milk also has medicinal contributions in the treatment of illnesses.

After the exercise was concluded on the 15th day, most of the patients who had swollen abdomen were noted as having shrunken abdomen. These patients were then examined through ultrasound intervention. 15 patients had liver cirrhosis that had complicated. These patients had history of bilharzias where they had developed liver cirrhosis secondary to bilharzias. All the 25 patients involved in the study, participated in the study. They used camel urine as the only regimen for a period of two months (Alhaidar, Abdel Gader & Mousa, 2011). Surprisingly, all the 15 patients who previously suffered from cirrhosis were found cured. The findings indicated that all the patients who suffered serious liver cirrhosis had been relived

Studies have proved that dropsy is a condition that develops when one lacks sodium and albumen. Since it has been noted that camel urine has high amount of potassium and albumen, it is relevant to use camel urine for treating dropsy. However, most studies have proved that the younger camels produce better urine for treatment of diseases and conditions. After reviewing some of the scientific literatures that prove the relevance of camel urine in treatment of diseases; Dr. Ahlaam al-‘Awadi, a specialist in microbiology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, found that it is truly effective to use camel urine for treating chronic illnesses. He also found out that the first antibiotic that had been made anywhere in the world, incorporated camel urine


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    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 3 years ago from Cape Cod

      With a disease as insidious as cancer, all possible cures should be investigated and tried. Good job in bringing this information forward.

    • Dr Pran Rangan profile image

      Dr Pran Rangan 3 years ago from Kanpur (UP), India

      Thanks for the information. I did not know that camel milk and urine are useful in the treatment of cancer.

    • Deanne Victor profile image

      Deanne 3 years ago from Bronx, New York

      Wow, this is actually pretty fascinating stuff.