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Triglycerides Diet: Diet for High Triglycerides

Updated on January 15, 2013

Diet for High Triglycerides

If you just received the diagnosis of elevated triglyceride levels, and are aware of the dangers that are associated with this condition, I have a good news for you. What I want you to realize is this:

You CAN control your triglycerides levels - and significantly decrease your risk for heart disease (or other diseases, for that matter) if you make some significant changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Triglycerides diet not a special diet. Diet for high triglycerides is just a mostly raw plant-based diet that we has been designed for us not by our doctor or association, but by the nature itself millions of years ago.

Although high triglycerides is one of the easiest problems to correct with the appropriate diet, for many people implementing the necessary changes may be really difficult to do. The first problem is finding the right information.

Today there is so much conflicting advice about what we should eat, and what we should avoid for optimum health, that the average person is likely to just give up and not do anything at all.

And even if you have the right information, often only people who are truly motivated are able to stick to the healthy diet that is needed to lower triglycerides and reduce their risk for heart disease. by aka lusi by aka lusi

Triglycerides Diet - What you should be eating for optimum health?

Finding the right information: What is a healthy diet for humans?It's always best to get educated and learn as much as we can.

If you want to know more, I recommend the following resources: "Eating for Health" and "Fasting and eating for Health" by Dr. Joel Fuhrman,"80/10/10 Diet" by Dr. D. Graham, "Green For Life" by Victoria Boutenko, and "The Green Smoothies Diet" by Robyn Openshaw. These books are truly the best education you can get in the area of nutrition. They will help you not just with your high triglycerides problem, but with overall health of your entire family.

Here is the summary of recommendations for a healthy diet:

  • At least 60-80 % of the calories consumed should come from fresh, raw fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens (essential!). The important thing the bulk of your fruits, veggies, and greens RAW. You should be eating plenty of salads (no commercial salad dressings, please!) and fresh fruits to give you energy and satisfy cravings for sweets.

    Many people dislike greens - in fact I only know few people who eat lots of greens - raw lettuce, spinach, kale, collards, etc. - on a regular basis. My advice is to buy a good blender and start making green smoothies. Green smoothies are simply fruit smoothies with some leafy greens added. They are highly nutritious and help stop cravings for junk foods and sugar.

    Make yourself a quart of green smoothie every morning and drink it throughout the course of your day. Visit for more information and recipes.
  • Drinking freshly made green juices made with a juice extractor every day is also a great idea.
  • The rest of your foods should be steamed or slightly cooked vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. You should be preparing your main dishes using whole plant foods.
  • It's best to eliminate completely or limit consumption of meats and diary to once or twice per week. All processed foods should be eliminated or limited to rare occasions.

The importance of exercise as an important element of healthy lifestyle cannot be overrated (even if it sounds obvious).
The importance of exercise as an important element of healthy lifestyle cannot be overrated (even if it sounds obvious).

Final Comments

There is an almost direct correlation between triglyceride levels and insulin levels. The way you can control blood lipids is by controlling insulin and blood sugar levels. By getting the blood sugar levels and insulin levels down, you achieve a reduction in the triglycerides levels. And you can achieve all that through the right diet and exercise.

These recommendations are very strict by most people's standards. However, by eating mainly plant-based diet, you will give your body an opportunity to restore good health. Just do the best you can - you can use the 80/20 principle - make sure you get 80% right and don't worry too much about the rest. It will get easier, I promise. As a side-effect of eating a mostly raw diet, you will have more energy, feel younger, and lose weight naturally, without any special efforts or dieting!


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    • profile image

      Patrick Mackin 6 years ago

      Need speciic guidelinea for exercise and need to reduce triglycides.

      Send to:

    • Peter Schermack profile image

      Peter Schermack 6 years ago from New Jersey

      These are some great tips and great book recommendations. I've read Dr. Fuhrman's books and the China study - and these are both excellent choices!

    • Joanna Verdan profile image

      Joanna Slodownik 6 years ago from New Jersey

      Thanks Nour for your feedback. I hope you are using the recommendations.

      I just added Amazon Reading recommendations - read these books - they will change your life and health - for the better!

    • profile image

      Nour 8 years ago

      It is really beneficial!


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