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True Remedies 4: Rest

Updated on September 27, 2009
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Glendon and his wife have led church ministries, conducted empowerment seminars, and travelled to faraway places on business and vacation.

As we continue to explore nature's true remedies, we now turn our attention to the healing power of rest. We speak of rest at two levels: physical rest encompassing sleep or just to sit still and let the body rejuvenate, and secondly the weekly day of rest, sabado, Sabbath, a very similar word in nearly every major language.

Tired hands and feet, and aching backs have been offered many therapies but the best is rest. Our bodies cry out for rest. The heart rests between beats, and so must we rest between the cycles of work.

Recent research in USA has revealed that students achieve better grades if they sleep one extra hour in morning. Doctors recommend 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night. The body needs sleep to repair cells and reinvigorate the mind.

I have found that getting a good nights sleep heals diseases and tones the body and mind for sharpness. I tend to be a night owl who finds it easy to work at nights, but whenever my health is in question I get back to basics and retire early with remarkable effect.

1. Have regular hours of sleep.

Night was given for sleep, use the hours of night to sleep and rise with the light. This is the natural cycle of life.

2. Pure air necessary for restorative sleep.

A well ventilated room will get rid of the exhaled and secreted toxins and bring int invigorating sweet air.

3. Recreation must alternate with periods of activity.

Vacation period after intense activity may be a good idea but even better to have periodic recreation periods of rest and diversion. Even Christ said let us go over to the other side.

Other side to pray, to socialise, to do something different. Away form crowds, from ringing phones and blaring horns and ever shifting scenes on television.

4. The day of rest since the creation. There is a rest which is blessed, and sanctified. It refreshes the body and uplifts the mind. “O day of rest and gladness, o day of joy and light” wrote one hymnist about Sabbath. The 7th day Sabbath confirms a cycle that from creation has been found found to be ideal for humanity. Rest one day in seven. Time of meditation, worship, family special meals and freedom form demand of job and secular life. Prepare for this day and enjoy the twin blessings of better health and improved relationships.


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