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Truths About Six Pack Abs – It’s Not as Tough as You Think

Updated on January 14, 2018
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Truths about Six Pack Abs – It’s not as tough as you think

Some people are content with their looks. Others do not like having six-pack, especially women, as they believe that it makes them less feminine. These are the women who does not want flabby tummies but want to look slimmer especially in the abdominal areas without rock hard muscles. However, there are others who want to look their best and do everything they can to achieve that. Although it is a matter of preference when it comes to people’s bodies, everybody agrees that they want lean muscles instead of fat layers on their tummies. That is why more and more women are working on getting six pack abs.

The truth of 6 pack abs is that it can be attained with enough self-discipline, sufficient knowledge, and a little creativity. Although it is not as difficult as most people would expect, it is not as hard either. One should not expect that it is something that can be achieved overnight, though. It takes determination, consistency, and patience. Working on having the best possible 6-pack will take two things. It will require having a toned abs and the absence of fat in the stomach. There are a lot of things that people have to consider and take note of if they are trying to achieve a killer 6-pack that they can flaunt as the perfect summer body. This is why a lot of people are trying their best, exercising until they cannot sweat anymore, and going on different diets. Some people get frustrated, though, when they do not see a lot of changes after a month or so. The key to succeed in this endeavor is to never give up.

Truths about Six Pack Abs: How should it look and feel?

Killer abs should be lean. There should be no fats left so that the toned six-pack underneath will show. The six-pack should also be deeply chiseled. It means that a lot of work should be put into it. The obliques should also be worked on. It will make the chiseled abs look deeper and more defined. These looks will contribute to having a gorgeous six-pack. This is mostly targeted by men although there are some women who also work on their abs. Continuous workout will get rid of all the fats and will eventually let the toned abs show. A well-defined six-pack is not only for aesthetic purposes. It also signifies good health. It means that the person’s body organs are functioning well. It signifies a fit body without traces of fat. All the fat is burned out and this fat will have a hard time coming back to the person’s body again with continuous workout. The truth of six pack abs is that it is not impossible to achieve if one would stop making excuses to evade working on one.

Truths about Six Pack Abs: Why not?

One of the main problems that hinder people from having the abs of their dreams is their excuses. The most common excuse is not having enough free time for a workout. Although working out to have great abs needs time and focus, it is something that can easily be worked on if the person is determined to succeed in this endeavor. Some people believe that achieving such abs is impossible due to genetics. They feel that it is a distant dream that they can never achieve. Usually, they pretty much blame everything on bad heredity. Some people also believe that Sundays, which are usually when they have free time, should be spent for relaxing. Instead of taking an hour or two to work on their abs, they insist that they deserve a whole day of eating, drinking, and watching TV or doing other recreational activities. The thing is, working on their abs is not really something that will take away something from them. Instead, having perfectly chiseled abs will give them more. Just imagine the health improvement, increased energy and stamina, and earning admiring looks from other people. Now, those are the things that people really deserve. These are so much more than relaxation this is the actual truth of six pack abs.

Truths about Six Pack Abs: How to have it?

One of the most basic activities that can help people have perfect abs is through doing sit-ups. It can be tough for some people but consistent practice will eventually lead to mastery of performing rounds of it. It is also advised to do curl up instead of sit-ups for people who have back and neck issues. Sit-ups should be done properly to avoid long-term injuries. When done correctly, this simple exercise can work wonders on one’s abs. This is done by lying on the floor and having the knees up while the feet are firmly planted flat on the ground. The hands should be crossed on the chest or at the back of the head. It would help a lot if someone heavier can help keep your feet on the ground by holding it or kneeling into it. There are also some kinds of gym equipment that are specifically made to perform such task. While in this position, one should start sitting all the way up and lie back down, all the while keeping their his or her back straight. Repeated performance of this action is one of the ways on how to get a sexy six pack abs. It can be performed with other varieties when it becomes too easy for the person. One way to increase difficulty and pressure is through using an inclined bench. Some people incorporate weights in the routine to add intensity.

Truths about Six pack Abs: Can it be achieved by Women?

Yes, even women can have perfect six pack abs. One of the most used exercise routines for women who are working on their abs is doing leg lifts. It may also be done by men but usually, they opt for more intense exercises. This is a very simple exercise. All the person needs to do is lie down, spread their legs out while both hands are resting on each side, and raise both legs at the same time for up to ninety degrees. After raising the legs, they can let it down slowly, and repeat this for as long as they can. When this routine gets too easy for the person, they can add variety to intensify the routine just like with the sit ups. They can start raising their knees to their chests. This will add more crunching motion to the stomach. Medicine balls may also be incorporated in the routine. This is an easier way on how to get a 6 pack abs.

It may come as a wonder how these simple exercises can result to killer a killer 6-pack. The best thing about it is that with consistency, these simple routines can help people achieve their killer abs goal.


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