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Truvia: Calorie Free All Natural Sweetener

Updated on March 13, 2011

Looking for a calorie free alternative to table sugar that doesn't contain chemical ingredients? While such a product was only a dream for many times, that is no longer the case. Developed by Cargill, in partnership with Coca Cola, Truvia is a calorie free, all natural sweetener made from of the stevia plant. Available for tabletop use and as an ingredient in food and beverage products, Truvia makes it possible to enjoy natural sweet goodness without calories or chemicals.

About Stevia 

For decades, natural food enthusiasts and dieters have used stevia leaves, available as a dietary supplement in health food stores, as a replacement for sugar and artificial sweeteners. Now that Truvia has been brought to market, it's easier and more convenient than ever to natural goodness of stevia to sweeten beverages, cereal, and other foods without adding calories.

According to Zanna McFerson, business director for Cargill for Health and Nutrition, "Consumer demand for non-caloric, natural sweeteners has increased over the years. Truvia natural sweetener is the first great tasting natural zero calorie sweetener available in the U.S. to meet that growing consumer demand."

About Truvia

Truvia is available for tabletop usage in single serve packets of the same size as the individual packets of sugar and artificial sweeteners that have been available for decades. One packet of crystallized Truvia is equivalent to two tablespoons of sugar. It can be used to sweeten anything you'd use sugar or artificial sweeteners for, including tea, coffee, cereal, and in recipes. It is available in packages that contain between 40 and 140 individual packets. Pricing is similar to that of popular brands of widely available artificial sweeteners.

Truvia is made with rebiana, which is 200 times sweeter than sugar and is the part of the stevia leaf with the most appealing flavor. To make Truvia, dried leaves of the stevia plant are steeped in hot water so that the most flavorful part of the leaf is released. Unlike the inconsistency that can occur when using actual stevia leaves for sweetening, Truvia delivers predictable sweetening and flavoring for food and beverages. If you want to enjoy sweet flavor without calories and chemicals, Truvia is something that you'll definitely want to try.

Interesting Facts About Truvia Sweetener

  • Truvia is a safe sweetener for individuals with diabetes.
  • Truvia is a kosher certified product.
  • Truvia has been determined as a safe sweetener for general purposes.
  • Truvia is packaged in recyclable cartons.
  • Truvia packages are printed with soy ink.
  • Only food grade inks are used on Truvia sweetener packets.
  • Stevia was discovered in South American more than 200 years ago.  


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