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Trying To Find Reliable Information On Crystal Healing

Updated on November 26, 2007
Does crystal healing measure up?
Does crystal healing measure up?

It is very hard to find reliable information on crystal healing (also known as gemstone therapy) outside of your own experience. There is some helpful information and then there's some utterly hopeless information. If you are serious -- or even just curious -- about crystal healing, you need to know that you have to rely on your own instinct more than a printed page or the opinon of experts.

The Scientific Method

You look up any information on crystal healing in ten places and you'll find about twenty differing answers. Why is this?

Crystal healing only helps some people during some situations. It is not, nor should it ever be, a complete replacement for conventional therapy. It is a very finicky form of alternative healing, because it will not conform to the scientific method.

With the scientific method, you should be able to reproduce crystal healing situations so that you can reliably predict a result. This should work for the majority of people when they share the same charcteristics. Under the scientific method, crystal healing provides some incredibly unremarkable results.

You have to become your own scientist and healer when you incorporate crystal healing into your life. Your method will work for you and basically only you. It does help to write down any results -- positive or negative -- that you think will help you.

But you don't have to stumble on blindly all by yourself. You can find signposts and beacons to help you with your method. Hopefully, my articles will help you in this way. But still, always question what you read, even if the author is me. Your own experience is the standard everything needs to be compared to.


Next to my articles (ha, ha), the next best place you can go to find reliable information on crystal healing is from mythology and folklore. These stories have risen up over time for a reason. For example, diamonds are associated with marrige rings. Why? There is no folklore or myths to suggest that diamonds enhance or inspire love in any way.

Diamonds, however, are one of the world's strongest substances. They are chosen as wedding rings because of they supposedly lend their strength to a committed union.

Be sensible with these myths. There used to be some African myths that carrying amber could prevent crocodile attacks. I really wouldn't put that to the test.

General Consensus

When in doubt, go with the crowd. If you can find three or more sources that agree to a property of a certain stone, then you have a good idea that this was true for a lot of people in the past and may work for you. An easy way to find these sources of general consensus is to look in the Bibliograpohy sections of crystal healing or crystal magic books, or the source article list on Wikipedia-like websites pages. If you find the same books being quoted from again and again and again, you've found yourself a good source of information.

Scott Cunningham

Personally, I would recommend anything by the late, great Scott Cunningham, who was a meticulous researcher as well as a clear, consice writer. Yes, he was a Witch (Wiccan), but don't let his religion stop you from trying to find healing for yourself. Just substitute your religion or sprituality for Scott's.

Scott didn't hold with taking the claims of any healing system too seriously. For example, he urged people to go to a convetional doctor for initial treatment. He also urged his readers to use common sense. What's going to heal a broken leg better -- tying a bloodstone to the fracture or going to the emergency room? You really don't need a book to tell you the answer to that. However, that bloodstone can help you calm down and think positively after you get your leg in a cast.

As the old saying goes, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." No matter who that teacher turns out to be, they will never be as wise as your own instinct.

Soothing stone indentification video from Crystal Vibrations


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  • RenaSherwood profile image

    RenaSherwood 10 years ago

    You're welcome. Thanks for the kind words

  • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

    Zsuzsy Bee 10 years ago from Ontario/Canada

    Rena! Great HUB. Lots of information on a subject that lots of people seem to ignore.


    regards Zsuzsy