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Trying to make it in life!

Updated on September 3, 2010

as luck would have it!

wow what a ride!

It seems that my life had started to get crazy back in 1996 leaving a job that i had for 11 years. One because of money there wasn't good and my cost of living was in need of adjustment. Second was that the place was changing and not for the good. so I went to work in a retail job, which was not very nice. after being trained in the proper way to accomplish my job a new manager came in and said i want it done different 2 days after i finished my training at another store. with no training on the new procedure, just being told to do it this way. I couldn't catch on as fast as one week, so I faltered a bit in the job and the fact that no help in the morning didn't help much. and on the morning of the 4th of July i struggled through my job only to be brought into the office when i finished and was told i was fired. watching my friends house at the time i sat alone in the house frustrated that i couldn't find a job, I actually started talking to myself i was so upset. it took until November next year to get offered a job in security. which had great pay, insurance, and vacation time. but after a while there my supervisor stabbed me in the back. while going out to pick up lunch (which we didn't officially get a lunch break) a TSA officer snuck in the building through the gates he was suppose to watch. however he covered his own and i got moved off to another site. to a crappy shift and poor conditions. there the owner didn't like us and found any excuse to move me out again, to a third and final location where it wasn't much better. i was accused of sleeping and fired. Im not sure how i could be sleeping if when my boss walks up i look her square in the eyes. but she wanted me gone. so i wnet a while without any job until a friend hooked me up with a good job driving for him. i did that for a while until my car had problems and the repair bills were getting more than i was making. in the meantime my family experiences job losses and money problems all over the board. i finally find another job delivering auto parts and once again i was happy to be working . but a year before i got really sick with diabetes and resulting in liver damage so i needed to work to get meds. one day i slid on ice because the city hadn't salted and i wrecked the work car. they let me go basically without never even telling me. they never bothered to call again. shortly before this we experience the loss of my grandmother, which didn't help anything. as of recent my car was lost in an accident and my uncle has lost his job at the same place i worked for. so the whole family is out of work and with two houses we are trying to put it all into one and start over and find work otherwise we all are out on our butts. now trying to find a car and work again for all of us is getting stressful. there's little things i help friends with to make money and government assistance helps for my meds and surviving for now but its just scooting by with less than nothing to spare, we sometimes cant make payments on time as it is. I can only hope soon that things turn for the better and I can only thank all my friends that have helped me out along the way. Without them things would be allot harder.


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