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Turning Anger Into Passion

Updated on September 2, 2009
You've got the equipment.
You've got the equipment.

When Your Desire Is To Harm

Before you run, before you stand to fight, and before you drop into the dead-zone possum uses so well to stave off devourment, take a breath and notice the uncomfortable sensations in your body. Notice where in your body you notice these sensations most strongly, and breath deep.

Notice where you feel the most pressure in your body, and imagine now you have a firefighter's hose with a manually controllable valve lever, attached to this area of pressure in your body. Just play like you're in your own action movie - a kind of Agent Double O Heaven…

And now, take another breath and allow an image of a target that is holding hostage your loved one to come to mind, and without editing, let yourself notice what comes into your awareness. And whatever you notice, notice a few details about it. And notice how your body responds.

Notice any feelings of judgement coming up inside you, for your feelings of this moment; and towards the target you are noticing in this inner world of your imagination. Remind yourself it's just a mental movie, an action packed drama telling a story of overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles with admirable courage and prowess.

With the target in sight, aim your hose and open the valve, adjusting the pressure with instinctive skill. Notice your target being pounded by the force of the water pressure, and how it dissolves, water-blasted into oblivion.

And as all traces of your original target are blasted away and dissolved now, notice what has emerged from beneath the obliterated target, feel the relief mixed with gratitude, and breathe deep, noticing where in your body you notice these good feelings most.  And noticing that which you have now freed, move forward and rescue this now to safety, pulling up close to your heart, holding tight, spiriting to safety. Behold this true treasure, released now from bondage, back where it belongs and can be well.


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