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Improving Health ... Fix It For Less Than A Doctors Visit!

Updated on March 8, 2011

Going Green Internally ... Saves The People And The Planet!

Green On The Inside!
Green On The Inside!

Nutrition "IS" The Answer...I'm Your Living Proof

There is a secret side to life. One not spoken about often enough. At times it would seem to be the best kept secret of the Century. Simple inexpensive ways to gain control of every aspect of life, starting with optimum health. Key word being "optimum".

In general our society has found so many ways to make many things much more complicated than they really need to be. We really don't need all the fillers, additives, chemicals, and man made process to control our every move. We need to favor a more vegetable/fruit nutritional routine, and recognize that the way we expanded with man made foods, and ingredients, has really created a widely accepted blanket of problems across the board. From Obesity to Cancer, the trickle down factor has automatically included our children now as well.

You start with an attitude of positively charging your mind, using it to drive you forward to join the ranks of the Nutritionally educated, and take over full control of your own health. I've done it myself, in a matter of 7 days, and completely turned a very bad situation around. I was extremely ill, and now I'm not. Thanks to "real" Nutrition. It saved my life. Words cannot describe how truly grateful I am.

Balance - Vitamins - Minerals - Herbs - Supplements - Fruits - Vegetables - Whole Grains - Pasta - are the "staples" to the real nutritional path to true optimum health. Without being properly balanced, your body will not function correctly. You may or may not make that connection. Unaware of what signs to look for, just begin paying attention to how you feel after you eat something. Closely pay attention. Your body WILL tell you if it "liked" or "disliked" what you put into it.

Your body requires "specific" nutrients in order to function at all. Many people are completely out of touch with what those nutrients are. Many never get the necessary nutrients, and or the proper balance chemically. This is what leads to failure of the body, and it's organs at a later date. The improper wear & tear on the body in that way will only predispose one to a variety of illness. It can be corrected, and unbelievable improvements can be made. Regardless of what the condition is.

When you boil it down to the bare facts of simple pure health guided only by : "What the Body actually needs", it becomes a much simpler equation. Easily attainable by anyone. It's much less in cost, time, stress, gas, risk, than it is to constantly run to doctors, with the mounting costs of co-pays, and scripts. Not being controlled by the media, TV, outside influence, the public influence, and interference with eating what is right for your body. The ultimate position of you.

Once you've achieved this plateau of simple nutrition for optimum health, you will be able to indulge on holidays, and occasional gatherings with friends. You won't have a care in the world! Once you are there, you won't be so willing to give it up either. It's too good of a feeling...To actually "Feel Good". It's a major motivating factor in the equation that keeps you disciplined enough to continue with a smile:)

Once you've reached this plateau of health, feeling it, and witnessing it for yourself you will suddenly find yourself actually liking yourself, and how you feel. It's the hook that will never let you go. Having the comparison to the before, and after will lock you in. Allowing you to always be able to manipulate "Your Own Health Status". It's not as hard as you think. It's actually surprisingly simple, and brings new meaning to the definition of: High On Life!

The old phrase: Have not your health, and you have nothing. It is our bodies, that allow our minds, and thoughts to grow, and advance. Poor health will inhibit those factors in ones life, if willingly ignored. Recognizing it for what it is, is really the secret to it all. Eat what grows from the Earth, in healthful ways. We are robotic about cooking everything. Everything does not have to be cooked! You should actually be eating 75% Raw Fruits, and Vegetables! Adding to that the whole grains, pasta, home made soups, etc.

Two simple steps to achieve pure optimum health, a change that can happen with one positive thought. A thought to love who you are, and care enough about yourself, (and how you function in Society), to choose the Nutritional Path that will allow you to flourish, grow, and advance at a faster more appropriate rate. Your improved decision making will also be prominent, and a new glow about you will be present.

Eating to live...not living to eat. A very accurate statement. Putting the main concentration on advancing your life, as opposed to expanding your size. More focus on where you want to go, than the snacking time in between the advances. Literally "Eating To Live"...Never allowing your life to revolve around food, but instead...let it revolve around good health. Your correct weight, with your height, body mass etc., is where your optimum health is. That is your goal, and you will not have to focus on "the losing weight aspect". You'll actually be able to throw away your scale forever!

It's not a matter of weight, it's a matter of health. The poor health works hand in hand with the weight, and visa versa. Correcting the real problem, eradicates the other problems that go along with any given illness. ALL conditions of Illness can absolutely with out a doubt be improved dramatically with Vitamins, Supplements, Herbs, and quality fruits, and vegetables, and more, etc.

My entire life has been devoted to exposing the real truth about: What really works to heal the human body, to achieve pure optimum health. I have literally taken, and tried (too many to count) the supplements on the market. Through in depth studies, for the purpose of saving my own life, I was able to figure out the easiest, and most inexpensive ways to manage this routine still allowing me to have fun, socialize, and enjoy my life. Over 26 years I have been able to experience for myself the astounding results easily attainable by guiding your life with simple nutrition, vitamins, herbs, and supplements.

I no longer have depression in my life, as opposed to how horribly I felt on the host of medicine the doctors had me on at one point. I'm also at my optimum weight, and I stay there. I never have to try on clothes at the store, because I know my size, and it doesn't change. It's very easy for me to say: "No Thank you", I'll pass on the Chocolate, or cake, or junk food. Why because I like myself too much to allow some other force to control my life...or my destiny. When you're healthy...people notice...It shines bright!

Once captured, and enthralled with reaching this "nutritional plateau" your senses become enhanced, your focus, and coping abilities will be markedly increased. Overall feeling of well being, and increased energy, with positive attitude all make for a great mix of a different form of health insurance...Preventative! Life can begin!

Today I take no medicine, (since 1992), and keep myself super protected from the variety of damages out there, that are readily available to all of us. Of course there is no perfect human, and perfect life...but there's no reason you can't still shoot for the stars. The results you'll have on the way will be keeping you moving towards the ultimate goal of pure optimum health, thus allowing, "you alone" to take back the responsibility of your own health. Nutrition literally gave me "My Life" back! Wild horses couldn't drag me away from it!

Who could possibly care more than you? Right? It's called being the best you can be!

You will be able to love yourself for it...Make it a family affair...All of us need to care about ourselves, our neighbors., and our friends. They'll care...if you care. Why?... Because...Knowledge Totally Rules! It really does...It's what saved my life!

Please do yourself a favor, Buy: The Prescription For Nutritional Healing. One store I've seen it at is The Vitamin Stores for $20 approx. This will help guide you in the right direction. It's a great, great book, and should be kept on hand for daily reference.

First... Smile ... Then Deal With It...

Smile Anyway! :)
Smile Anyway! :)


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    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from The Island

      Thanks Bard!

      I hope it helps many. That is the idea.

      A guided Tour...into the world of Nutrition, Vitamins, Herbs, and Supplements.

      Thanks again for all your support! :)

    • Bard of Ely profile image

      Steve Andrews 

      10 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      Excellent advice and supplements there!

    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from The Island

      OK... Hal Linden says I have to tell everybody 200 - 400 times before it will sink Here we go! :)

      I need everybody to drop what they're doing and shout, "I'm going to be healthy, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

      Get healthy NOW!

      We're all going to need to be really strong for the Storm Of The Century ... Join forces...and Get Healthy Now! Before it's too late!

    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from The Island

      Fix Your Health For Less Than A Doctors Visit! It's All Here...Everything You Could Possibly Need...and then some! :)


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