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How To Win The Battle Against Cancer

Updated on February 3, 2015

Two Cancer Victims, Two Different Treatments for Cancer

l have two friends who were both diagnosed with cancer on two separate occasions. Although cancer is dreadful, they did not not lose their heart. They were both hopeful and keen to fight and win their battle against cancer.

While both have the same great desire to get healed, they did not use the same method of treating their condition. One opted to choose the all-natural means while the other chose the conventional way of going through surgery followed by Chemotherapy and medication prescribed by his doctor.

While both of them went through the pain and agony of this disease, one of them is already healed while the other is still suffering and uncertain of the final end of his battle against the Big C.

Who has been healed and who is still in the battle and uncertain of victory?

Choosing Between Chemotherapy or All Natural Means

The first cancer case is Lynn, a public school teacher, married with 4 kids. Six years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 4. She was then 42 years old, had so many dreams not for herself but for her four children. But all her dreams were shattered as cancer came in the way

The doctor’s immediate strict recommendation was for Lynn to go through surgery. Both breast were to be removed followed by Chemotherapy sessions. But Lynn knew her family could not sustain the high cost. Besides, she is aware that even the wealthy cancer victims such as the likes of former President Cory Aquino, and actress Rio Diaz died just the same even when they went through complete sessions of Chemotherapy. Apart from the fact that she does not have the wealth to sustain the cost, she was not ready to lose her breasts, and could not imagine herself going bald. She would rather die with all parts of her body still intact. So, instead of consenting to her doctor’s recommendation, she decided to go for all-natural way of healing.

The doctor could not do anything but gave in to her decision to try natural healing but he strictly advised that she should not stop the regular check up.

soursop leaves/ tea
soursop leaves/ tea
fresh malunggay leaves
fresh malunggay leaves
fresh camote tops
fresh camote tops
Organic Papaya, anti-cancer
Organic Papaya, anti-cancer

Natural Treatment Protocol For Cancer

Lynn started with natural detoxification to eliminate the toxins that caused cancer. This involves eating the right kind of diet and regular intake of all natural supplement and vitamins such Spirulina and Fern-C apart from a glass of raw vegetables smoothie in between meals every day. The vegetables must be organic preferably homegrown to make sure the veggies are really organic. The veggies are preferably Malunggay and camote tops for this process for they are not just readily available in Lynn's backyard but also nutritious enough to build up her immune system.

She also drinks Guyabano (soursop) leaves at least 3 times a day. The leaves and stem of soursop according to researches have the power to kill cancer cells so Lynn did not have second thought to try Guyabano's healing power. She is willing to do whatever possible natural means available for her.

Her meals consists mainly of boiled sweet potato or boiled banana (saba) at least two cups consumed or two cups organic black rice or porridge with organic vegetables specifically those without seeds, also seedless fruits. Lynn avoided sour fruits but eat anti-cancer fruits like papaya and bananas.

She makes sure she is well hydrated by drinking enough mineral water each and eating juicy but not sour fruits such as cucumber, singkamas, pears and the likes. Cancer thrives in hot and dehydrated body so she makes sure her body is fully hydrated each day.

She drinks no cold (refrigerated or iced) water and even her fresh fruit juices are at room temperature. Cancer grows more with cold food and drinks so while the body needs to be hydrated it does not mean cold drinks are okay.

All sour dishes and sour fruits she also removed from her diet to avoid acid that gives more strength to cancer. She knows for a fact that cancer grows well in acidic body so she totally avoids eating anything sour.

Meats of all kinds are totally removed from her diet because cancer feeds on meat and makes the cancer grow more.

She eats no canned food, meats,no dairy products, no junkfood, no MSG on food, no food coloring on food, no fish sauce, soy sauce, no fried food, no crispy or crunchy or spicy foods.

Her vegetable dishes are either raw, boiled and steam with no MSG, additives, food coloring, salt or very little salt if necessary.

Her food are cooked in 100 percent ceramic pots, such as those used during the olden days to make sure they are not contaminated by toxins.

Her soap, shampoo and toothpaste are all natural. She stopped using any kind of beauty products with chemicals. Even her cleaning agents at home are all-natural to avoid chemical exposure.

She has least 30 to 45 minutes regular workout each day and this include brisk walking in the early morning. She also gets enough exposure to early morning sun but she avoids sunshine after 8:00 am to avoid ultraviolet rays. She also made sure she is getting enough sleep at night.

She totally avoided all synthetic medicine such as antibiotic and pain relievers even when she suffered common illnesses like cold, coughs, headache, and the likes. She resorts to natural homemade cure and reflexology.

All through her battle with cancer, Lynn did not stop working. She needs to work not just for financial reason but to keep herself busy and to avoid depression.

It Was Not An Easy Way To Healing

The procedure needs a lot of perseverance and sacrifice. The healing can't be attained overnight. There were ups and downs. The cancer was not easy to overcome. In fact there was a point in her early stage of battle that the cancer even went up to her brain. When it happened, it was very hard for her to keep believing that natural method could sustain her. But she had no choice but to keep fighting using the natural method for this is all that she can afford. She kept praying to God for more strength all throughout.

While indeed she did not have to bear the side-effects of Chemotherapy particularly the loss of hair and she he did not have to lose any of her breasts either, she was not spared from the pain. When pain comes she seeks help from all natural cure and such as reflexology and homemade concoction for no synthetic medicine or antibiotic is allowed to enter her system.

In the early stage of of her battle, there were times she would lose consciousness because of the pain in her body. But all through this, she always turns to God to ask for more mercy. Her faith in God and her love for her family helped her to take with courage the pains, the sacrifices and self-discipline involved in all-natural healing.

Lynn Won the Battle Against Cancer

It has been six years now since she was diagnosed of Stage 4 breast cancer and by God’s grace Lynn is still alive. How could one with stage 4 cancer survive this long? God gave her the wisdom to go all natural.

After all the perseverance, persistence and self-discipline, Lynn is now cancer free. Nevertheless this does not means she will go back to her old unhealthy lifestyle. No! Lynn is keen to continue the same all natural and chemical free lifestyle so that her cells will remain strong enough to resist any threat of relapse.

It was never an easy road to healing, but at least the years of battle paid off. Lynn won the fight.

Lynn is a living proof that cancer can be healed by all natural means and that there is no need to take the risk and high cost of chemotherapy to treat this disease.

Cancer Case 2 Opted for Chemotherapy

Cancer case number two is James, married with two kids. He was 35 years old when his stage 3 colon cancer was discoverer. He was advised by the doctor to go through immediate surgery which will be followed by chemotherapy. Unlike Lynn, James had money to sustain the cost of this procedures because he inherited some money and properties from his parents.

The surgery took place immediately after James was found already fit to go through the procedure and when he was strong enough and upon doctor’s recommendation the chemotherapy which costs PHP25,000.00 each session followed. The doctor also recommended that he go through a specific diet. He and his family was happy and hopeful that upon the completion of chemotherapy he will be cancer free.

Organic Egg White Good for Liver Cancer
Organic Egg White Good for Liver Cancer

The Recurrence of Cancer After Chemo

After recovering from its side effects of his Chemotherapy, James was positive that he was on his way to recovery. But no long after, his next MRI result showed the cancer went to his lungs. He then had to go through another session of chemotherapy. After the completion of the second chemotherapy session, James was already very weak. He was put under medication as before and his wife was giving him nutritious diet at the same time. Later, his cancer subsided remarkably. In few months his appearance had improved and felt fine.

However, sad news came in less than a year. Just when James thought he was already okay, he felt the symptoms of cancer again . Before his next MRI scheduled date came, he knew he was not okay. True enough, as his MRI was conducted the result showed his cancer inflicted his liver this time around. So, as usual, the doctor recommended another chemotherapy session.

While his head went bald, and his body deteriorated, even his pocket was also suffering. His family’s income is already dwindling so they sold properties to sustain the cost of his treatment.

After the chemotherapy, the doctor advised James to eat egg whites preferably organic. So James was eating egg whites. He almost hated the taste of egg whites for he was eating a total of twelve egg whites or more morning and night. For many months of eating egg whites, James later felt tremendous recovery. In his next visit to the doctor, he was diagnosed completely free of cancer. His family and his friends rejoiced and very thankful so that they held a party to celebrate.

However, the rejoicing was not for life because after few months came the bad news again. James felt ill so they went to see the doctor again. The cancer cells are found again and this time in his pancreas and at stage 4. James has no more money for chemotherapy and no more properties to sell but he has a relatives who took pity and they contributed for the cost of chemotherapy.

James is still in the process of undergoing this latest chemotherapy. The doctor recommended 12 sessions. After this what is next? Will this heal James once and for all? We could only but pray for the best even if the way things are going, it looks like chemotherapy is only killing James little by little.


Based on the two stories I shared above, it is very obvious that chemotherapy is not the right method to cure cancer. It kills the cancer cells but obviously it also weakens the immune system of the patient so that chances are the cancer can go back over and over again until the body succumbs to death. Now would you still consider chemotherapy? The choice is yours.


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