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Two Energies That Fight For Your Time

Updated on May 3, 2017


Maybe you've been judged for stepping out of traditional roles in society? Despite how people identify themselves, we are born with both masculine and feminine energies. You need both energies to fulfill your potential in life.

Unfortunately in society masculine and feminine energy were only seen by physical appearances. Our society expected men to be all masculine and for women to be all feminine. We have more freedom to transition between the two energies in today's culture. But many people struggle with the balance.

Now days we can see the fight of masculine and feminine energy in romantic relationships. Before it was an underlying tension because everyone had their roles chosen for them. If either person stepped out of line they could expect cruel criticism for not playing their part. It's great that we have more freedom in society to choose our own roles. But that's a lot of energy to discover and manage!

When you learn what each energy feels like, you'll be able to choose which energy you need in the moment. Society as a whole needs polarity to survive, it keeps everything alive and together. We need polarity in ourselves to feel like we're living. Which may be why so many people are getting so depressed these days.

What happens when the two energies are out of balance

There's only one of me...
There's only one of me... | Source

Emotions make up the majority of cultivated energy inside you and the other part is hormones. Doing repetitive activities for one energy can leave you feeling lifeless and drained. There are several emotions that can warn you if you have too much or too little of one energy.

But emotions aren't always triggered by an imbalance of masculine and feminine energy. An imbalance is certain if you've been feeling a constant way for at least a week. A bigger sign of imbalance between the two energies is lack of feeling. Feeling disconnected from yourself could mean you've stopped using one of your energies.

Conditions like being numb to yourself are detrimental to your personal growth. Letting it go on for a long time can make you feel like you're in a never ending vicious cycle. In contrast, you may feel too much at once. As if you're on a leash pulled around by your emotions and you can't catch a break.

Maybe you've been using too much masculine energy, feeling overworked and stressed out. Or it could be the opposite way for you and you've been using too much feminine energy. Feeling your life isn't going anywhere and confused about your purpose. Either situation will soon lead to feeling depressed, stagnant, trapped and worn out.


So how do you tell which energy is lacking?

You may already feel depressed and worn out. It can feel like everything has mixed together where you can't tell black from white. Start by observing what activities you do on a daily basis. Perhaps you already have activities that support both masculine and feminine energy.

Then in that case, figure out which activity you need to do more often. Also take into consideration what type of energy is dominant in your career. We spend a lot of our life working and vacations don't happen as often as we desire. But the ideal goal is to transition between masculine and feminine energy everyday.

Masculine energy and actions that bring it out


Masculine energy has light and dark sides as well as feminine. If you haven't been doing much these days that can be a sign of too much feminine energy. Ever wonder why we're born with two brains?

One side is for masculine energy and the other side for feminine energy. The left side of the brain functions as the masculine side. It processes all activities that need doing and being active. Things such as logical thinking and assertiveness are part of masculine functions. Most of us are born towards favoring one brain. But we still use both when they're synchronized and connected.

The light side of masculine energy involves doing things such as giving and support. Well that's unexpected, giving and supporting are masculine traits? Yes they are, even though we know these traits in society's terms to be feminine. So if you tend to be a giving and supportive person you might be more masculine at your core. This may also mean that your feminine side is not getting the positive attention it needs.

Unfortunately society also seems to have grouped integrity more with feminine energy. Yet this is by far not the case as it is obvious that integrity is masculine. Integrity often involves action when a challenge appears. It also requires critical thinking with logic, direction and will power. These are not terms that express the essence of feminine energy.

But there is also a darker side to masculine energy. Masculine energy is also associated with aggressiveness, protection and control. We need these dark traits as much as the light traits of masculine energy. Because sometimes tasks in life need immediate action towards a set goal. We have to become aggressive when we need sudden change or to protect ourselves from danger. These traits are fine with proper use. But the damage happens when we use either light or dark masculine energy in excess. Insecurities and stress can trigger the use of excess energy.

If you use too much light masculine energy you become passive and a people pleaser. If you use too much dark masculine energy, you become abusive and controlling. Whenever there is an imbalance of light and dark energy, it can trigger excess of the opposite side. This might be the reason for why society considers giving and supporting to be feminine. Because when there is excess of light masculine energy, you will appear docile.

Feminine energy and actions that bring it out

I am the almighty wizard of the entire universe!
I am the almighty wizard of the entire universe! | Source

If you're overdoing and giving too much, you may feel a lot of built up resentment and depletion of all energy. Getting in touch with your feminine side will help you slow down. It will allow you to reflect before making serious decisions. But I don't recommend using your light masculine energy in excess to get there. You may be wrinkling your nose right now at the idea of trying to use your feminine energy. Society has portrayed docile as being soft and weak. Yet we also say hell has no fury like a woman's wrath.

The light side of feminine energy includes actions such as receptivity and empathy. Another way to explain receptivity is by surrendering. Because by allowing yourself to receive, you're opening yourself and are welcoming. Perhaps you've experienced this during times when you're at your happiest. Or you could have just met a person who shares a common interest with you. Other times you may have experienced this while helping a person in need.

Which leads us to one of the most important aspects of light feminine energy. Empathy is by far the most life changing trait you could ever use. Empathy allows for a change in perspective. A chance to learn something new while also influencing another person. It also goes hand in hand with compassion. Which is another useful trait for switching mindsets during tricky situations.

Princess pug cheers you on, we're almost done! :D
Princess pug cheers you on, we're almost done! :D | Source

Society has embraced the light side of feminine energy for ages. But neglected and even shamed the dark side of it. This is where society has made huge mistakes with embracing perfection over completeness. But perfection is a flawed ideal that leaves a gaping hole when trying to achieve it.

There are moments in life where we need to just be, to exist only and nothing else. Sensuality and radiance are two of the more darker traits in feminine energy. There are moments when pushing forward is only going to result in hitting against a wall.

By experiencing playfulness and enjoying your senses you can let go of worries. Taking time for you is important, especially to inspire creativity. Too often people lose respect of others because they have no respect for themselves. They give all their time to everything else because that's what it means to be a good person. Well, no that's rather absurd! Being a good person means knowing when to say yes to yourself. Because your personal time is important too. When you relax and allow yourself to enjoy being you, your radiance will glow. You will attract people because you will be calm and comforting.


Even though patience is a feminine trait, it's a great thing to practice daily. Most of us live fast paced lives which take a great deal of energy out of us. We often don't allow time to slow down and reflect over life changing decisions. We pick a decision without a second thought because we think it's the obvious right choice. Or we'll rush our lives too fast because we think if we slow down we'll become stagnant. To function at our best, sometimes we must allow creativity to flow with patience.

How balanced are your masculine and feminine energies?

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