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Two Parallel Universes.

Updated on October 24, 2009

Parallel Universes.


___                 ____


Cold holes

and barren closets,

share much in common,

one horizontal and

one vertical repository.

Consider a closet

now emptied of clothing,

only raiment's of what once

was worn by some precious person.

Then ponder a cold grave

that now holds only emptied

clothing of what was once a person,

now worn into precious remnants.

One dark shadowed space

that's simply part and parcel of

leftover property of some real estate,

neatly boxed up for a long journey.

Another one shadowed

in dark space is simply,

some leftover unreal state

taking a much longer journey,

its parts parceled and boxed up

into the smallest property we will ever own.\

Cold holes and barren

closets offer us

glimpses into places

we have yet to traverse.

Study them with a

living gratefulness

tinged of course

with a bit of restlessness

in our world of parallel universes.


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