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Two minutes before you do it

Updated on September 4, 2012

Do you know what happens two minutes before you do it?

Now let me make it clear to you that the stupid Doctor whom you feel feels for you only considers you a big fool. Yes it is true that you will allow him to cut me up and flush me away but the pain is not for me alone, yes i will go, i will not even be remembered but believe me your womb will go too and although no one will ever remember me but you will live with the guilt the rest of your life until you join me.

Why do you consider me a mistake?
Why don't you give me the chance your own mother gave you?
Do you know if i am the one to make you proud?
Why flush me away?
Why kill me for no crime of mine?
What did i do to deserve this punishment and cruelty from you?


All i want you to do is to think well this two minutes before you do it, just think about what you are about to do.Is it proper in the sight of God? Mummy, you don't want to reason with me, believe me, i just realized through the blood running in my veins through you that you simply say your prayers to Satan.Mummy, aborting me is not the best for you, yes, i know that my stupid father rapped you but i did no wrong to you,why do you have to punish me for his errors, believe me, if you give me a chance, together we will shame the idiot.

You still don't want to listen Mummy, please, please do not kill me, please, do not do it, there are so many orphanage homes out there, you can just bear the remaining months and afterwards take me to one the homes, this would be one of the proudest things you will do in your life,saving a soul.Mummy, listen to me, do not get rid of me this way...O! Mummy! No! No!

Mummy, you are just a fool, but i am not scared anymore afterall, i have prepared myself for this day the very moment i realized what you will do to me, i kept every record of all the times you referred to me as a mistake and i wonder what you were thinking when you were somersaulting as if you were preparing for Olympics, what were you thinking when every time you hear about protective measures?

You are nothing but a fool, my stupid mother to be!

Go on, do it, no one knows what you are about to do, no single soul will cry for me, and no one will miss me but you know what?

I will go and your womb will also go
I will go and you will regret it all your life
I will take this pain for now but you will take it forever
What if you die along with me?

kick! Kick! Kick! Kick! Kick!

I have decided to kick just one more time to know if you will be wise but o! goodness me, you have made up your mind. FOOL!

Go on, get rid of me, it is my fate afterall, i am noting but a mistake to you.


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