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Types of Back Pain & Causes

Updated on July 9, 2013

By Meredith A. Iager

Common Back Pain: Pull or Strain, Nerve Pain

Back pain is common when you are not an overly active person, and wind up over doing an activity. However, athletes get aches and pains too and more likely have strains from their sports or exercise. This can be a sciatic nerve is pull - simply when you work too hard outside doing yard work, or lifting boxes, or other items in your home. Sometimes these issues are resolved in a matter of a few days. Pain can be helped with a heated Epsilon Patch, and possibly by a prescription Flexeril, to help you move better without the sharp pulls.

If you have persistent chronic pain in your back, upper or lower this poses other issues that should be further checked out, especially if you are in your second week, and relief is not had by over the counter options or a prescription medication for pulls and strains. Tracking your pain and symptoms in a journal is beneficial for you and your doctor. This was you can find out if your pain is something simple or if it's something more serious that may need antibiotics, or worst case scenario you need surgery on your back or an organ removed or altered. These could also be culprits related to your back problems.

Waking Up With Severe Lower Back Pain

Back pain that comes out of nowhere and you know you weren't doing any: lifting, yard work, or any other strenuous activity the previous day, you could have some kind of infection. You should get blood work, and urine tests. Broth urine tests look for more than the average "dip stick" office urine sample/analysis. Many times colon/bowel related issues cause the pain. The more you can pin point your back pain symptoms that easier it is to get proper testing and diagnosis.

Radiating Low Back Pain

The pancreas could be affected. Sometimes if you have gallstones, larger ones can block up the bile duct, and cause pancreatitis. This is an eerie feeling, a radiating back pain, and is quite scary to experience. Back pain determined to be from "chronic" pancreatitis is caused from pancreas issues, possibly pancreatic cancer, or if you consume a lot of alcohol on a weekly basis - this can affect the liver also.

UTI, Kidney Stones

Sometimes people get back pain in their kidney area - mid to lower pain, on the sides. Usually kidney stones can be small enough to pass, however, if you suspect this because you are having painful urination, you may want to have an x-ray of your kidneys to make sure, or a urine broth test. If you have a kidney stone, vinegar (apple cider) should be taken in water 2-3 times a day to help break down the stone. The less pain medications the less chance for constipation, and other gastroenterology related problems. With painful urination, you always consider a UTI or kidney stones, but typically a kidney stone will present itself with severe sharp pain.

Pain from Slipped Disc or Deterioration of Discs in Spinal Cord

Typically, this pain is up higher in your back, or can be near the middle of your spinal cord. And this would cause moderate to severe pain if there is a disc issue. Sometimes this requires surgery. But, as many people with slipped disc issues know, sometimes surgery can cause more damage. It depends on the severity of pain, and if you are taking NSAIDS or other prescription anti-inflammatory drugs you need to be careful on dosing, because NSAIDS can cause gastritis or other intestinal inflammations.

No matter what, when you have a back pain or pull get to your doctor as soon as possible as you want to report your problem initially, and see if over the counter treatment options work first. But, if you are continuing to have the pain problem last more than 1 week, consider urine tests, blood work, and a physical examination. The doctor may want an ultrasound, or x-ray to use in addition to other lab testing.

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    • Meredith_A_Iager profile image

      Meredith_A_Iager 4 years ago from Maryland

      Thanks for your comments Alphadogg16

    • Alphadogg16 profile image

      Kevin W 4 years ago from Texas

      Nice and informative hub Meredith, on a very complex body part. There are so many things that can cause back pain. A couple of other that are pretty common are muscle spasms, bad posture, vitamin deficiencies and dehydration. Thumbs up on your hub.