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Updated on May 4, 2012

What Makes us happy?

What makes us happy? Will it make us happy tomorrow? We all struggle with many obstacles as we turn the pages in the chapters of time. We put off our own interest and leave a blank space where a hobby could have been. Time escapes what we put off for another day and our interests become a dream never attempted. Following our own dreams can make us happy.

As we raise our families with love and pride, no matter the circumstances bringing us closer or apart our interest remains with them. Miles will never separate the feelings we have for our children or for theirs. And as our parents before us family ties often remain strong. Happiness is a loving family.

Our mates can make us change how we feel about them as our relationship either intensifies or weakens. We begin to see things in them we over looked before. Perhaps the caring heart we come to admire has shown us even deeper feelings of what true love is suppose to be. Love can define happiness. But what we see can be entirely the opposite and bring our own feelings to wonder what our destiny will be if we chose to stay with the person who has made us less than happy.

Friends and extended family members sometimes warm our emotions with more care than we feel from those loved ones in our immediate family. Interest may also remain strong keeping in contact with such folks. Things like bonding either physically or emotionally seldom will change our ideas on how we feel about relationships. Unless something terrible changes our interest our thoughts on family and friends will never change. And friends sometimes don’t have to be people. Pets can fill our hearts with just as much love. Man’s best friend may be a dog, but it could be a cat or other animal friend, too. Who we surround ourselves with can be our ticket to being happy.

Our Interest

But what makes us chose certain types of music over another or enjoy different sources of entertainment? Chances are we developed our interest here when we were children. Time could make us change our minds on what we like often, but things which made the biggest impact will always be there even if we chose to stay away from them. If we loved reading a good book in our youth, we’ll still enjoy it today. Movies, television, magazines, books and internet sites provide variety of every genre from fiction to documentary. What we like now may differ from our choice tomorrow as we change our minds as to where our interest lay. What makes us happy will not drift far away.

Variety is the spice of life. At least, that’s what the old saying implies. Enjoying as many interests as possible will never leave us bored. But confusion as to the career paths to follow and hobbies to keep us occupied may leave us not taking an interest in anything of value to ease our creative minds and boredom may set in along with depression. A person with few or little interest at all is bound for an unhappy existence.

Over work, lack of sleep, poor health and endless reasons to stop us from enjoying things which make us happy can also change our ideas as to what happiness is to begin with. We should never let ourselves become dormant because we think we don’t have time to do the things we were meant to do to make us unique from those around us. The variety is out there. There’s no reason everyone should not pursue an interest in something. We can always change our minds and take an interest in something new if our first choice does not please us. Interest in life itself should help us decide what we want to do with ours. What makes us happy today may change tomorrow as we travel through the space of time. Time stops for no one. Putting interest on hold can sometimes put our own happiness at a standstill.


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    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 5 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      I am so pleased you like my hubs, Dream On. My interest are wide spread and Hub Pages is a great place to write about most anything.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      You explained quite well another interesting topic.What drives us to be happy is deep inside and may be covered up for years but it never really left.I believe it is something in our own chemistry that is part of our makeup to be who we want to be.When we stray we will never be happy.It is a short term pleasure that we can experience in time we will need something more.I suggest spending more time to find out what makes you happy is well worth a world of dissatisfaction and pain and boredom.Thanx so much for sharing great insight.