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Understand Why Smoking is Addictive : Quit Smoking Today

Updated on December 22, 2014
Smoking Addiction
Smoking Addiction

You do not need an introduction for this topic. I know. So Let's come right to the point.


Unfortunately, smoking was not always considered as a disease. It was only in the late 1980s, with the discovery of nicotine receptors in the brain and its addictive power (greater than drugs like cocaine and heroin), that belief had changed. Today it is known that specific receptors for nicotine in the brain, when activated, release substances that guarantee pleasure sensation. That's why one cigarette is enough to ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. In the search for this feeling of well-being, you may light cigarette one after another, comforting yourself. In addition, quitting smoking for a few hours gives a terrible feeling an uncontrollable urge to smoke. It is the withdrawal syndrome. Those who smoke more than 15 a day is considered largely dependent.

Nicotine Withdrawal

When people use regularly, their body develops a need for nicotine. If they do not ingest nicotine, they begin to have withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms vary from person to person and depends on how much nicotine the person is accustomed to consume. The higher the amount, the stronger the symptoms: Fatigue, Irritation, Nervousness, Anxiety, Sadness or depression, Hunger larger than usual. People with nicotine withdrawal may find difficult: Sleeping, Dealing with stress, Ability to concentrate. The nicotine withdrawal usually begins after 24 hrs of ‘non-smoking’ or using tobacco substances. Symptoms may worsen between 24 and 48 hours after the person quit smoking and can last a few days or up to four weeks. The average duration of symptoms is three to four weeks. The desire to smoke and increased appetite can last for months. Treatment for withdrawal includes medicines, therapy or support groups, diet and regular exercise.

Nicotine Withdrawal sympotms
Nicotine Withdrawal sympotms

Watch this:

Smoking to improve mood and relieve tension

Ask yourself some questions to find out if you smoke to relieve tension, irritation, stress or to improve mood.
Does smoking automatically pop into your head when you're frustrated, tense, nervous or sad?
Does smoking calms you when you're nervous?
Do you smoke more cigarettes when you're nervous?
If you have tried to quit smoking in the past, have you felt the lack of cigarettes when you were in great stress?
The relief you feel when smoking is the chemical effects of nicotine in the brain. If you return to the stressful environment immediately after finishing the cigarette, the tension comes back soon and you need another cigarette. The cigarette actually does not make the tension, stress or depression disappears. It only gives you an illusion of relief. The only way to really control the stress in your life is to identify what causes stress and learn to change the way you react to stressful situations.

Smoking to control weight

It is true that this nicotine in tobacco products reduces your appetite and pick you up when you feel ‘low energy’ because of hunger. But these effects do not last, and before you expect you are already hungry again. Using cigarettes to keep the weight down has other disadvantages. Smoking does nothing for your muscles. You can lose weight, but there will not be any muscle mass and you also will not have the energy that comes from the combination of exercise and proper nutrition. If you are smoking because you are afraid of gaining weight when you stop, remember that not all are fattening when they quit smoking.

Sensations that smoking provides

Consider what times of the day you need a cigarette: After breakfast? After meals? After working for a long time? Sometimes people smoke to gain concentration or staying alert. This nicotine in tobacco products is usually enough to awaken your brain, but there is no substitute for a good night's sleep, healthy eating, exercise and enjoy life.

To fit in

Smoking can be a very important thing in your social life. Do you automatically smoke when standing next to someone who smokes too? Some people, places or things seem to make you want to smoke? Does your friends smoke? Is smoking a prestige issue among friends? Friends care about each other, give support and do activities together to confirm the similarities they have. But why share an activity that puts your life at risk? If your friends smoke, ask if they do want to stop too. Perhaps many are convinced that it is time to stop. One can help another. If they do not want, ask them not to smoke around you, not to offer you cigarettes.

Adolescents and tobacco

You may have started smoking to fit in with your friends. Or maybe your parents smoke. Whatever the reason you decided to smoke, there are many more reasons to stop: you will be controlling your life more after you stop smoking and you will be better looking. Your hair and your breath will get better and your teeth will be whiter. Teens always say they prefer dating or kissing anyone who does not smoke. What else can you do with the money? Smoking causes bad breath, dental problems, pain or patches in the mouth. Smoking is not a smart way to lose weight or avoid gaining weight. Physical activity is a much better way to control weight and this will give more muscle mass. Although some people gain weight after they stop smoking, but this is temporary. In some cases, until weight loss occurs because people become more active after they stop smoking.

9 Reasons To Quit Smoking Right Now!

Reduction of smell and taste

The chemicals present in cigarettes act as irritants of the oral mucosa, which dries and increases the keratin layer. Smoking causes changes in taste buds, which prevents the smoker feel the real taste of food. Moreover, cigarette smoking is harmful to the olfactory mucosa since the temperature can lead to injuries that alter the smell.

Gastrointestinal Diseases

Digestion is already impaired due to the change in taste. To complete the disaster nicotine in the digestive system lead to the decrease of contraction of the stomach and causes irritation. The continuous cigarette use weakens the muscle that prevents backflow, which increases the contact with the gastric acid and esophageal mucosa.

Wrinkles and aged skin

Besides the yellow teeth and bad breath, skin tends to age faster in smokers. There are some studies of twins in which only one had the habit of smoking, which showed that as someone who smokes could appear up to eight years older than his brother. This happens because the skin decreases collagen production and loses shine and elasticity. The early appearance of wrinkles also leaves the skin with a brown or yellowish appearance.

Vision Problems

According to the National Cancer Institute, smokers have twice the risk of cataracts. The harmful effects of smoking are also associated with falling eyelids. This can result in a reduction of the visual field and the onset of Graves disease.

Beneficial effects of moderate drinking is reduced considerably.

Evidence comes from a study by the University of Cambridge with 22 000 participants. According to scientists, moderate drinking (three to 14 drinks per week) reduces the chances of a stroke, i.e a 37% reduction in the risk of stroke. Yet, smokers who consumed a similar amount of alcohol had no such decline in their chances for the course. Remember also that it was proven that people who smoke have a 64% higher risk of having an accident stroke than those who never smoked.

Mouth cancer

95% of patients with oral cancer smoke. The reason is the composition of tobacco: It is produced by some 4,700 toxic chemicals, 60 carcinogens. This tangle of harmful elements in smoking is also responsible for many other cancers, primarily in the larynx, esophagus and lung. Nicotine disrupts the bony part of the mouth and damage the natural aesthetic red gum. The tooth enamel is covered with tar. It penetrates the enamel surface and cause browning them.

Alteration of gene functions

Exposure to cigarette smoke alters cell formation due to the impairment of the function of some genes, according to a study by the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research in the United States. Scientists analyzed 1,200 people and identified 323 genes that undergo changes when converting genetic information on cell functions because of cigarette smoke. These changes have a negative influence on the immune system and a strong involvement in the process of cell death and cancer development.

Infertility in women and men

In women, smoking can cause: anticipation of menopause, increased menstrual irregularities, hormonal changes, lower quality eggs and embryos and difficulty of implanting the egg, women who smoke have a lower success rate and need twice as many attempts on average compared to non-smokers, to achieve a pregnancy treatment. In men, Cigarette affects the formation and decrease the mobility of sperm fertilization potential and increase oxidative stress (free radicals).

Maternity Complications

Miscarriages, premature births, low birth weight babies, stillbirths, complications with the placenta and bleeding occur more frequently when a pregnant woman smokes.According to INCA, a single cigarette smoked by a pregnant woman is capable of accelerating in a few minutes, the heartbeat of the fetus, due to the effect of nicotine in your cardiovascular system.Women who smoke during pregnancy are at greater risk of having hyperactive children with attention problems. Babies who live directly with smokers are more likely to die without any apparent cause. Its called as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      4 years ago

      You handled this uniquely and with great insight as to why a smoker does smoke. I hope those who need the information will heed your words of advice on the dangers.


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