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Understanding & Interpreting Your Dreams

Updated on June 2, 2013

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Dreaming of Parents

According to the Dictionary of Dreams, An A to Z Guide, dreaming of your parents usually symbolizes your attitude towards authority. It could be a signal of a guilty conscience, or resentment or acceptance of some authority figures in your life. Understanding your attitude towards your parents in the dream will help you to figure out and interpret the meaning of the dream.

Symbolic Dreams

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It took a long time for me to be able to interpret dreams. It started with my own dreams, and I never presumed that I had a gift. I've never made that presumption with any of the gifts God has so graciously bestowed upon me. I was just seeing what the dreams were trying to communicate to me. I don’t claim to be an expert in anything, but the few interpretations I’ve done for people have been right on the money.

Let me give you an example of another dream a former friend told me about, to show you what to look for when trying to understand your dreams. This co-worker I used to work with told me a dream she had had.

She had met and married a fellow on the job, and they had about four children at that time. She said she loved the man, but was dissatisfied with their marriage.

In the dream, she saw herself at her parent’s current house. The house has a big picture window in the front of it. She said she has a pretty good relationship with the parents, but she didn’t before. This problem was the result of her choice in a past boyfriend, which the parents didn’t like or approve.

So here she was, standing in her parent’s house, looking out the picture window, but the view she was looking at, was not from the present day. It was a view from her parent’s previous house in another state, during the time she had been with the disliked boyfriend. In that view, there was a tornado that was heading towards her.

Storm on the horizon
Storm on the horizon

Dreaming About Storms & Tornadoes

According to Dictionary of Dreams, An A to Z Guide, storms represent an outburst of emotion, particularly anger. The way that we weather the storm in the dream, is suggestive of our ability to cope with life's difficulties. A storm is generally symbolic of any type of conflict.

Dreaming that you are caught in a tornado usually indicates that you are struggling against an emotional issue that leaves you feeling helpless and swept away; possibly flung into a place or situation you don't want to be in. It also means that the communication with others in your waking life has become unproductive, and the dreamer is not able to resolve the issues and is going around in circles.

Tornado Dream

After she told me the dream, I saw several things. First, she appeared to be overwhelmed. I told her that she was in her parent’s current house, because the dream relates to the current timeframe. The view she saw out of the window was from her past, because there is some issue from that time period that she has to address. Apparently, her issue has much to do with her parents and the issue of this boyfriend, because the timeframe in the picture window relates to that time.

The tornado represents the whirlwind coming. The issues that she needs to address are with her parents about the time period of the boyfriend that wasn’t liked. The tornado indicates that if she doesn’t address the unresolved issues of that time period, it will morph into a major threat to her current relationship; one that could potentially wipe it out completely and destroy it.

I gave her that interpretation over ten years ago. Yesterday, I found a book about dreams that gives the meanings of many common symbols found in dreams. As I’ve looked through it, I’ve seen many of the meanings I gave over the years were right on target.

To find the meanings of your dreams, you need to look to your inner self and examine the symbols as they pertain to you and your life. A good book, like the Dictionary of Dreams, explaining such symbols also helps.


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