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What is the Magical Power of Attraction?

Updated on August 24, 2019
Chris Forson profile image

Chris is an aspiring writer who works on various social media sites including Upwork, Instagram and Facebook Groups.

What is Attraction?

Attraction. When this word is heard, what is the first thing you think of? Of course, attraction with another being. But what if I told you there is more to the attraction. What if I told you that like attracts like. That happiness attracts happiness. That the real Secret in life is that you can have whatever you want and deserve. I think you would be pretty happy.

What is it called?

The name of this secret is called The Law of Attraction. That like attracts like and bad thoughts bring even worse circumstances. Stated in the book the Secret this is one of the Universal laws that affect how we live and govern our Universe.

Okay, But How Does It Work?

Before you go and try this without knowing how. Let me explain the basics. Thoughts and emotions are made of energy, We are energy and everything in life is made of energy. Since we are all energetic beings we can attract anything with thoughts. They are endless possibilities because the Universe exists outside of time.

The only things that stop you are beliefs. What you were taught as a kid. Before the difficulties of life came as a kid you were happy and joyful. There was no reason that something negative could obstructively come into your life and if it did you got over it. When going through life, school, and work we created our own negative subconscious mind.

Our childhoods were slowly stripped away from us. I am here today saying that you still can be positive and ultimately still live the life of a dreamer. The Law of Attraction has three basic principles.

The Only Three Steps


  • Imagine as if you were a kid. Bring forth the most possibilities that your brain can handle and be specific. For example, imagine seeing your favorite dog. Remember attraction holds no limits. The universe has no limits. The only limit is you.


  • Step number two is to feel as it is to feel the thing you wanted. Feel as if you saw your favorite dog right this moment. The big part of this step is to remember to feel RIGHT NOW. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. But right now.


  • Once you have done the first two steps. The last thing would be to receive it. When receiving do not keep pushing for that thing to come but simply put it out to the Universe. Like a kid letting a balloon float through the sky. Or throwing something in knowing it will fall into your hands.

Personal Tips for Using The Law of Attraction

  • Meditate a little or get in the right state of mind before trying this. Your thoughts will run wild else wise.
  • Be happy or grateful for the things that you already have before this. Like attracts like remember
  • Feel as you already have. A lot of people forget the importance of this step. While this is probably the most important out of all of them.
  • When finally get what you want, show gratitude. When you do show gratitude for a certain thing only more will come in life.

To sum it all up!

The Law of Attraction is a very powerful looked on technique by rich people and many others worldwide. When you know how to use this technique many good things will come into your life. For all those reading. Thank you and have an amazing rest of the day.

Here's a Video!

And Another Just In Case


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