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Unhealthy perceptions about the perfect body image

Updated on April 21, 2015

Your body image

The entire mindset, behavior and attitude of a majority of modern youngsters are linked to one thing and one thing only, that is, body image. Now, what is meant by body image? It refers to the manner in which you perceive your body, that is, your physical self.

Your perception is not based on your own reasoning or judgment; it is in alignment with how you feel others view YOU.

Do people use adjectives like attractive, fashionable, svelte, sexy, elegant, etc. when describing you? Alternatively, do they pass snide remarks about your looks in your presence? Whatever they say becomes deeply embedded in your subconscious mind. As a result, you keep consciously keep reminding yourself that you are too skinny, too tall, have bad knees, untidy hair, and so on.

Shaping up

You may forget that every growing child and teen undergoes bodily changes; you are shaping up to be a well-formed adult. However, you do not have the patience to wait for the changes to settle down. Instead, you abuse your self-esteem and self-confidence by putting self down in front of the mirror, and in front of others. Self-esteem refers to your personal worth.

Everything is getting better

It may be hard to understand when you have this hormone feeling storm going on, but in the end everything will be better, trust me. I've been teen and it was painful period in my life. I am adult now. At age 28 I became embrace who I am. I am messy, noisy, laud, temperament, funny, artistic and creative. I am not perfect in the eyes of society but I am honest with myself and others so let it be my gift to the world.

Affirmation you may repeat to yourself;
Every day in every way I am getting, better and better.

Power is within you

There is no reason to put you down. Don’t seek for attention instead seeks for you. When you best version of yourself you will understand the power that is within you. Then you will not need improvement from others.

Don't get me wrong politeness, friendships, love they all are part of life, they come from outside you so if someone takes them away you will get upset. When you understand that you already have everything you need, nothing can hold you back from achieving your own dreams.


Who you are inside is equally important as who you are outside. Take care of yourself. Take care of you mind, body and spirit, because they will be with you until the day you die. Don't let behavior of others or unhealthy demands of society get you.


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