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Unlocking The Power of Your Mind

Updated on April 3, 2016
The Power of Your Mind
The Power of Your Mind | Source

What is Brain Power?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of brain power is:

"the power to think intelligently; or, intelligent ability."

Are we born with intelligence or is it a learned behavior?

Is there a limit to how much we can learn?

In this article, learn about the amazing power of your mind, the different types of intelligences, and how to boost your brain everyday.

The Amazing Power of Your Mind

How Many Different Kinds of Intelligence Are There?

According to Harvard University Professor of Education, Howard Gardner, there are many different types of intelligence. This was proposed in his book, Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Gardner believes that once we recognize a type of intelligence that someone has, it is important to nurture it to help it grow. Then, by doing so, a person can do better in school and excel in life.

Different Types of Intelligences

Different Types of Intelligences, Multiple Intelligence Theory by Howard Garner
Different Types of Intelligences, Multiple Intelligence Theory by Howard Garner | Source

Can Indentifying Our Types of Intelligences Make Us Smarter?

Each of us is a blend of different types of intelligences. How can understanding what type of intelligence we are help us be smarter? The more things we try, the more we may discover our hidden talents. That’s why it’s so important to let children try new things, like playing musical instruments, playing sports, writing stories, drawing pictures and constructing things. Whether young of old, trying something new can potentially lead to discovery of much bigger talents and accomplishments.

As an adult, the more we recognize our strengths, the more this can help us in our career and enjoyment in life.

Howard Garner Explains the Idea of the Multiple Intelligence Theory

How to Identify and Strengthen Your Types of Intelligences

Type of Intelligence
How to Excel and Grow Your Intelligence
Types of Related Jobs
Good Speaker and Writer
Write a short story and enter a writing contest; Take a speech class.
Writer, Politician, Poet, Editor, Lawyer,Teacher, Newscaster
Loves Math and Reasoning; Investigates and Problem Solves
Study math or accounting; use numbers and calculations.
Accountant, Computer Analyst, Mathematician, Physician, Scientist, Detective
Able to visualize, draws detailed diagrams to explain information
Take an art or photography class, build a clay model.
Artist, Photographer, Interior Decorator, Sculptor, Graphic Designer
Plays multiple musical instruments, composes music and sings
Take a piano or guitar class; write and record a song.
Singer, Disc Jockey, Songwriter, Piano Tuner, Voice Talent
Excels in sports, excellent dancer, performer
Get certified as a fitness trainer; take a dance class and be in competition.
Athlete, Dancer, Physical Ed Teacher, Fitness Instructor
Deeply undertstands self, identifies strengths and weaknesses easily
Take a psychology or crime investigation class.
Psychologist, Criminologist, Therapist, Career Counselor
Sensitive to the needs of others, works well in groups, interacts well with others
.Volunteer at a nursing home, take a marketing class.
Salesperson, Nurse, Politician, Marketing Specialist, Administrator
Loves nature and outdoors, gardening enthusiast
Create a greenhouse, study farming and nature.
Hunter, Farmer, Botanist
Deeply religious, loves and practices philosophy
Take a class in philosophy or theology, volunteer at a church.
Pastor, Priest, Preacher, Teacher, Theologist

How to Figure Out What You Love To Do

  • Take self-assessment quizzes or read What Color Is Your Parachute to identify your talents and abilities
  • Try to play a new sport
  • Visit the library and do more research on more subjects
  • Take a class in something you are interested in
  • Go on more trips, discover more by traveling to new places
  • Make a list of what you love to do; circle your favorite 3 things; are you doing those things? Why not?

The more things you try, the higher the chances are that you will discover what you love and your niche in life.

What Are You Best At?
What Are You Best At? | Source

Does Education Make You Smarter?

In my opinion, the answer to the question, “Does Education Make You Smarter?” is yes and no. Children as well as adults go to school and receive grades, but what happens after that? Do you retain the information you learn? I think it really depends on the type of class, how the information is presented, the strategies which the teacher uses to teach, and how the student applies his or herself.

If you are just taught how to memorize something, then the information may not stay with you after the class. On the other hand, if you are somehow “engaged” during the class and you are able to practice what is learned, get hands-on practice, and interact in some way or builds from his knowledge after the class, then there is a strong chance that the information will remain.

How to Boost Your Brainpower
How to Boost Your Brainpower | Source

How to Boost Your Brain Power

Here are just a few ways you can enhance your brain power:

  • Keep learning – take a class, read more, or study a new language
  • Get a good night’s sleep – rest your body and rest your mind to stay sharp
  • Eat healthy – fuel your body, and fuel your brain, but remember to select healthy foods
  • Reduce stress – meditate, exercise, do deep breathing to relax and think clearly

Finally, one of the most important things to do to boost your brain power is to exercise your brain! Just like you exercise your body through exercise, you have to exercise your brain as well! Consider using apps such as Lumosity to challenge your mind using fun games and exercises everyday. It’s fun and keep your brain sharp!

Can Brain Training Improve Your Memory?

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    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 22 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      We should apply our intelligence to our ideal. An ideal is a standard by which one lives. The ideal gives us a sense of stability, guidance and orientation, as well as a criterion for judgments.

      An ideal is not a goal. It is a motivational standard by which to evaluate our goals and our reasons for pursuing those goals. The goal is what; the ideal is why! It is the spirit in which we grow.