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Unrestricted Friendship

Updated on December 30, 2010
Life friends are rare
Life friends are rare | Source

Isn't it just great to be among friends?

Christmas in my home town is one of those special moments in time when only a handful of humans ever see. And very few people north of the Appalachia trail never see. You have to ask yourself why. In my life’s travels heather and far I have been part of operations of destruction and cleanup. Nothing has prepared me to witness the changes of life once you survive the teen years, 30’s and past 50’s and bingo freedom.

Freedom to express yourself as a grown up should be without all the political correctness. Life hasn't’t changed much and people haven’t evolved from walking upright and talking back. Only a few times in your life will you find yourself at the pinnacle truth, that’s only important to you.

When a friend is in need it’s time to quietly help without breaking the bank or starving yourself. We can forgo the big oversize TV for Christmas to help others. I have learned the lessons of kindness from my mentor in Florida about giving till the emergency passes and the friend is stable.

A friend like an old dog always forgives you when you may have too much to drink or get a little sassy about things in your life that others don’t quite understand and that’s why you have friends that are there for you when you’re at your most vulnerable time of life. Friends are the one thing that we must earn in our travels throughout life.. Friends are those people that are there when you need them, not necessarily hanging around every day but only when you find yourself in need of life does the light shine and the uncontrolled urge to commit happens.

A friend is the unexplainable token of admiration that you get from a person when you’re not looking for one but seems to answer all your needs.

We as a society in America have this hidden secret of family where we share with others, that's what's puts us a step higher than the horse that pulls the plow or even the cow that feeds us with the utmost sacrifice.

This year if you find yourself alone without family or maybe you have beat yourself up about something you have done that’s not acceptable to others than just find yourself a cup of coffee and talk to someone about nothing you will see yourself setting next to you, for we are only as alone as we choose to be.

This year I and my wife are celebrating a friend’s life that was almost cut short by an illness to the heart. We are so blessed by the right thing to do that others may also have the chance to experience the same life without interruption like we have had.

In honor of my friend “Chase Johns”, A cop who has devoted his life to serving others in a field where kindness is such a rare commodity to have. May his life continue to be full of friends and family and receive the piece he can handle.

A True Christmas Story

Last week 12-22-2010 I paid for a gift certificate from Food Lion for the Chase family,ane  mailed it the same day.

Well as luck would have it the Christmas card was lost in the mail and is headed to Egypt somewhere.

As of December 28, the mail hasn’t surfaced yet and never will. The Post Office has tried to help but once the mail leaves Dawsonville, that’s when problems start.

Food Lion here in town has stopped payment on the old card and reissued me a new card just because I’m pretty. So Chase and Jacquelyn now my Christmas will arrive and not by the Mail, but armored guard.

Please believe in the Christmas spirit it will work for you, and it always works out.


God Bless you my friend,,



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