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Upright Exercise Bikes – Are There Advantages?

Updated on February 25, 2011

Upright Exercies Bikes

Functionality, and reasonable prices
Functionality, and reasonable prices | Source

Upright Exercise Bike Video

Upright Exercise Bikes – Are There Advantages?

What are the Advantages to Upright Exercise Bikes?

Are there advantages to upright exercise bikes? A healthy lifestyle contains many elements. It includes a well balanced diet, an exercise regimen that is tailored to your level of physical fitness, an integrated plan for flexibility, and the proper amount of rest. Let’s start by thinking about a marathon runner and ask ourselves if we are all physically able to perform this type of activity. Of course, the answer is no. Some of us have physical limitations that preclude distance running such as arthritis, or conditions that affect balance. There is also the consideration of body weight. Individuals with very high body mass indexes may actually cause damage to their joints and muscles if they undertake this type of exercise due to the stress focused on the muscles and joints. For many, cycling is a reasonable alternative to running, and for those that can’t get outside regularly due to weather or time constraints, an upright exercise bike or a recumbent exercise bike may be the very thing that is needed.

Many of us wonder what the benefits of upright exercise bikes are over other bikes. Below you will find out the benefits of upright exercise bikes versus recumbent bikes, and upright exercise bikes compared to street bikes.

Upright Exercise Bikes vs. Recumbent Exercise Bikes – Is There a Difference?

Important Features of Upright Exercise Bikes

Recumbent exercise bikes have become quite popular lately and at first glance one might wonder if the purchase a recumbent bike is advisable. In actuality, there are many feature which make purchasing a upright exercise bike preferable to a recumbent exercise bike. A compelling issue is that recumbent exercise bikes are quite pricey. This is likely because they have been traditionally more difficult to manufacture. For this reason, buying a upright exercise bikes may be a more economical buy, permitting the purchaser to obtain a bike with more added features than if they had bought the more pricey model. In addition, size is an important issue in the home. The “footprint” of a recumbent exercise bike is much larger than that of an upright exercise bike, which makes the latter a better buy in households with limited square footage.

Do Upright Exercise Bikes Have Advantages Over Street Bikes?

Upright Exercise Bike Superior to Road Bikes?  Oh come now...

Being the owner of both, I can say that there are definitely reasons why one would select one over the other, but the choice is not mutually exclusive. Street bikes clearly have an advantage for those who like to get out in the sunshine on a beautiful spring or fall day. The reason, of course, is that they day is beautiful. However, riding in subzero winter temperatures, or extremely hot smoggy days is another story completely. For this reason, upright exercises bikes are definitely preferable to be ridden indoors during extremes of heat, cold, humidity, smog, and oh I forgot to mention, traffic. Having had doors of parked autos fly open in front of me creates another reason to consider the upright exercise bike.

An upright exercise bike can be just the thing for an individual who is getting started in an exercise regimen because it allows for better control of a workout because the factors mentioned above complicate such a program. The issue of safety on the road should not be overlooked. If one is concerned that riding indoors is boring, there are a host of TV programs and movies including movies taken while cycling that can help reduce the level of monotony while riding a stationary bike.

It is clear that there are a multitude of benefits associated with owning or purchasing upright exercise bikes. One can work out any time, regardless of the weather and not worry about traffic. You can watch TV and it takes up very little space in smaller homes. Upright exercise bikes should be considered by everyone from the beginner to advanced cyclists because of the advantages of being ridden indoors.


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    • Crewman6 profile image

      Crewman6 6 years ago

      The more tools to choose from, the more effective your exercising can be. This is a great option, and you did an excellent presentation. Good reading.