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Freshen Bad Breath With Natural Remedies

Updated on August 29, 2012

Even Chow Dogs Are Sensitive About Their Breath

Bucca the Chow Dog Wants Fresh Breath... Cause He likes attention.
Bucca the Chow Dog Wants Fresh Breath... Cause He likes attention.

Enjoy our two chows Bucca & Rocco roughing it up - Talk about breath to breath

There are Many Natural Ways To Freshen Breath. Try Some of These Remedies and Tips to Remove that Dragon Breath

Below I have accumulated the best breath freshening natural cures, remedies and tips. I did so because there are many reasons a person would have bad breath. In many cases, bad breath is the result of poor dental hygiene, dehydration, starvation diets including exotic spices in the diet. Secondary to what I just mentioned, there are many serious illnesses and diseases that are responsible for bad breath as you'll read within the first line pointer.

It would be wise to try some of the remedies and tips below if your bad breath is acute (occurs infrequent). However, if your breath has not improved within a short period of time and becomes chronic (doesn't go away) and/or nothing below works for you... I highly recommend you seek your dentist to rule out serious gum disease, etc., and/or see your physician to compare all medical notes to get to the heart of the problem. Between a dentist and primary care physician this matter can be "most likely" eliminated through proper medical treatment. The key point here, if your bad breath is acute, try some of these tips, remedies and further your research on the Internet to remove this condition naturally and through proper dental hygiene. Try combinations of things below to cure your bad breath. However, if your bad breath is chronic, even after you try some of these remedies and tips and/or comes back immediately... Seek professional help.

14 Pointers in Defeating Bad Breath,

  1. See a doctor if your breath will not freshen up. This may be a sign of gingivitis, periodontal, or other serious oral disease, including intestinal digestion problems, acid reflux, sinus infection, halitosis, tonsil stones, diabetes, kidney, or liver malfunction, respiratory disorders, stomach ulcer etc. Diarrhea caused by intestinal parasites will also lead to clinical bad breath. Back of throat sinus allergies and tonsil infections also build excess bacteria and smell.
  2. Decaying food in the mouth can be the main source of odor. Ensure you floss after each meal.
  3. Check medication risk factors. Some medications cause bad breath and tooth problems.
  4. Drink 6-10 glasses a day (w/meals). Colas, juice, coffee & tea don’t count for proper hydration.
  5. Cheese, blue, fish, canned tuna and anchovies, spicy deli meat s, red meats can be a problem.
  6. Milk in the diet can be the main culprit especially if you are milk intolerant which creates digestive problems. Also, try removing exotic spices (curry) from your diet.
  7. Infected tooth abscesses can create a putrefaction breath effect due to increased bacteria.
  8. Lack of B vitamins may be causing your bad breath… Take Niacin, B complex & C daily.
  9. Back of the throat bacteria feed off of sugar in the diet. Try removing sugar from coffee/tea.
  10. Odor decay is strongest from carbohydrate “sugar” diets, next protein & non-existent from fats.
  11. Remedies – Apple cider vinegar, baking soda, charcoal, Hydrogen peroxide, water-salt, Alfalfa, Anise, Chlorophyll, cloves, fennel, filberts, herbs, lemon, Myrrh, Cinnamon bark, Parsley & Mint, sage, Spirulina, tea, tea tree oil. Try a remedy while mixing with water, chewing, or consuming. Research the Internet to get exact water ratio mix, etc. E.g., Type in bad breath and baking soda.
  12. Brush your teeth, including your gums, tongue and under the tongue 3 times a day. Use a toothbrush with a special tongue cleaner if necessary. Change out toothbrush often as bacteria builds up on old brushes, or travel brushes that sit around for long periods of time. Don’t brush gums to hard, or you’ll cause permanent irreversible recession of gums which creates other problems. Also try a water pick if brushing will not get all the particulates.
  13. Alcohol and dehydration leads to digestion and constipation problems leading to bad breath. Saliva glands cannot effectively wash the bad bacteria away. Drink more water!
  14. Use pro-biotic to keep constipation/diarrhea at bay and good intestinal health. Eat fibrous foods.

Remember, do your due diligence and check these listed remedies and tips through further research on the Internet, or talk to your dentist/physician about your hygeine plans that may, or may not include remedies-tips-pointers listed above, also talke about "what worked, what did not," if any of these pointers improved your bad breath, etc. This information may be valuable in further diagnosis of really what's going on. As stated above, get professional medical advisement if your condition does not clear within a short window of time. You may have a serious medical issue that requires specialized treatment. To prolong appropriate medical treatment is to risk turning an acute into a serious chronic medical condition!


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    • woodamarc profile image

      Marc Woodard 8 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      So parsley works for you. I haven't tried that yet. My problem typically stems from drinking too much coffee while not enough water in the morning. Although I drink a lot of water during my workouts (walking, gym exercise), I'm not getting enough water in the morning. That's tough, I hate drinking water in the morning. Best recommendation for those like me... Be sure to brush teeth after you drink coffee and keep a big cup of water near your work desk. You eventually end up sipping on it all day. Also, don't you find it amazing that cider vinegar and many other natural cures can improve circulation, etc.? There are many prescription drugs that could be done away with if we all had quick access to natural cure solutions during our outpatient visits. Alas, the pharmaceutical industry is too powerful "for now" for this to occur. Keep in good health ethel. Thanks for the post.

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Chomping parsley helps. Of course we all love garlic these days which doesn't. I have been trying apple cider vinegar lately for my circulation. Seems to be doing the trick


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