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Use Potpourri to Fill Your Home With Wonderful Scents!

Updated on March 7, 2010
Potpourri Christmas Blend
Potpourri Christmas Blend

If you are familiar with aromatherapy, then you know that there are many wonderful essential oils to choose from when it comes to creating the perfect scents. Once you have chosen your favorite (mine just happens to be vanilla spice) you then have another decision to make as you must choose what method you will use in order to deliver your favorite scent through-out your home.  In this Hub Page, I am going to introduce you to the wonderful world of potpourri which just so happens to be the method I prefer to use when it comes to filling my home with fabulous fragrance!

The Wonderful World of Potpourri!

So what exactly is potpourri anyway? Potpourri is an attractive mix of different flowers, herbs and foliage that is heavily scented. Not only is potpourri pretty to look at, it smells simply wonderful! Potpourri can be displayed in many types of containers including baskets, decorative bowls or your favorite piece of crystal, just to name a few. Potpourri can be placed anywhere in your home, however, most people place it where guests will notice it for example in the bathroom or by the entrance to their house. Potpourri also makes a wonderful table centerpiece as long as it is in an attractive container.

Potpourri is very popular. Not only can you find it for sale at your local drugstore you can also find it at craft shows and of course, on line. For example, the Monterey Bay Spice Company sells a variety of potpourri blends (all of which are hand crafted and sold in bulk).  If you are crafty and have the time, you may wish to make your own potpourri. Not only is it EASY to make, it is a lot of fun as picking out and combing different scents can become quite addictive! Before you know it, you will have a new hobby on your hands!  By making your own potpourri YOU get to choose the colors, textures and scents. For example, if it is the holiday season, you may wish to create a potpourri mixture that contains "scents of the season" which may include pine, spice and cinnamon. The most important thing to remember when it comes to making your own potpourri is to be creative and have fun!

Not only does potpourri smell good, it is also decorative!
Not only does potpourri smell good, it is also decorative!

The Potpourri Cooker

Simmering potpourri cookers have been popular for many, many years. As a child, I can remember my mother simmering potpourri on the stove before company arrived (it made the house smell wonderful!). Most potpourri cookers that are sold today are ceramic; however, there are also metal and glass versions as well. So how does a potpourri cooker work? The concept is simple really. The cooker (which usually stands less than a foot high) has a small bowl underneath it. Under the bowl you will find the heat source (a candle or electric heat such as a stove burner). You simply place the potpourri in the bowl and then add some water. When the candle is lit or the stove burner turned on, it heats the water which then releases the beautiful, fragrant essential oils in the potpourri. If you wish, you can also use your potpourri burner WITHOUT potpourri. Huh? Well, if you think about it, the essential oils in the potpourri are what you actually smell. So you can bypass the potpourri all together and simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the water. Once the water is heated, it (just like the potpourri) will produce a beautiful scent!

Stainless Steel (with ceramic top) Potpourri Cooker
Stainless Steel (with ceramic top) Potpourri Cooker

Potpourri is not only decorative; it will also fill your home with fragrance! Making your own potpourri is not only a fun hobby to do alone, it can also be a great family project as each family member can personalize their potpourri buy choosing the essential oils that they like the best. The next time you have a party or family get together, why not dust off the old potpourri cooker and fill your house with fragrance! After all, there is nothing more warm and welcoming than a home that smells fresh and beautiful!

Potpourri Cookers, Reference Books and More!


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      Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Interesting hub.