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Using the Acai Berry Diet to Lose Weight Fast

Updated on February 19, 2011

The Acai berry is a tiny purple berry that resembles a smaller version of a blueberry. It is hard to the touch, and it comes from the Brazilian Acai palm. Since it was discovered that inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest had been living on diets that included multitudes of these berries for many years, the Acai berry has been widely marketed around the world as a superfood, an antioxidant supplement, a rapid weight loss aid, and a tool for detoxification. For a number of years, this super fruit has also been used in food products like ice cream and tanning lotions due to its desirable consistency and lack of pulp.

Compared to similar fruits like cranberries and blueberries, the Acai berry has a consistently higher concentration of antioxidants per serving. This is one of the reasons why it is favored for weight loss and detoxification. Many people are able to use the Acai berry diet to help eliminate toxins and other residues left behind from junk food and an increased reliance on fast food. Most of these toxins build up in the bloodstream and in the colon, leading to long-term health complications, feelings of sluggishness, and increased weight gain. The Acai berry diet has also been proven to be beneficial for disease prevention and reversing the signs of aging. In addition to the Acai berry’s use as a supplement, it is also now being widely used in cosmetics and anti-aging products.

Those who have tried the Acai berry diet have reported increases in energy levels, improved digestion, less stomach irritation, a reduction in irritable bowel symptoms and bloating, and improved concentration. In addition, some people have also noticed improved sexual functioning, decreased appetite, and better sleeping patterns with the use of Acai berry. When used after workouts or circuit training, Acai berry has also been shown to help reduce recovery time. Some studies have also demonstrated a reduced healing time after exercise-related injury with the use of a routine Acai berry supplement. The biggest benefits of the Acai berry diet for weight loss, however, are decreased body fat, improved physical strength, greater stamina, and a reduction in symptoms of depression that can lead to impulse cravings or emotional eating. 

Aside from offering high levels of beneficial antioxidants, the Acai berry is also a source of Omega-3 fatty acids, plant sterols, fiber, and protein. All of these things have been found to be beneficial for people trying to lose weight fast. Omega-3 fatty acids also offer additional benefits for heart health, mental concentration, and improved vision. 


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