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Using Carrier Oils to Obtain Natural Beauty

Updated on November 24, 2017

Obtaining natural beauty doesn’t have to be expensive and doesn’t require a complete change in your beauty regimen. By using carrier oils you can easily obtain natural beauty. Due to the many cosmetic and health benefits these oils provide for your body and skin you can easily incorporate a couple key oils into your beauty routine. By using these simple oils you can reap benefits ranging from reducing pimples, wrinkles, and fine lines, as well as promote healthier, shiny skin with a younger, taunter look, as well as help reduce your cholesterol and lower blood pressure. This is just a small list of some of the things that carrier oils can do for you, and you can also research the best carrier oils for your skin and body by checking out these great natural beauty resources. (Click Natural Beauty to take you to a whole list of carrier oils and their properties).

Below are some of the most easily usable, and readily available carrier oils on the market today, with a listing of some of their most desired properties and uses.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil is great because it is so readily available, and chances are you probably already have this oil in your kitchen. Olive oil bought from a grocery store is just fine for your health and beauty needs, but you can also obtain some cosmetic grade olive oil online at many soapmaking shops.

The benefits of Olive oil are amazing, and using this oil is also incredibly easy and pain free. You can apply olive oil directly on the skin to help with problems such as healing burns, such as sun burn, as well as helping to relieve itching and inflammation due to insect bites, and bee stings. In addition, olive oil can be applied directly to your hair to remove dandruff, and moisturize dry hair.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is a great product for those with itchy and dry skin. It can also be used to help achieve a darker tan (remember, exposing yourself to too many UV rays can cause cancer, so always remember to keep protected with a good sunscreen). Many tanners and store bought suntan lotions have coconut oil in them for this reason alone. In addition to helping provide a darker tan, coconut oil is also a great anti-oxidant, meaning that it can help remove free radicals from the body, reducing your risk for cancer. For sun screens and suntan lotions this is a very attractive quality, due to the dangers of the sun.

Hemp Seed Oil:

Hemp Seed oil is obtained from hemp seeds, and this powerful oil contains so many benefits that its hard to pick out just some of these outstanding qualities to highlight. Hemp Seed Oil contains anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties, which are beneficial not only for reducing your risk for cancer, but the anti-inflammatory property can also help reduce pain and swelling, as well as aching muscles and joints. Applying hemp seed oil to the skin also helps to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles as well as helping to clear up eczema, acne and psoriasis. And finally, for your hair, hemp seed oil can replenish and moisturize. 


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